Electricity is chiefly generated by turbines turning the electromagnets that are environing by Cu wires inside the generators creates a magnetic field that causes the negatrons in the Cu wire to travel from an atom to another 1. The figure of bends in the spirals affects the electromotive force of electricity generated straight. The more bends in the spirals, the more electromotive force is produced.

Fossil fuels ( coal, natural gas and crude oil ) are used to heat up H2O in a boiler to bring forth steam to turn a series of turbine. The steam rotates turbine shafts that are connected to an electricity generator. Nuclear power workss use the heat from dividing atoms to alter H2O into steam and turn the turbines.

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Natural gas is less fouling ; it burns cleaner than Cola and oil, and comparing it to the other dodo fuels, it produces 70 % less C dioxide. Besides, unlike other fossil fuels, natural gas helps better the quality of air and H2O. Coal is inexpensive and abundant and natural gas is much cheaper than coal. Coal is the most common energy resource ; nevertheless, it truly pollutes the air. Coal emits a large sum of ash when combustion, which natural gas will non. In add-on, coal excavation changes the landscape and coal mines are soiled and dusty, which led to a batch of wellness jobs.

Fossil fuels are really utile energy resources but they release nursery gases into the environment. Besides, they are non-renewable energy resources and will be used up someday.

Wind power is used to force against the turbine blades to bring forth electricity. Most of the windmills/wind farms are located in blowy location as the turbines are turned by air currents. Hydroelectric workss use the power of falling H2O to turn the turbine and whirl the rotor. Geothermal energy is merely the steam trapped in the Earth. In a geothermic power works, deep good is drilled to allow the steam in the belowground semen out, goes through a heat money changer and spins a turbine.

Wind power does non foul the air, is a really utile energy beginning. Unfortunately, wind power can merely be used when the air current speed is greater than 7 miles per hour. Besides, edifices can non be built around air current farms as they block the air current. Therefore, non many states uses air current power because it needs a batch of land. Hydroelectric power provides 19 % of electricity in the universe. It is inexpensive and can be used in everyplace with H2O. However, dam edifice is really expensive and pollutions affect the H2O power straight.

Geothermal energy is a really good energy resource as it will non impact by the conditions status. However, non many states can utilize this power as the belowground status is different in every state. Japan is one of the states that use geothermic energy. Renewable energy resources are ever better than non-renewable 1s because they will ne’er be used up.

Biomass is fundamentally the agricultural wastes. Biomass is normally burnt in an incinerator to heat up H2O and create steam, which turns the turbine and generate electricity. It can besides be converted into gas and works every bit fuel. The wood and paper merchandises industries use about two-thirds of biomass power to bring forth electricity. Solid wastes from metropoliss provide adequate electricity to back up about 7 million Americans. Biomass sounds like a fantastic resource as it recycles stuffs non needed. However, it emits nurseries and biomass aggregation is non ever really easy. If there is non adequate biomass, so no biomass energy is used.

Solar energy is generated without a turbine, which is really particular. Solar panels are used to capture visible radiation from the Sun and change over it into electricity straight. The electricity is stored in a battery. More than 200,000 houses in US use solar energy. Solar energy is really environmental friendly but it is affected by the conditions status. Solar energy is merely used when it is a cheery twenty-four hours.

In the United States, most of the electricity is generated utilizing fossil fuels, atomic energy, or hydropower in the power workss with steam turbines. Some electricity is generated with alternate fuels like geothermic energy, air current power, biomass, solar energy, etc..

Merely 5.5 % of electricity is generated with reclaimable energy resources in the United Kingdom. Natural gas provides about 40 % of electricity, coal provides about tierce of electricity and atomic Stationss provide about 20 % of electricity in UK.

Fossil fuels are the chief energy resources in Hong Kong. About 85 % of electricity is generated by firing coal and about 15 % of electricity is generated with natural gas. One of the large jobs of fossil fuels is they emit nursery gases when combustion ; 62 % of nursery gases in Hong Kong in produced by firing fossil fuels.

Many foreign states use assorted types of energy resources to bring forth electricity but Hong Kong merely uses fossil fuels. Like US and UK, although most of the electricity is generated by firing fossil fuels, but some of the electricity is generated with alternate energy resources, which will ne’er be used up.

The Government needs to see on the economic, environmental and wellness and safety factors when bring forthing electricity. Generating electricity is really expensive. For fossil fuels, the Government needs to delve them out from resistance, so pull out them into pure stuffs and in conclusion you need to transport them to power Stationss, which all cost you a large sum of money. Fossil fuels are non-renewable energy resources, someday, they will be used up.

On the other manus, firing fossil fuels creates a immense sum of nursery gases, which will increase the earnestness of planetary heating and causes clime alterations. Besides, crude oil and natural gas are unsafe stuffs ; they are inflammable and catch fire easy. The Government needs to mind of it and crude oil and gas should be stored safely. Peoples should be careful when firing crude oil and natural gas.

In add-on, natural gas release C monoxide when burnt, which is extremely toxicant ; hence, people should be excess careful when firing natural gas. Coal mines are really dust-covered, which is non good for coal mineworkers & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ wellness, particularly their lungs. Coal mineworkers should mind of their ain wellness and the Government should concern about these few factors and works out solutions for them to better.