4.Waste Management Plan for my community by the local authorization

The metropolis ‘s official waste direction service supplier is Pikitup. Pikitup ‘s duty is to keep the cleanliness and maintain the metropolis hygienic. Pikitup collect and dispose 1.4 million dozenss of domestic waste generated every twelvemonth. Pikitup collects family garbage one time a hebdomad from every formal home in Johannesburg, and it offers waste remotion service to all informal colonies. Domestic garbage aggregation is charged harmonizing to the value of your belongings and Households and concerns besides pay a City Cleaning Levy to cover services- for illustration, illegal dumping, street sweeping, cleaning up of inns and informal colonies.

Household waste is removed one time a hebdomad. Restaurants and concern waste is removed twice a hebdomad or more depending on the sum generated. A waste direction officer assisted by regional superintendents proctors this waste. Spillage of waste around the ashcans is collected. Each truck has a broom and spade that is used to unclutter the spillage, even though the jurisprudence states that merely waste inside the bin is collected. The council collects all garbage next to the bins and ever attempts to maintain the towns clean e.g. Edenvale and Bedfordview.

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All municipal landfill sites have made proviso for public off-loading countries. These countries have many containers for reclaimable stuffs. Steel, tins, plastic, glass, paper/card box, used oil and little measures of risky stuff such as batteries and used pigment containers. The Ekurhuleni waste is sent to Simmer and Jack, Weltevreden, Rooikraal and Rietfontein. At these landfill sites a contractor separates these wastes into different classs and the recyclables are recycled and the remainder of the waste that may non be recycled is buried. All these landfill sites are operated daily from 07:00 until 17:00, during these times the populace are able to dispose of their reclaimable stuff. All of the landfill sites are fenced off and security guards are on responsibility 24 hours a twenty-four hours.

Medical risky waste from clinics and infirmaries are disposed at the right garbage dump or incinerated. There are risky waste containers available and specialised companies deal with this risky waste e.g. Been Enviro Serv, Waste Tech and Buhle Waste. The Council proctors this risky waste so that it is disposed of in a proper mode.

In Bedfordvew the Environmental Development Department have waste direction services where they issue occupants with a garbage remotion calendar. I live in Senderwood so on the calender my family follows the bluish index on the calendar.

5.Types of waste found in my community

The most common garbage collected in Bedfordview and Edenvale is household garbage, biodegradable waste, concern garbage, builder ‘s rubble, institutional waste and garden garbage. Other waste collected is building waste, garden waste, commercial/trade waste, health care waste, bulky waste e.g. furniture and broken contraptions.

6.Types of waste found in my family

In my family I had 42.6 % of waste from paper/cardboard, 32.8 % from nutrient garbages, 9.8 % from plastic, 8.2 % from Sns and 6.6 % from glass. Average waste generated per a individual in my family is 1220g as my full family 6.1kg of waste, and my throw off waste that my family would bring forth if everything I could perchance recycle was recycled was 2kg and this was nutrient garbages this proves how of import waste direction is in my community.

7. Waste jobs

There are many waste jobs in South Africa. Most of the jobs relate to Landfills. In South Africa there is a deficit of landfills, the landfills are non large plenty there are harmful gases that are emitted from landfills i.e. Methane and Carbon dioxide. The landfills are far off, have harmful environmental effects, they bring in unwanted plagues. Another job associated with waste is that there is non adequate consciousness of waste direction in South Africa and in my community, many South Africans are non informed of how to pull off waste, the municipal frequently go on work stoppage go forthing behind ungathered rubbish and illegal dumping is another job in South Africa. There are many troubles that occur when managing waste viz. occupants place builders ‘ rubble inside the ashcans, staff is injured as occupants place broken bottles in garbage bags that injure material. The majority containers are overloaded. Residents put out garbage on the twenty-four hours non scheduled for aggregation or many occupants place garbage outside after the truck has already gone passed.

8. Feasible solutions and Action program

In order to work out the job of extra waste in my community I suggest that Consumers should avoid purchasing boxing alternatively take goods that have minimal sum of packaging, purchase nutrients fresh and place cooked this will cut down the sum of waste in our community, cut down, reuse and recycle. South Africans should recycle everything in order non to make full up the landfill site, this will work out the job of the infinite that landfills have and the deficit of landfill sites in South Africa. Homeowners should divide waste and take it to a local slump centre, purchase merchandises that are reclaimable instead than disposable. Feed stale staff of life and garbages to birds, create a compost pile in garden so use as fertiliser this will work out the jobs associated with the deficit of landfill sites.

The councils, authorities should make consciousness and inform people to recycle, cut down and recycle through the media by holding advertizements on Television, newspapers or postings at local stores, physician ‘s suites, infirmary, universities and schools. They should inform South Africans what is reclaimable and so promote people to divide their garbage into different bags or bins Communities should hold local meetings to get down recycling undertakings and trash aggregation strategies at local Parkss etc. Install a landfill gas extraction system to pull out harmful gases at landfills this will besides cut down the harmful environmental effects landfill sites have. The authorities should set aside separate financess for farther research of other possible waste dumping methods other than the usage of landfills and there should be recycling bins that are easy to extra and promote recycling with separate compartments for the many different types of waste.

9. Recommendations:

In South Africa we should be concentrating on seeking to work out the jobs of waste direction and assist maintain our environment clean. We can carry through this through preparation and consciousness towards the community with respect to dividing waste. Awareness through the media for the public about local-drop-off zones for waste. There should be separate bins for different waste merchandises in shopping centres, schools, universities, Parkss etc.

10.Areas in my community where waste is non managed decently.

Possible Reasons why.

Areas in the CBD where there is many concerns, waste is non managed decently. Waste is non managed here because they are non utilizing systems provided by the Council, for illustration they do non utilize 240-litre Mobile bins in order to avoid charges of being serviced more than one time a hebdomad. Waste is non managed in watercourses and rivers for illustration the Upper Modderfontein and other watercourses in Bedfordview. In Gillooly ‘s waste is non managed because more and more people litter daily and the bins are non utilised and collected on streets and pavings this shows that this waste is non managed decently.

11.Polokwane Declaration

Polokwane Declaration was adopted at the National Waste Summit in September 2001 which was hosted by Department Environmental Affairs and Tourism held in Pietersburg. The Polokwane Declaration recognizes that waste direction should be a precedence in South Africa and that South Africans should acknowledge the pressing action to cut down, reuse and recycle waste in order to protect the environment.

Polokwane Declaration Vision is toimplement a waste direction system, which contributes to sustainable enclosure and mensurable betterment in the quality of life, by tackling the energy and committedness of all South Africans for the effectual decrease of waste.

Polokwane Declaration ends:is to cut down waste coevals and disposal by 50 % and 25 % severally by 2012 and develop a program for zero waste by 2022.

12.Waste Management Plan for an informal colony by the local governments

In an informal colony garbage is removed twice a hebdomad by agencies of majority containers. Street peddlers are issued with garbage bags hebdomadally to keep countries they operate in. The Ekurhuleni municipality have purposes on implementing farther waste direction programs and undertakings for illustration the turn overing out of the 240 liter Mobile bins. There are centres that weigh and pay people for the waste that they collected and recycled.


Research shows that the mean South African green goodss about 1kg of waste a twenty-four hours. The sum of garbage is turning by 4 % a twenty-four hours, this proves that waste direction is so of import in our day-to-day lives and as South Africans it is our responsibility to take charge and work out the jobs of waste direction and make consciousness of this of import issue.