Surveiesindicate that the aged are more vulnerable to condemnable activities, as compared to other age groups. This is because these people are socially stray, ever tend to populate in rural countries, and have predictable behavioural forms. The aged are besides mentally and physically weak, and this is a great part to their visibleness, doing them vulnerable to offense ( Fisher and Lab, 2010 ) . Other bookmans further denote that the aged are vulnerable to offense, in circumstance when they leave their places, and as a consequence, they are exposed to people who have a condemnable purpose.

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Contrary to the belief of many people, the aged are people who are least exploited when it comes to index offenses, as compared to other age groups ( Rothman, 2000 ) . However, the aged are ever vulnerable to robbery, fraud, and bag snatching. On the other manus, older people, who are under the attention of place installations, are vulnerable to emotional and physical maltreatment ( Payne, 2000 ) . This is because household members might neglect to see them on occasion, or the staff of place attention organisations might victimize them of their properties.

One of the major jobs that old people suffer from is fright of offense. This job is accelerated because of the assorted condemnable coverage by the media, which ever makes older people to hold a perceptual experience that there exists higher rates of offense, while in the existent sense, the offense rates are low ( Fisher and Lab, 2010 ) . Due to these perceptual experiences in offense rates, and fright of offense amongst the aged, the authorities is forced to fund surveies on victimization, victim services, and bar plans. Most bar plans that the authorities ever financess, includes vicinity tickers, public security instruction, external lighting, community policing, and place security services ( Rothman, 2000 ) .

Vulnerability of the elderly Peoples:

Physical Crime:

  • Because of a lessening in physical ability, and an addition in physical infirmity, the aged are ever vulnerable to physical hurts ( Fisher and Lab, 2010 ) .
  • It is based on this fact that the aged are vulnerable to the offense of bag snatching.
  • The aged will be unable to follow after the bag snatcher, who is most likely to be a immature individual. This is because, the bag snatcher might hold more velocity, as compared to the aged, and opportunities are high that the aged might acquire injured in instance they resist the robbery effort, and this is chiefly because they do non hold the strength to contend back ( Fisher and Lab, 2010 ) .
  • Other physical offenses that the aged are vulnerable to includes,
  1. Rape
  2. Murder
  3. Home robbery/burglary
  4. Fraud or cozenages.

Fiscal Crime

  • The aged are ever vulnerable to fiscal offenses, such as larceny of their fiscal merchandises. This usually occurs by people that the elderly trust, or close household members. Other may be forced to make and subscribe a will, against their outlooks and desires. The aged are vulnerable to these offenses, because they usually survive on a fixed income, which ever does non reflect the lifting criterions of life ( Fisher and Lab, 2010 ) .
  • Due to hapless vision besides, the aged are unable to read or compose, and on this footing, they may trust on a close comparative or friend, who might victimize them, in instance they bare composing a will, a check, or seeking to purchase a merchandise whose value they are incognizant of ( Payne, 2000 ) .

Psychological Crime

  • The aged are ever vulnerable to maltreatments from those people who are in charge of caring for them ( Payne, 2000 ) .
  • The aged are vulnerable to these maltreatments because they are ever weak, and do non hold money.
  • The aged are besides vulnerable to these maltreatments, because they are dependent on household members for fiscal and physical support. This dependence makes them vulnerable to these maltreatments ( Payne, 2000 ) .
  • It is of import to understand that statistics prove that the aged are ever emotionally abused by their household members.
  • It is of import to denote that physical maltreatments will ever take to emphasize and depression amongst the aged ( Rothman, 2000 ) .
  • This is because they are unable to incorporate emotional and physical maltreatments, and therefore return their outlook and psychological science to a pre-stress degree.

Programs of protecting the aged:

The Triad Program:

  • The Triad plan began in 1987, when senior members of the constabulary force, national sheriffs, and retired members of the American association came together for intents of discoursing methods and agencies of forestalling offense ( Payne, 2000 ) .
  • A three is formed, when the constabulary section in a given vicinity agrees to collaborate with the aged in battling and forestalling the victimization of the elderly population in the given vicinity.
  • These three groups are engaged in sharing resources, and thoughts that would assist take the frights of the aged. They besides provide developing plans that help the aged to get accomplishments that can assist them derive protection from felons, and those seeking to work them ( Payne, 2000 ) .
  • On this footing, a Triad plan encompasses the constabulary, the section of the sheriff, and the association of retired persons ( Rothman, 2000 ) . It is of import to denote that the chief purpose of the Triad system is to forestall offense, and offer aid to the victims of offense, who are the elderly.

Community Awareness Programs

  • Community consciousness plans are aimed at making a common relationship between jurisprudence enforcement bureaus and the environing communities. Under these plans, the community is responsible for supplying information to jurisprudence enforcement bureaus, sing any condemnable activity that occurs within the vicinity ( Fisher and Lab, 2010 ) . The condemnable activity under consideration is non merely limited to a offense against the elderly population.
  • Law enforcement bureaus on the other manus will develop members of the community on how to protect themselves, against felons. Community policing is under these plans, and this is because the constabulary and the members of the community cooperate in offense bar schemes ( Fisher and Lab, 2010 ) .
  • It is besides of import to denote that the American Federal authorities has established a standard whereby one constabulary officer, is supposed to function five 100 people. This is a standard that most province authoritiess run into, and hence it helps in efficaciously forestalling offense, every bit good as groking people responsible for perpetrating offenses against the aged ( Rothman, 2000 ) .

Other Plans:

  • Establishing vicinity tickers:

This involves making vicinity groups, responsible for looking after the community, and describing any marks of offense within the community ( Fisher and Lab, 2010 ) .

  • Home Security Programs.

Training the aged on how to do their places secure, and the steps they need to set about for intents of going secure.

  • Vial for life plans:

This is a plan aimed at taking important information to exigency medical forces, sing the wellness position of the aged.

  • Scams and Fraud plans:

This is a plan that informs the aged on the assorted cozenages, and frauding techniques.


In decision, the aged are a really vulnerable group, and they require great protection by jurisprudence enforcement bureaus. These people are ever unable to protect themselves, and this is because their physical organic structures are ever weak.

It is of import to understand that in every bit much as the aged are vulnerable to condemnable activities, the existent rate of offenses aiming the aged is smaller as compared to the existent rates of offense aiming other age groups.

However, despite a low offense rate aiming this age group, it is of import for policy formulators to make a system that will efficaciously forestall offenses against the aged, and at the same clip successfully prosecute felons who are accused of perpetrating offenses against these people. However, to accomplish success in this issue, there is a demand of the full society involved in community policing, and join forcesing with the constabulary to place felons who pose a menace to the aged.


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