Footprint Consequences
( Answers to the following 2 inquiries will be given upon completion of footmark )

If everyone lived like you. how many planet Earth’s would we necessitate? 4. 2
To back up your life style. how many productive planetary estates country needed? 21. 4

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Ecological Footprint Breakdown
( Valuess can be obtained by scrolling over pie chart generated at completion of footmark )

Percentage of emanations from Food
31 %
Percentage of emanations from Shelter
9 %
Percentage of emanations from Mobility
4 %
Percentage of emanations from Goods
14 %
Percentage of emanations from Servicess
31 %

Table B. Household Emissions

Household Emissions Results
( Answers can be found in saloon graphs following completion of reckoner )

What are your current family emanations?
15. 563
What are the U. S. mean family emanations?
145. 250
What was your decreased emanations?
5. 709

Household Emissions Savingss
( Answers can be found above saloon graphs

If you took all actions you would cut down one-year emanations by: 63 %
If you took all actions your possible dollar nest eggs would be: $ 4. 87
Your new entire one-year estimated CO2 emanations:
5. 709


1. Based on your findings from the ecological footmark reckoner. how many Earth’s would be needed to back up the planetary population if everyone lived your same life style? Additionally. depict the impacts on the Earth’s clime. biodiversity. and economic security if every person in the universe lived your same life style and discourse why these impacts would happen.

Answer = Earth’s clime. Biodiversity. Economic Security

2. Based on your findings from the ecological footmark reckoner. what are the 3 mundane merchandises and patterns that contribute most to your environmental footmark?

Answer = Food. service. and goods

3. Based on the information from the cut down emanations subdivision of the family emanations reckoner. name at least 2 actions that you can take to restrict your C emanations? Include in your reply the exact dollar nest eggs and the weight of C dioxide that could be saved ( from the reckoner consequences ) for each of these two actions.

Answer = Services and nutrient. You can restrict your per centum of emanation on service by cutting down the service you use and salvaging at least 50. 00 a hebdomad and on nutrient by purchasing cheaper merchandise and feeding less could salvage you at least $ 100. A month.

4. Department of energies cut downing the size of your ecological footmark needfully intend cut downing your quality of life? Why or why non? Are there ways of heightening your quality of life while take downing your environmental impact?

Answer = No it might even do quality of life better. Because you are cut downing mundane life. like eating wonts recycle more things which will do life better that in the base on balls. Yes


Any beginnings utilized in your inquiry replies should be listed here. Bottcher. A. . & A ; Rex. A. ( 2012 ) . Environmental scientific discipline pupil manual. Sheridan. Carbon monoxide: eScience Labs.