1. Happiness

With this moral value in head. I want to hold the feeling of contentment with my life. like there’s nil losing and I have everything I needed. I wanted to be able to state that I’m happy and complete. I consider this as a moral value. because I think that there is nil more that a individual could perchance wish for than being happy. I think most if non all have happiness as their ultimate end in life. We can hold a 1000 of troubles and obstructions in life every bit long as we know that someday we can still be happy and larn to smile once more.

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I besides considered it as a moral value because celebrity. money or luck would be nil. if deep inside I am non happy. The things that I had set aside in order to hold this moral value were my friends. surveies and household. Having this moral value made me a selfish individual. Sometimes. I merely think about things that would do me happy. non caring about what the people around me might experience. There were times that I do things merely for my ain interest. non believing of what my friends and household would state and experience.

2. Success

Who doesn’t want success in life? Equally far as I can retrieve. my female parent taught me to take for the best things in life. This is one of the things that motivate me in analyzing and confronting jobs in life. In times of adversities. the idea that ever maintain me traveling is that I want to be successful in life ; I want to accomplish my dreams. I considered this as a moral value because it is one of the things that I invariably think about.

I gave it a precedence sometimes over my friends like for case they want to run into up but I was making some school work so I have to state no. I besides won’t travel out every bit much as other people my age because I want to analyze hard in order to be successful subsequently in life. There were besides times wherein I forget to eat. brush my hair and have beauty remainder merely to prosecute my end of being successful in whatever endeavour I put my head into.

3. Love

One of the things that I consider as a moral value is love. What I mean by love is non merely love from person but besides love from my household. friends and all the people that surrounds me. To be loved is one of the most keen feelings in life. With it. you could experience that you are of import. that you are respected and needed. It is one of my intents in life. In order to experience loved. I sometimes would non kick to others and state them what I truly want. I merely travel along with what they want without being honest with myself.

There were besides times that in order to be on the good side of a individual. I would halt being true and state them what I think they truly want to hear. I besides frequently overlook my self-worth merely to delight others ; I tend non to retrieve that I can still be happy even without their blessing and love. In other words. this moral value made me look at myself unworthy of other people’s love without delighting them and it besides made me a clingy and ace dependant type of individual.