Passages are alterations that take topographic point in our life ; alterations that move us from one phase to another. for illustration from being individual to being married. or from being unemployed to being in work. Children go through tonss of passages from 0-19years birth itselffrom milk to solidsfrom creeping to walkingfrom being fed to feeding ourselvesfrom diapers to being trainedbecoming self awareable to be cared for by othersgoing to nurserygoing to school developing new accomplishments. nd college or work place to early child care when the kid is acquiring ready for traveling to a childminder or baby’s room so the John Bowlby Attachment theory helps as it can be hard for kids to divide from there parents so it its of import to allow them cognize that everything is all right and that they are loved traveling on to primary school this is a large passage because they are traveling into full clip school so its a good to present them to the instructor a few times earlier get downing as this get the usage to a new face and classroom some schools let the kids have a forenoon with the instructor before they that start the category.

Traveling on to secondary school each school is different some schools let the the kids have a have a full twenty-four hours at the new school other schools allow them hold a hebdomad of traveling around the school its of import that the kids are told what is go oning at that a familiar face is at that place to assist with the passage. Traveling on to college. employment or preparation there are many different bureaus there is connexions for adolescents where they can acquire support and advice for callings that they want or at college there is a pupil service that will assist. any kids can cover with a peculiar alteration unaffected but for some kids find the divorce or a decease a life altering experience. kids need to hold a positive relationship during periods of passage as they need to experience secure in other countries of their lives. Each kid is different some kids may desire to speak about the passage so its of import to do the clip for them.

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If there is adequate clip to fix the kid or kids for the passage so it will assist them when the clip comes. Some children’s behavior may alter for illustration the kid may go quiet and withdrawn may demo marks of uncharacteristic behavior or go attending seeking The child’s development may besides go affected deficiency of motive avoiding societal contact or regressing All of these passages present the kid with challenges.

Of class. the kid doesn’t normally have to travel through the passages on his ain. he will be supported by those around him at place or in twenty-four hours attention. or in instruction. However. the experience of traveling through the passage will depend on the sort of response and support he gets from those around him. We must besides maintain in head the fact that a child’s early experiences of passages will hold a large consequence on how he handles passages at ulterior phases of his life.