The four Ministries are the Ministry of Truth which concerned itself with intelligence, amusement, instruction, and all right humanistic disciplines, the newspeak name for it is Minitrue, the Ministry of Peace, which concerns itself with war, the newspeak name for it is Minipax, Ministry of Love which concerns itself with order, the newspeak name for it is Miniluv, and Ministry of Plenty which concerned itself with economic personal businesss, the newspeak name for it is Miniplenty.

The day of the month the chief character records is April 4th 1984.

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The two people the chief character sees merely before the Two Minutess Hate are O’Brien and Julia. Winston thinks O’Brien hates Big Brother excessively, every bit good as Julia.

The importance of Emmanuel Goldstein is he was the former top member of the party, before Large Brother. Emmanuel Goldstein is merely shown on the telescreen.

The importance of Big Brother is the Dictator of Oceania. Big Brother has a moustache, and large bluish eyes, Big Brother is ne’er really seen in the novel, but he ‘s on postings and coins, it ‘s possible that he does n’t even be.

The offense the chief character commits is thoughtcrime, Winston commits this offense by composing in his diary DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER over and over once more, and Winston ‘s penalty for this is he ‘s arrested.

A telescreen is like a large Television with a picture camera in it, and it ‘s used to watch people at all clip to do certain they do n’t interrupt any Torahs.

The thoughtcrime is believing of anything the party says is illegal, an illustration is believing about sex.

One: Four, V, VI

After Winston puts the rewritten articles into the pneumatic tubing, they are thrown off, ne’er to be found, this is important, because this destroys the old artefact, and a new one is created.

Winston thinks that to naming it counterfeit is a thoughtcrime.

Winston ‘s greatest pleasance in life is his work, because it opens up an surrogate universe for him, he gets lost in it.

The purpose of the Newspeak is to contract the scope of idea, it makes thoughtcrime impossible. Newspeak gets rid of all excess words, so people are unable to stipulate their feelings and ideas.

Syme ‘s observation about Winston ‘s grasp of Newspeak is he knows Winston does n’t wish Newspeak, but he knows Winston must larn it in order to map and communicate subsequently in life.

As Winston hears this message, he is believing it was a decrease from the twenty-four hours before, so the people in world are acquiring back what was taken off from them, but they do n’t state anything about it.

Facecrime is an improper facial look ; an illustration of Facecrime is incredulous when province triumph.

A dark haired miss is looking at Winston during tiffin ; this affects him, because the whole clip she ‘s looking at him, he thinks she ‘s a party agent.

The purpose of the Party with respect to male-female relationships and sex are they prefer celibacy.

The Party ‘s policy on matrimony, divorce, and kids are the Party has to O.K. all matrimonies and divorces, work forces and adult female are merely together to reproduce, and you normally ca n’t acquire a divorce if there is kids involved.

One: Seven, VIII

Winston thinks hope lies with the Proletarians, because they are leas corrupted by Big Brother.

The Party belief about the Proles is that they are inferior, and must be kept in subjugation, like animate beings.

The one clip Winston held existent grounds of an act of disproof was when the Party accused three work forces of lese majesty, but Winston saw a image in a newspaper, which showed those work forces present at a Party map on the same twenty-four hours they were supposed to hold been in Eurasia plotting, or perpetrating lese majesty.

The thing that bothers Winston the most, along with the sense of incubus does non understand how and why the disproof took topographic point.

The thing that bothers Winston more than the idea that he might be a moonstruck is him being incorrect, which would do him look like a moonstruck.

The unorthodoxy of unorthodoxies is common sense. That is terrorizing to Winston, because there is a possibility that the Party ‘s thoughts are right.

Winston realizes he ‘s composing his journal for O’Brien, because he thinks O’Brien is against the Party merely like he is.

The concluding most indispensable bid of the party is the Party wants you to disregard what you hear with your ain ears, and see with your ain eyes.

Winston writes in his diary “ that freedom is the freedom to state that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows. ”

When Winston goes to the old-timer store, he buys a paperweight with a piece of coral in it, When Winston comes out of the store, and he sees Mr. Charrington, an old adult male.

Two: I, II, III, IV

When the miss with the dark hair falls on the floor, Winston helps her up, and as he ‘s assisting her, she slips him a note.

The note says I Love You.

Winston is really surprised, and is unable to concentrate on work the remainder of the twenty-four hours ; he besides finds a ground to populate.

Their following meeting is at tiffin clip in the canteen a hebdomad subsequently, Winston sits at her tabular array, and they arrange to run into in Victory Square.

Their meeting in Victory Square is really brief, they do n’t look at each other, she gives Winston waies on where to run into Sunday, and they hold custodies.

At foremost when the miss puts her weaponries around Winston, Winston feels prideful.

Winston does n’t experience a physical desire for the adult female.

The miss ‘s name is Julia.

When Winston asks the miss what attracted her to him, she says Winston ‘s face told her that he did n’t belong ; she knew he was against the Party merely like her, he stood out from the remainder.

The miss tells Winston that she hates the Party, but attempts to intermix in so they do n’t detect that, she besides breaks the regulations whenever she can in order to arise against the Party.

Julia ‘s account of the significance of the Party ‘s sexual Puritanism is when people have sex, they use up all their energy and felicity, so when it ‘s clip for Party engagement, no 1 cares, because they ‘ve already used up all their energy and felicity on sex so they wo n’t even acquire excited.

Harmonizing to Winston, the Party has used the inherent aptitude of parentage by parents promoting spying, while at the same clip kids are descrying on their parents.

The following clip Winston visits the small store, he rents the room above the store, because he wants to utilize it to speak to Julia without being spied on.

Julia brings existent java, sugar, tea, milk, aroma, and do up, all luxuries of the Inner Party.

When Winston sees the rat, he gets pale and scared, he so tells Julia he does n’t wish rats, and is in fact afraid of them.

Two: Volt, VI, VII, VIII

Syme has vanished.

Winston has changed since he started coming to the small room with Julia, he has gained weight, stopped holding cough onslaughts, he drinks less, and his varicose ulcer has gone down.

Winston and Julia both realize that their relationship can non and will non last.

Winston realizes from speaking to Julia that it ‘s really easy for individual to look like they support the Party, when in world they truly have no thought what is traveling on, if you ‘re non against it, you ‘re for it.

The meeting between Winston and O’Brien occurs in a hallway, I which O’Brien regards Winston, but so tells him he needs the 11th edition of the lexicon to break his Hagiographas, O’Brien so makes a mention to Syme, Winston takes this as a codification, O’Brien so invites Winston to his place to pick it up, right in forepart of the telescreen.

Winston thinks this meeting means that he ‘s traveling to assist O’Brien travel against the Party, and that they will cabal against the Party, Winston besides knows this could perchance intend decease for him.

Winston tells Julia that the existent treachery when they get caught will be the Party halting them from loving each other, which finally they ca n’t make.

Winston says they can crush the Party by remaining human interior.

The meeting between O’Brien, Julia, and Winston at O’Brien ‘s flat, Winston asks O’Brien if the Brotherhood is existent, O’Brien says it is, he tells Winston he will ne’er cognize how many people are in it, or who ‘s in it, he tells Winston that if he of all time gets caught he will squeal and the Brotherhood ca n’t assist him.

O’Brien knows the last line of the rime Mr. Charrington taught him, Ti surprises Winston.

Two: Nine, Ten

Winston was working such long hours, because the enemy has been changed from Eurasia to Eastasia, so everything has to be rewritten.

Harmonizing to the book, the purpose of modern warfare is to keep a continual province.

Harmonizing to the book, it says the Superstates are n’t contending against each other, their contending against their ain people to maintain the construction of society.

Winston stops reading chapter one of the book, because wanted to appreciate the minute of being alone and safe, without the telescreen watching him.

Two: Nine, X, continued

The current authorities is different from the old authoritiess, because the authorities is able to watch citizens at all clip. The innovation that enables them to make that is the telescreen.

The organisation of the Party Bib Brother, so the Inner Party, the Outer Party, and the workers.

The construct of doublethink holding to wholly different ideas, and being able to to the full accept both of them

The one think Winston and Julia know they will ne’er make together is have kids together.

After that happens, another voice repeats the phrase, Ti voice is coming from behind the image of the church, a telescreen is so revealed, the voice tells Winston and Julia to set their custodies behind their caputs, stand back to endorse, do n’t touch each other, and so the Thought Police come out and capture them.

Winston discovers that Mr. Charrington is a member of the Thought Police.

Three: I, II

As this subdivision in the novel opens, Winston is in the Ministry of Love.

Winston Smith ‘s figure is 6079.

Ampleforth is brought into the cell with Winston ; he thinks he ‘s at that place because he left the word “ God ” at the terminal of a verse form he was rewriting.

Parsons is brought into the cell, for thoughtcrime. Parsons daughter denounced him for stating “ Down with Large Brother ” in his slumber. Parsons is happy about the apprehension ; he believes the Thought Police stopped him from traveling any farther with his idea offense.

The figure of the room where the guards take some of the captives is 101. Many of the captives react with fright and horror.

The following individual that comes in the room is O’Brien, Winston so realizes that O’Brien is non a member of the Brotherhood, and that he has truly betrayed him.

In portion three of the book O’Brien is tormenting Winston.

O’Brien tells Winston that Big Brother does be, every bit good as the Brotherhood, he so tells Winston even if he were to populate for 1,000 more old ages, and he would still ne’er know anything about the Brotherhood.

The last inquiry that Winston asks O’Brien in portion three of the book is “ what is in room 101? “ , O’Brien so answers, stating “ everyone knows what is in room 101 ” .

Winston has n’t betrayed Julia so far, but O’Brien tells Winston Julia has betrayed him.

Three: III, IV, V, VI

Harmonizing to O’Brien, the three phases of Winston ‘s reintegration are larning, apprehension, and credence.

Winston finds out that O’Brien truly wrote portion of the book.

The ground the Party seeks power is they merely want power, merely to hold it.

Physically Winston is now barefaced, hunched over, gray looking, really frail, and is covered with lesions and cicatrixs. After Winston sees himself in the mirror, he collapses and starts to cry on the land.

Winston ‘s reply to this inquiry is that he has n’t betrayed Julia yet. O’Brien ‘s response to this statement is that he is right, he has n’t yet betrayed Julia.

When Winston calls out Julia ‘s name, this shows that he is still obeying the Party, but he still hates the Party, he so realizes that he will hold to be punished all over once more. O’Brien asks Winston how he feels about Big Brother, and he responds “ I hate Large Brother ” , O’Brien so orders Winston to be taken to room 101, and tells him he must larn to love Big Brother.

Harmonizing to O’Brien in room 101 lies the worst thing in the universe. For Winston the worst thing in the universe is rats.

The coop is a face mask that has two rats in it ; O’Brien tells Winston he will set the mask on Winston ‘s face unless Winston does what O’Brien asks of him. Winston asks what he wants him to make, but O’Brien does n’t reply, the mask closes in on his face, Winston screams that O’Brien should set the mask on Julia alternatively. This is what O’Brien wants ; for Winston to bewray Julia, and harmonizing to O’Brien, the Party has succeeded.

When Winston and Julia meet after they have been released, they admit to each other that the betrayed one another, and that they do n’t experience the same about each other any longer. The poetry that Winston hears at the terminal is “ Under the distributing chestnut tree / I sold you and you sold me, ”

At the terminal of the novel, Winston is believing he has won triumph over himself, and he now loves large brother.

Appendix, Afterword

Newspeak is the official linguistic communication of Oceania it has been created to run into the demands of Ingsoc. Newspeak provides a manner to show the positions of Ingsoc and to do all other types of idea impossible.

In the A vocabulary of Newspeak, there are words used in mundane life, such as feeding, imbibing, working, acquiring dressed, and siting in vehicles. There are non as many words as there are in current-day English, and each word expresses a simple idea affecting a concrete object or physical action.

Two things about the grammar of Newspeak that are peculiar are the first parts are interchangeable, you can do a word negative, by adding un- to it, you can beef up a word by adding plus or doubleplus the linguistic communication is pretty normal, following the same regulations.

The B vocabulary in Newspeak is largely for political intents, these words are compound words, such as Minitrue, Minipeacfuel, and Oldthinkers.

The facet of the B vocabulary that outweighs about all others Euphony

The C vocabulary in Newspeak is scientific and proficient words. Scientific and Technical workers use these words. There is no word for scientific discipline, because it ‘s covered up by the word Ingsoc.

Harmonizing to the Afterword the temper and warning expressed in the fresh 1984 is near desperation over the hereafter of adult male, and the warning is that “ unless the class of history alterations, work forces all over the universe will lose their most human qualities, will go soulless zombis, and will non even be cognizant of it. ”

Orwell connects the dictatorial society in 1984 with the atomic war.

In the Afterword, the point about doublethink that is made is that when doublethink is used decently and successfully, the individual thinks the antonym of the truth.

Harmonizing to the Afterward, the warning that Orwell is giving anyone who reads 1984 is that there is a danger in making a society of zombis who have lost the ability to love, believe critically, and be individualists, the worst consequence of this society is that doublethink has created a state of affairs where the people do n’t even recognize what they have lost.