Chapter I

  1. Background of Study

Drama is one of literary plants besides novel and poesy. Drama non merely offers the reader an imitation of life but besides helps them to understand the life, because life that is drawn in the play is the contemplation of society. All drama trades with some kind of job, but the term ‘problem play’ refers to those dramas concerned with specific societal job. ( Peck,1947:88 ) . From that citation, shows that every drama contains with some jobs. In order that the reader can gestate contains of the drama. Every job is different, but all jobs related with societal job that frequently occur in day-to-day life.

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Harmonizing toDrama A Pocket Anthologythat Aristotle has comparatively small to state about the subject of a drama, merely nil that “Thought of the personages is shown in everything to be effected by their linguistic communication. Because he focuses to such a big grade on the emotional side of the tragedy-its simulation of commiseration and fear-he seems to give less importance to the function of play as a serious forum for the treatment of thoughts, mentioning his readers to another of his plants. Subject, the cardinal thought or thoughts that a drama discusses, is of import in Grecian calamity and in the subsequent history of the theater. ( Campbell, 2004:13 ) . Therefore, it means that the subject of a drama can be seen inpersonageslinguistic communication. The subject is the of import thing to be discussesed in a drama particularly in Grecian calamity and in subsequent history of theater.

The subject is the thought of aˆ‹aˆ‹a common base that sustains a literary work contained in the text semantic construction and related equations or the differences ( Hartoko in Nurgiyantoro, 2002: 68 ) . The subject is shifted from the motivations in the relevant work that determines the events, struggles, and certain state of affairss. Including the other intrinsic elements, for those ground it should be back uping the lucidity subject to be conveyed. The subject became the footing of the development of the whole narrative, so it animates the whole portion of the narrative. The subject has a common generalisation, wider and abstract.

One of the drama that the author choose to analyse isA Doll House. A Doll Houseis important for its critical attitude toward 19th century matrimony norms. It aroused great contention at the clip, as it concludes with the supporter, Nora, go forthing her hubby and kids because she wants to detect herself. Ibsen was inspired by the belief that “ a adult female can non be herself in modern society, ” since it is “ an entirely male society, with Torahs made by work forces and with prosecuting officers and Judgess who assess feminine behavior from a masculine point of view. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //’s_House )

This drama, one of the plants by Henrik Ibsen was written in 1879 and caused a immense contention even before its premiere at the Theatre Royal Copenhagen. It sold out in the two and a half hebdomads between its first publication and public presentation and was considered disgraceful by those in authorization, both in its intervention of matrimony and for the fact that the heroine stands up for herself. hypertext transfer protocol: // Ibsen was a major 19th-century Norse dramatist, theatre manager, and poet. He is frequently referred to as the godfather of modern play and is one of the laminitiss of Modernism in the theater. His dramas were considered disgraceful to many of his epoch, when Victorian values of household life and properness mostly held sway in Europe. Ibsen ‘s work examined the worlds that lay behind many frontages, possessing a indicative nature that was perturbing to many coevalss. It utilised a critical oculus and free question into the conditions of life and issues of morality. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // # writer ) . Particularly inA Doll House,Ibsen explores about adult females functions in domestic life that should confront by Nora as the married woman of Torvald in that drama.

The narrative tells about the domestic life of Torvald and Nora Helmer. In her life, Nora as the chief character, faced the job that made her did non free in her life. Her hubby, Torvald ever curb her, started when the Christmas event. When Nora prepared all the necessary, Torvald accused her for disbursement excessively much money for that event. He thought that it was for exaggerate thing because in his sentiment did non allow with the society. Besides the fiscal affairs depend on how the married woman manages it and as a married woman should pull off it carefully.

This is an interesting drama that can be analyzed through structural attack. The author choose the adult females functions in domestic life inA Doll Houseplay by Henrik Ibsen to analyse with the subject of the drama because the whole narrative is contains of adult females functions that the chief character faced in the domestic life. Beside that the author choose this subject because in the old survey from pupil of Petra Christian University entitledA Study of Nora’s Disappointment as A Woman Toward Social Expectations that are Represented By Her Father and Her Husband ( Helmer ) As Seen in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House.There have been analyzed about the factors that make Nora disappointed toward the outlook of her male parent and her hubby. She besides encouraged to happen out how Nora solves her letdown by utilizing literary devices such as word picture and struggle. ( Olivia, 2005: Volt )

The author is interested in analysingACalciferolollHydrogenOuseby using structural attack to uncover adult females roles in domestic life inA Doll House. There are two functions that the author wants to uncover from this drama, they are adult females as fiscal director and adult females as homemaker.

  1. Statement of The job

Based on the background of the survey. The job can be formulated as follow:

  1. What are adult females functions at Domestic life inA Doll House?

1.3 Objective of The survey

Based on the statement of the job above of the job, there is such of the aim of this survey:

To cognize the adult females functions in domestic life inA Doll House?

1.4 Significance of the survey

This survey has two significances ; they are theoretically and practically. Theoretically, this survey can be utile for those who concern with literature particularly for those who are interested in analysing literary plants utilizing thematic analysis. Practically, this survey will lend to cognize the theory of literature. Particularly, this survey expected to give the readersthe apprehension ofadult females functions in domestic life( ………………….. ).

1.5 Scope and Limitation

The elements of play are divided into two, intrinsic elements and extrinsic elements. This survey will discourse about the intrinsic elements of fiction such as the subject, secret plan, and character word picture. The range of this survey focuses on the subject related to Nora’s character inA Doll House. This survey limited on on the chief character and some supprorting character such as Tolvard Helmer. The author usage theoryA History of Women in the West. To avoid traveling off from chief treatment, this is survey is limited on two facet in theoryA History of Women in the West. by Francoise Thebaud such every bit adult females as homemaker, and adult females as the fiscal director.

1.6 Research Method

1.6.1 Research Design

This survey is in the signifier of literary analysis. This survey is designed as descriptive qualitative research. First analyze the drama itself by refering on adult females functions in domestic life is inA Doll House……Then the author concludes there are two functions in this survey. The identifying will be done while reading intent to happen out the point related to adult females functions in Nora’s character.

1.6.2 Approach

To make analysis inthis surveyisapplied theliterary attack. Theauthorusedstructural linguistics attack. Structuralism can be viewed as one of the literary attack that emphasizes the survey of the relationship between elements of the development literature is concerned ( Abrams in Nurgiantoro, 2002:37 ) .

Structural analysis of literary plants, which in this instance fiction, can be done by placing, measuring and depicting the maps and relationships between the intrinsic elements of fiction is concerned. Identify and depict how the province of events, secret plan, character and word picture, puting, poin of position etc. ( Nugiantoro, 2002:37 )

1.6.3 Beginning of informations

This survey analyzesA Doll Houseby Henrik Ibsen as the chief information. The drama was publised in 1879 in Norway. The book that will be analyzed is A Penn State Electronic Classics Series Publication Copyright © 2001-10 The Pennsylvania State University, which consists of 80 pages of 3 Acts of the Apostless. The information will organize of sentences and statements that related to adult females functions from the drama.

1.6.4Stairssof Collecting Data

The technique of roll uping informations in this survey will be done in sequences as follows:

  1. Reading and understanding the contents of the original drama that would be analyzed.
  2. Identifying the statements of the drama about the adult females functions in domestic life in that support the information.
  3. Roll uping the information that are suited with adult females functions.
  4. Classifying the informations based on the statement of the job.

1.6.5Techniqueof analysing informations

After roll uping the information, the author continues with the following is analysing the information. The undermentioned stairss are.

  1. Analyzing the adult females as fiscal director
  2. Analyzing the adult females as homemaker.
  3. Making the decision based on the information analysis.

The author analyze the informations through reading by utilizing description and account. In composing this survey, the author applies intrinsic attack covering with subject, secret plan, character, and word picture.

1.7 Definition of Key Footings

There are some footings that must be explained to do those footings clear. Those footings are:

  1. Domestic life: One who lives in the household of an other, as hired family helper, a house retainer. hypertext transfer protocol: //
  2. Structural analysis of literary plants, which in this instance fiction, can be done by placing, measuring and depicting the maps and relationships between the intrinsic elements of fiction is concerned. Identify and depict how the province of events, secret plan, character and word picture, puting, point of position etc. ( Nugiantoro, 2002:37 )
  1. Thesis Organization

The organisation of the survey is arranged into four chapters. The first chapter consists of six parts ; background of the survey, statement of the jobs, aims of the survey, significance of the survey, range and restriction of the survey, research method that consist of research design, research attack, beginning of informations, technique of roll uping informations, and stairss of analysing informations. The 2nd chapter discusses about the theorical background of the work or called reappraisal of related literature which contains the theories that are use in the analysis, which is analysing the the adult females functions in domestic life that is described inA Doll House. The 3rd presents the analysis that would be nucleus of the survey. And the last chapter or 4th chapter is the decision of the survey and as a consequence of the analysis in this survey.