Workplace emotions, attitudes and stress This week we learnt about the emotions in the work place, attitudes and the ways to manage stress and minimize stage fright. Emotions can be classified in three types, psychological usually mean the ability to think clearly, behavioral usually means body language and physiological usually mean heart rate, blood pressure changing. Emotions also can classify in four groups, Achievement Emotions, Challenge Emotions, Loss Emotions and Deterrence Emotions. Anne & Alain 2010) All types of emotions are acceptable; it’s how we react to the emotion that’s important. Attitudes are the cluster of beliefs, feelings and behavioral intentions toward a person, object or event. The cognitive process is beliefs – feelings – behavioral intentions. (Mcshane, Olekalns& Travaglione 2010) Emotional intelligence is related to human’s emotions and thinking, it’s about Self-awareness, Self-control, Social consciousness and Management of relations.

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It has four types, Self-Awareness is perceives and understands the meaning of the emotions from you. Self-Control means manages your emotions. Social consciousness is perceives and understands the meaning of the emotions from others. And Relationship management means manages other people’s emotions. (Dirk 2009) And there are five specific strategies people could have applied to minimize stage fright. They are Remove the stressor, Withdraw from the stress, Change stress perceptions, Control Stress Consequence and Receive social supple. Mcshane, Olekalns& Travaglione 2010) Reference List 1. Anne B& Alain P 2010, The Other Side of Acceptance: Studying the Direct and Indirect Effects of Emotions on Information Technology Use, Business Source Complete. 2. McShane S, Olekalns M & Travaglione T 2010, Organizational Behavior: on the Pacific Rim, 3rd edn, McGraw-Hill, Sydney 3. Povilas Z& Aurimas Z 2010, Expression of Emotional Intelligence in Development of Students’ Entrepreneurship, Business Source Complete.