Who would be the most popular author during the fourteenth century and until now? Without any uncertainty, it would be William Shakespeare. Although Shakespeare had small, formal instruction, he became the most celebrated writer of the Elizabethan Renaissance, composing several dramas and sonnets. In order to calculate out how he became so good known through all over the universe, it is necessary to cognize about Shakespeare ‘s life, his work, and success. Furthermore, larning about his life, from his birth to decease, gives a better apprehension of his plants, by happening out how his plant and his life is combined and related.

In the little small town called “ Stratford Upon Avon ” , where merely had 200 houses and 1500 people, William Shakespeare was born. He was born in April 1564, center of the Renaissance period ( Packer 8 ) . However, there is no specific day of the month of birth, because merely the day of the month of baptism was of import at that clip. ( His baptism day of the month was April 26 1564 ) Shakespeare was born in a affluent household. His male parent, John Shakespeare was a household of Yeomen, was a successful merchandiser and besides high bailiff of Stratford. Mary Arden, his female parent, was from an Anglican household, the household of landed aristocracy ( Kniery, 1 ) . About their kids, Shakespeare ‘s life provinces, “ Harmonizing to church registry, William Shakespeare was the 3rd of eight kids in Shakespeare ‘s family – three of whom died in childhood. ” ( 1 ) . At that clip, kids did non cognize how to read and compose, so like other normal kids, Shakespeare went to a new public school and learned Latin ( Packer 5 ) . As he grew up, harmonizing to Lee Jamieson, the author of Shakespeare ‘s Timeline, “ Shakespeare attended King Edward IV Grammar school in Stratford Upon Avon between the age of 7 and 14. ” ( 1 ) .

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As Shakespeare becomes 18, he gets marry with Anne Hathaway, in November 1582, who was 26 at the clip. Harmonizing to Maria Kniery and Ruthie Minor, the author of William Shakespeare, “ Anne Hathaway was the girl of a well-thought-of Yeoman farmer. ” ( 1 ) . They had three kids entire, one girl and twins. Their first kid, Susanna was born in May 1583, and the twins, Judith and Hamnet, were born in February, 1585 ( Jamieson 1 ) . However, one of the twins, Hamlet, died at the age of 11, on August 11, 1596. Then after the birth of twins, around 1585, Shakespeare disappears from all the records.. During this clip, William Shakespeare began to compose his dramas, besides set up himself as an histrion and dramatist ( Kniery 2 ) . Finally by 1592, as Shakespeare becomes celebrated in the London, Queen Elizabeth, who was the queen of the England, frequently visited Shakespeare ‘s theatre to watch the drama. Furthermore, as written in Tales from Shakespeare, by Tina Packer, “ Shakespeare ‘s company became known as “ the King ‘s Work force ” , because King James I was their particular frequenter. ” ( 9 ) . At that clip, when Shakespeare ‘s success was on the flood tide, he was able to have both theatrical company and the Globe Theater. To success, he spent seven old ages composing dramas without traveling back to place. This period, which cipher knows precisely what he did, but merely could gauge, is called “ Lost Years ” . However, it was the most of import clip of William Shakespeare ‘s life, which was the first measure of developing himself the most popular author.

William Shakespeare is besides good known for creativity. Harmonizing to Tina Packer, writer of Narratives from Shakespeare, “ His subjects ranged from amusing love affairs to civil wars, from domestic runawaies to universe agitating political events. ” ( 11-12 ) . Besides, during the drama, Shakespeare made up 1700 words that was non used normally, but merely by hectometer. For 25 old ages, Shakespeare wrote about 37 dramas entire, including 154 sonnets. Among those dramas, A Midsummer Night ‘s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet are considered as the most celebrated and digesting dramas. A Midsummer Night ‘s Dream, foremost shown in 1595 and published in 1600, was a comedy that showed both unsmooth wit and the romantic phantasy which contains a serious side. Then the following twelvemonth, Romeo and Juliet was performed, and published in 1597. Romeo and Juliet is still remembered as the universe ‘s best drama that was based on calamity. Frank W. Wadsworth, the author of ‘William Shakespeare ‘ in The World Book Encyclopedia provinces, “ One of the chief grounds of the popularity of Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare ‘s understanding for the immature people in the drama. He seemed to fault the tragic stoping on the unsighted opportunism of the grownups. ” ( 282 ) . Then in 1601, Hamlet was first played in the theatre, which is a calamity which happens to the chief character Hamlet. In the drama, Hamlet gets a deep internal struggle, between his emotions of choler, and his head that wants to halt the incredulity ( Wadsworth, 282-286 ) . Furthermore, it is strongly believed that the drama Hamlet is written for Shakespeare ‘s boy Hamnet, after his decease. However, non merely these, but all of William Shakespeare ‘s dramas are considered as a chef-d’oeuvre that must non be missed.

After acquiring a large fiscal success in by composing those dramas, Shakespeare was enabled to retire, around 1610. After, he went back to his place town, Stratford Upon Avon, and bought the largest house in the town to populate with the household. And six old ages subsequently, in April 23, 1616, Shakespeare was dead. He was buried in Holy Trinity Church, two yearss subsequently from his decease. He wrote his will in 1611, harmonizing to Shakespeare ‘s Biography, “ Shakespeare bequeathed all his belongingss to his girl Susanna, who married to Dr. John Hail in 1607, and left ?300 to his lasting girl, Judith. Besides he left his “ 2nd best bed ” to his wife. ” ( 2 ) . In his gravestone, he engraved his last will ; “ Good friend for Jesus interest forebear, to delve the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the adult male that spares these rocks, and cursed be he that moves my castanetss. ” And his grave is still non moved from Holy Trinity Church, over 400 old ages.

One of grounds that William Shakespeare have issued so quickly is because of his authorship manners. He had a alone authorship manner that separates from others. And eventually, it lead him to a great success. Every human existences born with a particular endowment, which others do non have. However, it takes a piece to delve out this endowment from ourselves. Even though William Shakespeare could non acquire a proper instruction in his childhood, the particular endowment of composing made him the most successful adult male as an writer. With fortune, Shakespeare could take out and demo his endowment through out all over the universe at the immature age. And today, several centuries after from his decease, he is remembered as the male parent of English Literature, that no 1 can follow.