Nuclear technique is being an of import application in many sectors such as nutrient & A ; agribusiness, industry, medical, environmental protection and power production. It is known that there are both advantages and disadvantages of utilizing atomic energy. However, atomic energy is being widely used in agribusiness which includes nutrient production, carnal production, harvest production, fertiliser, dirt birthrate and more.

Harmonizing to Farm Press, atomic power is considered inexpensive to be used in agribusiness development. It has been reported that the increasing monetary value of gasolene, electricity, Diesel fuel and natural gas is one of the major jobs to husbandmans. Nuclear energy is found to be the cheapest power beginning for agribusiness. For illustration, atomic energy can be used in production of nitrogen fertiliser alternatively of natural gas which has increasing monetary value presents. Coordinated Research Project ( CRP ) was carried out on the usage of atomic techniques for optimising nitrogen fertiliser application under irrigated wheat. It has been found that this technique increases the efficiency of nitrogen fertiliser while reduces environmental pollution.

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Other than that, Khanal and Munankarmy ( 2009 ) stated that there is possibility to better wellness, eating and birthrate of farm animal. They farther explained that nucleic acerb hybridisation ( atomic related technique ) is a promising technique for disease diagnosing. The conventional attacks of disease diagnosing affecting direct sensing and isolation devour more clip compared to nucleic acerb hybridisation. Therefore, it is said to be really effectual in footings of clip and sensitiveness. Besides that, this technique is besides alone because it focuses on the genome of being alternatively of its merchandises. Harmonizing to the survey conducted by Khanal and Munankarmy ( 2009 ) , ionising irradiation is another atomic technique which plays a critical function in carnal wellness. Virulence of some parasites can be eliminated utilizing this technique which besides helps to bring forth safer and cost effectual vaccinums. These methods have increased the rates of growing and milk and meat output.

There are some non-isotopic atomic techniques that are being implicated in agribusiness, particularly in livestock production ( Makkar, 2008 ) . Gamma irradiation is one of the non-isotopic atomic techniques. This gamma irradiation is an effectual technique which enhances alimentary handiness in workss that are fed to livestock. Harmonizing to Makkar, content of works secondary metabolites in some of the unconventional provender resources, could give inauspicious effects to the provender of farm animal. He farther explained that bioavailability of foods lessenings at high degrees of works secondary metabolites. Therefore, it is found that gamma irradiation is an effectual technique to demobilize the inauspicious activities.

Committee On Agriculture has discussed on aa‚¬A“nuclear techniques in nutrient and agricultureaa‚¬A? . This commission stated that atomic related techniques help to better the nutrient production system in footings of stableness, resiliency and productiveness. Biodiversity of harvest workss can be increased by radiation induced mutants which change the familial makeup. For case, mutant genteelness has given more than 3000 harvest assortments of some 170 different works species in more than 100 states. This includes rice that grows successfully in saline dirt and barley that grows at 5000 metres.

Nuclear technique is playing a critical function in dirt and H2O direction system. It is of import to better dirt wet preservation steps and cut down wastage of irrigation H2O which leads to the betterment of H2O direction in agribusiness. One of the atomic techniques that help in dirt and H2O direction is Soil Moisture Neutron Probe ( SMNP ) . SMNP is a portable device that is used to mensurate dirt H2O content at different deepnesss through entree tubings installed in the dirt profile. Datas obtained from SMNP are used to cipher the dirt H2O balance and gauge the entire sum of dirt H2O removed from dirt vaporization and works transpiration ( Joint FAO/IAEA, 2004 ) .

Furthermore, atomic techniques are besides used to place the beginning of dirt pollutant. This helps husbandmans or environmental contrivers to cognize the specific beginnings of pollutant and design most appropriate direction scheme, so that the impact of pollutants can be reduced. For illustration, fertilisers and pesticides that are used to better the agricultural activities can go pollutants if they reach the rivers, watercourses and lakes. To get the better of this job, radioactive dust radionuclides are attached to dirty atoms which can track the motion of dirt atoms from where they originate ( Nuclear Technology Review, 2007 ) .

On the other manus, atomic energy besides has disadvantages. One of the major concerns about atomic energy is there is a opportunity for terrible accident to happen in the reactor. This accident is really unsafe because it releases radioactive stuffs into the environment. In 1986, there was a Chernobyl accident occurred in Ukraine. It was caused by the flawed Soviet reactor designed coupled with errors made by works operators. As a consequence, 30 operators and fireman died within three months ( Scientific and Technical Committee Euratom, 2001 ) .

Scientific and Technical Committee Euratom has explained on another negative consequence of atomic energy. Harmonizing to this commission, atomic energy green goodss radioactive waste which is really unsafe. There are two types of wastes: ephemeral and durable wastes. Many states have safely disposed the ephemeral wastes. Whereas, the durable wastes which are generated in a really little sum are conditioned and stored carefully without let go ofing it to the environment. However, the concluding disposal of durable wastes is still an unresolved job.

As a decision, even though atomic power has disadvantages which are truly harmful to the environment and human existences, it should be still encouraged to utilize it in agribusiness. This is because atomic energy is truly needed to better our Malayan agricultural sector which is the chief focal point of our state as our ex-prime curate decided. It is suggested that Malayan authorities should promote making more research workers on atomic energy. Other than that, our authorities can implement joint undertakings with developed states, so that more application of atomic energy can be used in Malayan agribusiness. At the same clip, it is really of import to be cognizant of the unsafe of utilizing atomic energy and ever be safe and secured.