Directly after WW2. another war has evolved. This was called the Cold War. Why called the cold war? This was non violent. There was no “heat” . The battle was largely words back and Forth. This war started in 1945 and finished in 1989. This war was between U. S. A and the Soviet Union ( Russia ) . This war started because they had different political political orientations. This war took topographic point everywhere it besides took topographic point out of infinite. when they wanted to see who would make the Moon foremost. America is the 1 to fault because they used atomic arms to endanger Russia. large ground that the cold war started was because of something called the Atomic Policy.

America has a good sum of atomic arms but a little sum of soldiers ; as for Russia they have a better sum of soldiers than arms. That’s why I think America is the 1 to fault because they threatened Russia with their atomic arms. Russia needs atomic arms in order for them to be able to stand up to USA. This caused a batch force per unit area between USA and Russia. Economical issues besides were a large ground that started the Cold war.

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Capitalism and Communism were really dissimilar. USA takes money from people that ain companies but if communism spread and got bigger so it wont be a good thing for USA. Why? Well. Russian authorities would be taking over the trade go oning. Communism and Truman Doctrine besides had large function in get downing the war. Harry Truman agreed to assist Turkey and Greece go against communism because Britain couldn’t any longer ( no money ) . USA had to assist both Greece and Turkey every bit. First it started with Greece and Meleagris gallopavo but so it became for everyone. Anyone can assist contend communism.

Of class. this gets more people on Russia’s side ( communism ) and helps them take over more. Communism is when people can’t ain anything ( e. g. Companies. land. places ) but alternatively the authorities own it all. A Capitalist environment is when people CAN own something. So? Who’s the one to fault? I believe its America. First. it was the atomic policy. Then it was economical differences in both states. America came up with the Truman philosophy to take down communism. And Finally. Political Political orientation. This is the grounds I can give to turn out that America is the 1 to fault.