How is the construct of power and impotence depicted in this text? “The Two Brothers” by Judith Beveridge portrays the position of a immature miss forced to witness the hideous anguish of animate beings by two brothers. The construct of power and impotence is presented in the verse form. There are many techniques which assist in conveying this thought some include euphemism. simile. contrast and metaphor. Through these techniques readers gain a deeper sense into the power and impotence presented in the verse form.

The usage of euphemism enhances the thought of power and impotence in the verse form. The character recounts an event where the two brothers “Showed me themselves” . This implies the brothers exposed themselves demoing her their organic structures. torturing her. She is powerless to the sexual maltreatment committed by the brothers. The brothers dominate the power as they have a pick of either sexually mistreating her or non. As they have the pick. they obtain the power. The power of the brothers is besides due to their gender. they are male. by and large the more dominate sex. Through the usage euphemism. the thought of power and impotence is conveyed.

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Simile is yet another technique used to show the thought of power and impotence. “We watched the snail furuncle and foam like illicit stills” . This shows the single impotence of the snail. Even with the protection of their shell. they are still vulnerable to the anguish inflicted by the brothers. As they boil and froth they are unable to make anything about it. unable to forestall or salvage themselves from the anguish. powerless. The simile besides shows the power of the two brothers. The male childs obtain their power as they have picks. They could easy exert their power. tormenting the animate beings or go forth them entirely as they have this pick they dominate the power. The power and impotence within the verse form is suggested through the utilizations of similes.

The thoughts of power and impotence are accentuated through the usage of contrast. Throughout the verse form we experience assorted alterations in tone. these alterations contrast dramatically. demoing the displacement in power within the verse form. Initially the character emits a sense of ill will towards the male childs but as the verse form progresses she expresses sympathy towards them. In the beginning. the poet saw the male childs as powerful due to their gender and their physical domination. They held all the power. utilizing it to torture the miss and anguish animate beings. But towards the terminal of the verse form. the poet expresses sympathy towards the male childs. They were no longer able to keep back their power based strictly on their gender. As a consequence they do non cognize how to move or their place within society doing their impotence. Power and impotence in this verse form is expressed through the usage of contrast.

Metaphor is used in the verse form to picture the construct of power and impotence. “How many grains of salt it took to evict a little snail. ” The metaphor is used to show the impotence of the snail. As it is to be ‘evicted’ it illustrates to readers that the snail is stateless. Anyone in society without a place is seen as socially powerless. this is similar to the snail. without a place it is powerless. Through the metaphors used in the verse form. the construct of impotence is conveyed.

The verse form obviously portrays the thoughts of power and impotence. The utilizations of poetic techniques such as euphemism. simile. contrast and metaphor aid to stress these thoughts. Through these techniques the thoughts of power and impotence to illustrated to readers.

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