Young Goodman Brown is a tale written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1835 and it is a piece of literature that portrays the puritan society of 17th -century. This narrative was included in the Hawthorne ‘s popular narrative aggregation Mosses from an Old Manse, of 1846. The narrative is about a immature Puritan who was drawn into a compact with the Satan and his religion is crushed when he subsequently that dark he discovers that his fellow town people including the spiritual leaders and his married woman were besides go toing the black mass he was go toing deep in the wood ( Hawthorne, 24 ) . After such unusual find Brown is unable to forgive the immorality in his loved 1s and he spends the remainder of his life in disparate solitariness and stop up deceasing in somberness.

On the other manus The Veldt is a scientific discipline fiction short narrative written by Ray Bradbury and published in 1951 in the anthology The Illustrated Man. The narrative is about a household of Lydia and George who installs the latest engineering in their house ‘happy life place ‘ which is able to make everything for the household that they needed and they get kids get acquitted it so much that it replaced their parents. After erstwhile George and Lydia realizes that there was something incorrect with the baby’s room and they plan to close it off for sometime but such thoughts come a small spot excessively tardily as their kids had already conspired to lock them in the veldt as king of beastss in the African fields progress towards them ( Bradbury,12 ) .

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Books Analysiss

Both stories the veldt and the immature Goodman brown forces us to ‘encounter the strange ‘ but the Young Goodman brown unusual brushs captured my involvement because it involves brushs with the unexpected particularly the interaction of human existences with the Satan is really challenging and unusual to me particularly the fact that people that come from the township that brown foliages are considered really spiritual yet they pattern enchantresss and other demonic rites behind each other dorsums. Strange brushs in the narrative the veldt include the brush with a really advanced engineering that is programmed to execute everything that human make and that is able to read heads of people in the room. Another unusual brush is the African scene where there are king of beastss that with the advanced engineering are able to progress towards George and Lydia and eat them.

Puritans in Salem, Massachusetts who lived at the clip Hawthorn wrote the narrative Young Goodman brown were superstitious notions practiced enchantresss and black magic. the first unusual brush in the narrative is when brown after come ining the dark forest meets with a unusual figure of a cryptic old adult male who resembles his gramps and escorts him. The unusual old happens to be devil but he is described more as father figure who addresses his fold as his kids. The writer writes ‘as if his one time beatific nature could yet mourn for our race ‘ and purchase utilizing the word angelic to depict the Satans mode is a really unusual manner of softening the image of the devil figure. To turn out that Puritans worshiped the Satan, the Satan in his address asks the people to accept that virtuousness can non be possible and that immorality is adult males true nature ; he so welcomes them to the ‘communion of your race ‘ . And even goes farther to guarantee them that ‘evil must be your lone felicity ‘ ( Hawthorne, 77 ) .

Another unusual brush is when brown discovers that other spiritual leaders including his catechism instructor and curate shared the same evil purposes and were all on the manner to go to the midnight enchantresss run intoing. Such brush is really unusual to brown because he thought that they were the ‘most sanctum ‘ members of the society merely to be surprised that they all practiced witchery.

Third unusual brush is when brown hears his married woman religion ‘s voice in the crowd proceeding for the enchantresss meeting. It ‘s really unusual to him because he believed that his married woman religion was an angel when he says she is “ a blest angel on Earth ; and after this dark, I ‘ll cleaving to her skirts and follow her to heaven ” ( Hawthorne,7 ) . Such unusual brush makes brown to free his religion as he says ‘my religion is gone ‘ significance that he lost his married woman every bit good as his believe in good. To demo that they worshiped the Satan, on the manner brown tells his fellow traveller that he should discontinue his beloved religion ( faith ) and travel after his religion ( married woman ) .

Another unusual brush is when brown is discoursing with Satan and he tells him that his male parent and ascendants ne’er walked into the wood for such errands and that they were a race of honorable work forces and good Christians intending that the ritual pattern was new in the society and its has corrupted the unity of Christianity in the society.


From the analysis of the unusual brushs in immature good brown it ‘s clear that it confronts us with the world that people should non judge each other because we are all worlds and commit same ‘sins ‘ and non to be like Brown who believed that everybody is evil and stop up reprobating himself to life of purdah and solitariness merely because he could non accept the world and alteration in the society.