First you should garner all of your thoughts. Writing is a procedure that involves at least four distinguishable stairss: prewriting. outlining. revising. and redacting. It is known as a recursive procedure. While you are revising. you might hold to return to the prewriting measure to develop and spread out your thoughts.

Prewriting is anything you do before you write a bill of exchange of your papers. It includes believing. taking notes. speaking to others. brainstorming. sketching. and garnering information

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Although prewriting is the first activity you engage in. bring forthing thoughts is an activity that occurs throughout the authorship procedure.


Drafting occurs when you put your thoughts into sentences and paragraphs. Here you concentrate upon explicating and back uping your thoughts to the full. Here you besides begin to link your thoughts. Regardless of how much thought and planning you do. the procedure of seting your thoughts in words alterations them ; frequently the really words you select evoke extra thoughts or deductions. Don’t wage attending to such things as spelling at this phase.

This bill of exchange tends to be writer-centered: it is you stating yourself what you know and think about the subject.


Revision is the key to effectual paperss. Here you think more deeply about your readers’ demands and outlooks. The papers becomes reader-centered. How much support will each thought demand to convert your readers? Which footings should be defined for these peculiar readers? Is your organisation effectual? Do readers necessitate to cognize X before they can understand Y?

At this phase you besides polish your prose. doing each sentence as concise and accurate as possible. Make connexions between thoughts expressed and clear.


Check for such things as grammar. mechanics. and spelling. The last thing you should make before publishing your papers is to spell look into it.

Don’t edit your authorship until the other stairss in the authorship procedure are complete.