Worrall finds that ethical motives and concluding preparation favourably alters the behaviour of low-level wrongdoers. Besides, harmonizing to Worrall intervention plans concentrating on choler direction and life accomplishments developing are assuring, whereas plans focused on bettering victim consciousness do non. Finally, Worrall ( 2008 ) concludes that intervention aimed at rehabilitation is more effectual than prison or other rough countenances, peculiarly when it is combined with cognitive-behavioral therapies.

The Kampala declaration subdivision 7 makes proviso that captives should be given entree to instruction and accomplishments developing in order to do it easier for them to reintegrate into society after their release. The UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners ( 1977 ) makes proviso in subdivision 59 for the remedial, educational, moral and other signifiers of aid which are appropriate and available to the single intervention demands of captives. The UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners ( 1977 ) subdivision 65 and 66 ( 1 ) makes proviso that a captive receive appropriate intervention so far as the length of the sentence licenses and given programmes that will promote their ego regard and develop their sense of duty.

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Harmonizing to Shea ( 2012 ) a condemnable rehabilitation expert, J. Diaz, who supervises the Criminon plan within the prison, has personally observed the alterations, with the inmates he worked on a regular basis with and which others have termed astonishing.

2.1 When a individual lost his self-respect

The mission of Criminon ( intending “ no offense ” ) is simple if scaring to pass over out offense by eliminates the factors that produce condemnable behavior. The international central office of Criminon are in Los Angeles, their extremist and successful plan speak in footings of consequences. Shea stated that “ Success narrative after success narrative from felons rehabilitated by Criminon who do non return to offense confirm these beliefs. ”

A condemnable rehabilitation plan with juvenile delinquents was launched by Mr. Hubbard in London, England in 1952. Rising from the worldwide Narconon drug rehabilitation plan, Criminon operates within the corrections systems all over the United States to rehabilitate wrongdoers by reinstate their sense of dignity for them to go productive members of society.

2.2 “ They now regret for their incorrect behaviors ”

Harmonizing to Shea Criminon on-site plans for inmates in prisons are conducted by voluntaries, while classs to captives by correspondence are administer by others.

On-site Criminon classs start with practical preparation in how to match. Thereafter, a class in larning how to larn followed, and continues with a class based on The Way to Happiness. Shea states that a individual on the Criminon plan shortly happen out he is the 1 in charge.

2.3 Addressing the Problems Which Led to Criminal Behaviour

Criminal behaviour, those factors which can direct a individual back to prison once more and once more and single ‘s jobs are references by Criminon. The Criminon plan has a separate subdivision of direction for each job country, .

Other classs in the Criminon programme include:

Learning Improvement, Conditions of Life. Criminon replaces unserviceable methods that have merely aggravates the offense job. In any given hebdomad, more than 1,700 inmates in over 550 prisons across the United States are register on Criminon correspondence classs. With the aid of more than 220 voluntaries who help them with their classs.

2.4 Changing Lifes for the Better

Shea quoted Joan Lonstein who stated that “ The Criminon plan has moved the full field of condemnable justness into a land where echt rehabilitation is possible, ”

Womans, juveniles and others wherever the Criminon plan is delivered besides benefited from these programmes.

2.5 From sentence to let go of: Offender direction

It is of import to fix inmates for their return to life in the community, if we want to avoid the hazards of recidivism as most wrongdoers functioning a sentence in an establishment will return. Therefore, the Correctional Service of Canada ( CSC ) has planned a whole series of steps and plans for wrongdoers to return safely to their several communities. When the wrongdoer is sentenced, a thorough consumption appraisal set up the wrongdoer ‘s hazard degree and demands, and ensures that the initial arrangement of the wrongdoer is at a suited security degree. This determined the factors that drove the wrongdoer to perpetrate the offense, the hazard he poses and his demands in footings of correctional services. Information is used from constabulary officers, victims, tribunals, , the wrongdoer ‘s employer, his household members, and psychologists by the CSC..

For illustration, the wrongdoer ‘s correctional program will be designed to interrupt the rhythm of substance maltreatment. if he has a substance maltreatment job, He can be to reassign to an establishment with a lower security degree if he has made outstanding advancement in his current establishment. Therefore, most wrongdoers will complete functioning their sentence in minimum-security establishments, which offer them more freedom, smooth the advancement of the alteration from detention to the community.

2.6 A twenty-four hours in the life of an inmate

The facets of wrongdoer direction as described above intended to give an apprehension of the administrative procedure environing the life of an inmate in prison, from admittance to dispatch. A typical twenty-four hours inside a correctional establishment are describe by Shea as follows:

Sometimes, that is the lone thought about life in a correctional establishment. For most inmates, their day-to-day routine tends to follow a timetable that states the times for repasts and for engagement in assorted plans and recreational activities. On the other manus, the security degree of the prison will hold a major impact on the mundane life of the inmates. Therefore, it is of import to cognize the singularity that define the assorted establishments and their impact on the modus operandi of inmates.

Maximum-security establishments are perceptibly the most restrictive. While, at medium-security establishments are fenced off, and the regulations are less restraining. Daily life does non differ much like that in maximum-security establishments: Similarly, inmates besides participate in plans, work or survey. Last, minimum-security establishments play a really critical function in the procedure for returning wrongdoers to the community. In these establishments inmates live in populating units in groups of seven or eight. On the other manus, in minimum-security establishments, inmates enjoy extended freedom in their day-to-day lives. When inmates meet a certain standards, they can hold entree to particular units in a correctional installation where they can pass clip with their household.


The Halliday study ( 2001 ) argues that there is no prison rehabilitation bid that is specifically planned to run into the demands of short-run captives.

In the United Kingdom short-run captives are defined as captives with a sentence of less than 12 months in prison. Short-run captives have higher reconviction rates than other wrongdoers. The Halliday Report acknowledged that many short-run captives are changeless wrongdoers and commit the bulk of offenses that impose upon the community.

Short-run captives make up one of the biggest challenges to a prison rehabilitation attack. The Social Exclusion Unit study in 2002 found that the “ bulk of captives, receive small practical support, before release or afterwards, peculiarly those functioning short-run sentences “ .

The Halliday Report gives an illustration of good pattern in relation to the rehabilitation of short-run captives which is offered by the Kent and Medway Short-term Prisoner Project. These steps can hold an of import impact on cut downing the figure of captives who serve a short prison term with no controlled post-release.

However, the study is critical of the dislocation to include in the Government ‘s National Action Plan attack for the short to medium term to develop the prison rehabilitation government for short-run captives. In add-on, it is non evident how many captives will go on to function comparatively short-run sentences even after the debut of Custody Plus.

The Kent and Medway Short-Term Prisoner Project offer grounds that a customized rehabilitative regulation for short term captives which straight challenges their re-offending incentives and addresses the peculiar hazards and demands of this productive and changeless group of re-offenders can positively impact on re-offending rates. Short-term prison sentences must non be seen as single episodes of an wrongdoer which go to prison and being released, instead get down seeing the bulk of short term wrongdoers as captives who come back clip and once more and are, , functioning a long sentence episodically.

The writers recommend that the Prison Service should originate a decently structured attack to the intervention of short-run wrongdoers and designed particular intensive classs in basic instruction and drug intervention which can be completed by short-run captives whilst in detention. In add-on, short-run captives should hold the chance to get down long-run instruction, vocational and intervention programmes while in prison which can straight linked with programmes available in their local community for them to go on after release. Considerable research studies supports the Kent and Medway Short Term Prison Project rating ‘s determination that supervising of ex-prisoners after release makes their adjusting back into society easier.

2.8 ‘Warehouse ‘ prisons falling short of Kenneth Clarke ‘s rehabilitation pledge

Harmonizing to Travis ( 2012 ) prisons and probation head inspectors argues that gaols still neglecting to undertake well-established attitudes of sex wrongdoers and other felons. Chief inspector of prisons Nick Hardwick says direction of wrongdoers within gaols is ‘too hapless in excessively many topographic points ‘

Harmonizing to a joint study by the main inspectors of prisons and probation a important sum of captives in England and Wales are being “ warehoused ” without any important work being done to face their condemnable behavior.

Hardwick, farther stated that it was “ peculiarly distressing ” and a major failure that a 3rd of captive sex wrongdoers could non acquire sex wrongdoer intervention classs, and that many of those who did, are non successful.

It was found that sex wrongdoers are being released without sufficient intervention to cut down the hazard of reoffending. One recent prison review study on Maidstone gaol, in Kent, which is a regional centre for the intervention of convicted sex wrongdoers, revealed that there were merely 36 topographic points available on one class, with a waiting list of 92 captives at the clip of the review.

Liz Calderbank, main inspector of probation provinces that “ a period of captivity offers an chance to undertake a captive ‘s entrenched behavior and attitudes, and furthermore to detect and capture on a daily footing whether the necessary alterations are taking topographic point prior to let go of ” . The study indicates that in 148 of 220 instances, the captives had been assessed as needing to travel on an qualified wrongdoer direction programme, but in a one-fourth of the instances there was no program for this. Reviews of sentence programs were assume in fewer than half the instances.

In add-on the study found that excessively frequently, sentence programs were based on the intervention available in the prison, instead than what was required in the single captive ‘s instance. It may be a nice warehouse, but it is a warehouse nonetheless. ” Michael Spurr, main executive officer for the national wrongdoer direction service, said: “ Despite a disputing operating environment reoffending has been reduced by five per centum points since 2000. This reflects much better instance direction both in prison and the community. We are aiming resources to cut down hazard to the populace. More than 1,000 sex wrongdoers completed programmes in detention last twelvemonth and we will go on to precedences work on the footing of hazard.


The programmes available at Walvis Bay Prison are Literacy Programmes, bible surveies, Secondary instruction, day-to-day allotment of work to external interest holders, HIV/AIDS- , force bar – , anger direction – , substance bar – and life accomplishments programmes ( Platt, 2013 ) .


The programmes available Internationally and presented by Criminon are drug instruction, Personal Integrity Course, The Way to Happiness Course, Literacy Programs, Life skills class, anger direction, Rearing Skills and Communication Skills Course. ( Criminon, 2012 ) .

Criminon ( which means “ no offense ” ) is an international non-profit public benefit corporation devoted to turn toing the causes of criminalism and reconstructing the felon ‘s self-respect through successful drug intervention, instruction and life accomplishments plans. By doing them responsible for their actions, people under the Criminal Justice system can go ethical and productive citizens.

Criminon make usage of the research finds made by American writer and human-centered L. Ron Hubbard. Mr. Hubbard discovered that every condemnable calling began with a loss of self-respect. When adult male could no longer swear himself, merely so did he go a existent menace to society. ( Criminon, 2012 ) .

Equally early as 1952, Mr. Hubbard began a condemnable rehabilitation plan with juvenile delinquents in London, England. Thereafter, the Criminon plan was born after two decennaries of research developments,

4.1 Description of programmes

Drug instruction

In the United States, good over half of all offenses are linked to drug usage or are committed while the individual is under the influence of drugs. The intervention of drug dependence and instruction which serves to maintain person from utilizing drugs both goes a long manner in managing the immoralities of offense.

The drug instruction class teaches the pupil exactly what drugs are and the effects they have on the organic structure and encephalon. It besides clear up how and why one becomes addicted to drugs in the first topographic point and so inside informations an precise intervention which involves the usage of vitamins and exercising for liberating a individual from the clasp of dependance, and all without medical replacements.

Personal Integrity Course

Ethical motives, Honesty & A ; How One Can Correct Past Harmful Actions

The loss of honestness and dignity are existent factors when sing an person ‘s autumn into offense and unethical behaviour. The resurgence of both is the chief concern of this class.

The classs starts with basic rules and conclude with exact stairss how the pupil can assist him or another recover personal unity through the review of past detrimental actions and so taking duty for them. The inmate must happen out for himself what he did incorrectly and what should hold been done as an option.

The class besides shows the inmate why keeping honestness in the hereafter is a cardinal factor in one ‘s ain strength and felicity, and precisely how this can be done on a practical degree. Finally, it is the recovery of his ain self-trust which makes his rehabilitation practical, and that is precisely what this class conveys.

The Way to Happiness Course

Restoring the Individual ‘s Self-Respect

The Way to Happiness class is possibly the greatest tool in reforming felons and in forestalling condemnable activity from get downing in the first topographic point.

The Way to Happiness is a non-religious, common-sense moral codification dwelling of 21 rules. Each chief trades with a specific country or activity of life, and explains why following such a codification of behavior will really take to a better life. It is in fact this apprehension which helps the single appreciate why ethical behaviour is the manner to take a happier and more originative life. If this is understood, they change their behaviour themselves.

Each principal on the class is studied to a full apprehension, and is followed by lessons and practical exercisings and assignments which sharply demonstrate how these are used and use in life. Inmates on the class besides put the rule to utilize in their ain lives as a major concluding practical assignment, and in fact get to see their workability for themselves.

In consequence, this class displaces the “ condemnable codification of behavior ” by learning a common-sense moral codification that anyone can utilize to populate a life of stableness and productiveness, where they can be safe and happy, and most significantly acquire back and keep their self-respect.

Literacy Plans

It is no secretiveness that the degree of literacy has a batch to make with offense and there are several grounds for it, the most obvious being that a individual who ca n’t read good will hold problem happening and keeping a occupation. A less obvious ground is that people who ca n’t read are cut off from a batch of information that would give them a point of view on life and tools to understand and undertake the slightly complex concern of life.

Illiteracy is besides a factor in an person ‘s sense of pride and dignity. The stuff has been developed by pedagogues, based on the finds L. Ron Hubbard has made about acquisition and survey. The preparation is done one on one by trained coachs.

Within a few hebdomads, a individual can be brought up from illiteracy to an 8th class reading degree, at which point he would so be able to analyze the remainder of the Criminon classs.

Through Criminon ‘s literacy and acquisition plans, non merely is an person increased in his reading and literacy degree, he is besides taught the techniques of how to analyze. He is so equipped to analyze any topic and to the full use the information for the remainder of his life.

Life accomplishments class

How to measure & A ; Improve One ‘s Performance in Life

Inmates frequently lack the ability to cognize merely how far they have walk from suited behavior, much less legal behavior, and even so do non possess the cognition or know-how to rectify the job and recover good standing.

This class deals candidly with the assorted provinces, or conditions, one can be in, in any country of his life. This class besides gives the pupil the ability necessary to right measure how good or how ill he is making in that country of his life, and teaches the exact stairss one must make in order to better his status.

Successs frequently demonstrate how the class has assist wrongdoers see their manner out of their hapless status in respects to society, and those they may hold harmed, and besides how this cognition can be put to utilize in a friendly relationship, in a household, on the occupation, or merely with him.

Anger Management

How to Manage the Negative Influences in Life

There is some truth in judging person by the group they keep. It can easy be seen that those around us do act upon our attitudes and behavior, for better or worse. And it does non surprise many to larn that felons frequently group with felons and they promote anti-social activities and influence others to go on such immoral and illegal behavior.

This subdivision of the Program trades with set uping the accomplishment to be after one ‘s ain class in life, with honestness and unity, and to descry and dissociate from those necessities which would be given to take one off class.

The class teaches the pupils the features of both anti-social personalities and societal personalities, so that they may acknowledge both and know the differences between the two. That manner, they can take their friends and associates, and go more cognizant of their ain attitudes and be made less vulnerable to those who would hold them get worse to offense.

Rearing Skills & A ; the Raising & A ; Care of Children

Our parents learned from their parents and most likely taught us those same lessons. Unfortunately, lessons which seem to back bad behavior or even illegal behaviour are besides learned in the same mode.

This class offers some existent aid on how to raise kids so that they can larn the worth of honestness, what it is to be a productive and well-thought-of member of society, every bit good as how to populate a life with felicity and love. The exercisings and drills besides help the pupil with how to talk with kids, and even how to learn and go through on the rules of The Way to Happiness, so the kid may utilize them on his or her ain.

Communication Skills Course

How frequently has a failure in communicating rapidly breakdown dealingss or been the cause of force? This class answers the inquiry, if it is possible for person to manage any state of affairs in life with communicating entirely? Gladly, the reply is a resonant yes.

This subdivision of the Program interruptions down the topic of communicating into all of its parts, and consistently trains the pupil on each component before traveling on to the following, through a series of drills which increase the pupil ‘s ability to face people and pass on clearly and aptly.

The pupil is besides taught to place where communicating has broken down in the past and why, so that he can rectify it in the present. And more significantly, he learns how to stay unagitated in the face of unfriendliness or trouble, keeping self-denial and managing the state of affairs with communicating entirely and without force.

Students of the class study non merely experiencing more unagitated, more able to digest others, they besides say how much they merely bask really talking with people now, as opposed to speaking to them before

4.2 Handiness

The continuance of each class is dependent upon a twosome of factors: a ) the type of class bringing, correspondence or onsite. Correspondence can be completed in 3 months while

onsite can be completed in 50 hours. ( Except the manner to happiness class which has an

exercising that is compulsory and minimally 21 yearss )

5. Decision

In add-on, particular intensive classs in basic instruction and drug intervention have to be planned which can be finished by short-run captives whilst in detention. Building on these, short-run captives should hold the opportunity to get down longer-term instruction, vocational and intervention programmes in prison which are straight linked with programmes available in the local community. This will let them to go on the programmes after release.