Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise the first few words are exactly like Weird Al Yankovics: Amish Paradise which goes as I walk through the valley. The fourth paragraphs first sentence in both the songs are either been or we’ve but they both say been livin in a then they change. It goes like that in 2 other verses. Both songs do say fool at the end of some verses. The differences are that one is a “gangster” and the other one is Amish. The Amish song talks about how they harvest, feed the chickens, churn butter, how they don’t like electricity, they talk about how their doing chores how they have a bible in their hand and a beard on their chin.

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The gangstas song is talking about how their violent there’s one verse where he says as he grows he sees himself in pistol smoke it’s mostly talk about how he has money on his mind. He uses a lot of slang like chasin’, trippin’, livin’, spendin’, lookin’, cookin’, and runnin’. Amish Paradise uses slang like mornin’, burnin’, hitchin’, and a’tude. They use some old fashion words such as thine and thou art. In both songs there are more one syllable words than there are multi syllable words. The sentences are short there are about 11 in the first sentence in both songs.

The sentence forms are very simple. The Gangsta’s Paradises themes that are repeated are the been living in a gangstas paradise and a lot of violence is in the theme. In Amish Paradise the godly theme is used along with the old times and how they don’t like electricity. Satire is sarcasm and irony the Amish don’t like using electricity and they are very religious. The song is about how they live and do their chores and how they don’t have electricity, no cars, no phone, and how they drive a buggy it has sarcasm by saying they haven’t paid their phone bill in 300 hundred years.