In the facet of concern direction. each organisation purpose is to develop a more effectual and efficient attack to maximise their possible and resources to make their common end ( Jex. 2002. 17 ) . . In the realisation of this involvement. the several direction sector of each organisation cultivate an effectual and efficient attack to web their common involvement and upgrade their system of service for the development of their company and the satisfaction of their clients.

Sing their involvement. the organisational features. and the other important factors in their group. each company strive to develop from their old traditional organisational theoretical account towards a new transformed theoretical account for the effectivity and efficiency of their operation. Indeed. this transmutation is the manifestation of the organization’s involvement to turn and develop for better productiveness and service.

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An existent illustration of this organisational transmutation is the Southwest Gas Company from which they evolved from their old traditional theoretical account to their new transformed organisational system. In their old theoretical account. the said organisation employed the traditional features of industrial nature using basic machineries and equipments that symbolizes their purpose of production sweetening. In add-on in this system. wide direction division frequently controls the web system of their human resources and direction sector therefore bring forthing certain barriers over in their field ( Jex. 2002. 17 ) . .

Attesting their involvement of developing farther from this old theoretical account. the direction of the Southwest Gas Company outlines their point of involvement for betterment therefore bring forthing their new organisational theoretical account. Prosecuting in this transmutation. the said organisation was able to attest important advantages in their operation specifically for the psychological benefit of their work force. First. the transmutation towards the new theoretical account creates a new and more productive working atmosphere and environment. Switching their focal point from industry-focus attack towards worker-centered system has increased end product significantly.

Second. the transmutation has besides benefited the direction chase of the company as the new organisational theoretical account fostered a better direction system viz. the perpendicular division with a command-chain hierarchy web. In this attack. the concatenation of thoughts. duties. and direction bid can be better realized without furthering the negative construct of societal division and group disassociation.

Adapting this more effectual and efficient organisational theoretical account can so develop the service orientation chase of the company as it addresses the common failing and jobs of their old theoretical account ( Jex. 2002. 17 ) . With this development. the organisation of the Southwest Gas Company can be of better service to their clients and clients as a public-service corporation service organisation.


Jex. Steve M. ( 2002 ) . Organizational Psychology: A Scientist-Practitioner Approach. John Wiley and Sons. Inc.