Huckleberry Finn is considered to be one of the greatest novels in literary history and its Author Mark Twain is considered to be one of the greatest American authors of all clip. Couple achieved both of these instead impressive efforts because of his acquaintance and experience with the subjects of the ethicality of philosophical issues such as the. favoritism on race and age. morality of bondage. and the exposure of society to those who do non play by the regulations.

Couple manages to portion all these points instead efficaciously in the model of a narrative. nevertheless because he chose to show these points in the frame of an fable Couple does meet some built-in restrictions such as his desire to show philosophical points detracts focus from the secret plan of the narrative. and being capable to a narrative frame work takes off some of the flexibleness of look of his philosophical points When reading Huckleberry Finn one finds that Mark Twain evidently has a deep cognition of the position of African Americans in the early nineteenth century. and the elaboratenesss of human nature.

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This stems from him turning up in the antebellum South couple had a first manus experience with bondage Bernard and the unjust intervention that slaves. particularly runaways. received. HE besides had experience with rabble activity that was common in the South in the clip period he lived at that place such as public lynchings and other signifiers of excess judicial penalty.

Couple besides shows a profound apprehension of human nature which he expresses through the assorted soliloquies throughout the narrative Twain reveals some of the restrictions of showing philosophical thoughts in the signifier of a narrative through the redundancy in some of the secret plan points such as the happenings with the duke and dauphin. and the simpleness of the overall secret plan. there is besides a deficiency of flow caused by the philosophical ejaculations as the writer reveals his on ideas through the eyes of his characters.