Brian Lugo Ms. Ramirez English VI: Period 7 10 March 2011 Xavi Hernandez Creus Great players rise up from the bottom having nothing except for a dream that circles around their mind since they’re little kids. That dream is to one day become a professional soccer player & play for the team that they love and cherish every time they see them play in the television or in person if they have the opportunity to see them in person. Those illusions or dreams of becoming a professional soccer player came true for one of the most stupendous players I’ve seen in this decade.

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By the name of Xavier Hernandez Creus (born 25 Jan. 25, 1980, Terrassa, Spain). . . [SR1] or Xavi, he has been one of the greatest players in the past decade and a major key player in his team by being consistent, a leader and a champion. Xavi first arrives to FC Barcelona joining their youth squad when his only 11 years old, a professional team near his hometown of Terrassa, Spain. . . [SR4] The progress he made was very quick and in the season 1997-1998 he moved up from youth team to Barca B. . . SR4] Before making his debut with the team in 1998 he had to advance through the club’s various junior ranks to make his appearance in the fields professionally. . . [SR2] His game time in the field is outstanding. Xavi had a breakthrough during the season 1999-2000 being a big opportunity for him. Since the captain (Guardiola) had suffered a severe injury, Xavi was the first choice to take that empty place the captain had left opened in the midfield. . . [SR4] “After the legendary captain left to the Italian Football, Xavi became the playmaker of the team and has continued to demonstrate full range of his talents in this position”. . [SR4] “While he was under the control of Van Gaal, Rexach, Antic, Rijkaard and Guardiola, Xavi has always been a key member of the team”. . . [SR4] Even though he was an important player for Barcelona’s team to win, he eventually got injured on the 2nd of December, 2005 during a training section suffering tore ligaments in his left knee keeping him away the fields for 5 months. Making his return on the 29th of April, 2006 against Cadiz, Xavi once again “felt like a footballer”. He was back on time to celebrate the Liga and the Champions League titles . . [SR4] “During his 10/11 season, the midfielder recorded a new record which he continuous to stretch as the club’s leading appearance maker. On January 2, 2011 Xavi equaled Migueli’s record of 553 appearances when he played in the 2-1 win over Levante at their stadium” . . . [SR4] Even if he isn’t as tall as other players he has unparalleled field vision, superb ball-handling skills, and the ability to make crisp, precise passes. He also led the La Liga in assists in both 08/09 & 09/10 seasons. . . SR1] “One very interesting fact about Xavi is that he completed 300 official games while still being 25 years old, second to best central defender Migueli with 553 appearances from 1973-1989”. . . [SR4] His leadership in the field has brought a lot of success to the team & most importantly to him individually. His individual titles show how much of a key player and leader he is on the field playing with his team or internationally with Spain; 2009 3rd FIFA World player (won the Champions League), 2008 player of the tournament: Euro 2008(international) . . [SR4] “In his last 2 seasons with Rijkaard in the dugout, Xavi was one of the players most used by the Dutch manager. Plus in the 07/08 season he set a personal best of 7 league goals, almost doubling his previous highest of 4 goals in the 01/02 & 03/04 seasons”. . . During two of the most important cups which are the World Cup in 2010 and Champions League, he was the undisputed playmaker out of hundred players and he was also the best precise, passer of this competitions. What Xavi lacks in size he makes up for it with acute field vision and a remarkable passing success rate”. . . [SR4/1] Xavi can be call the brain, elder statesperson, or a frequently referred to as “The Metronome” because of how he controls the tempo of the game, speeding it up or make it more slow if needed. ”Thinking quickly is the key”, Xavi had told the times of London a couple years ago . . . [SR3] He has the heart of champion and success runs in his blood. “During his first season with the team, Barcelona won the 98/99 La Liga-Spain’s top football league-championship”. . . SR1] As the years passed since we viewed his debut in the season 98/99, Xavi has conquered more than a dozen titles with Barcelona and “in the seasons 08/09 the team had accomplish it’s first “treble” in Barcelona’s history (Winning 3 major European club titles in one season) taking home La Liga title, The Copa Del Rey (Spain’s major domestic cup), and the Champions League title”. . . [SR2] In the other hand, while playing for his national team (Spain). Xavi had conquered 3 titles and a *silver medal in Sydney’s Olympic Games: 2010 World Cup (First time winners) 2008 European Championship 2000 Silver Medal: Sydney Olympic Games. [SR4] Based on my research paper and from the information i found, Xavi Hernandez is one of the best soccer players and midfielders that the world has seen over the past decade making him the most famous midfielder and the most respected player around the world. He is the best product that Spain has ever created in a long time and they have to give thanks to Barcelona for creating what he is this day in the field. Till this time of time Xavi is still consistent, a great leader and tries to win more titles in his professional career.