Merlin took over the direction of Blackpool Tower in 2010, one of the UK ‘s most iconic tourer attractive forces. The Tower contains a circus, an fish tank, a universe celebrated dance hall, jungle Jim ‘s, The Tower top and Jurassic Walk. He is besides adding a Tower Dungeon and a new tower top 4D film experience. The purpose of this essay is to rede Merlin about monetary value favoritism and future monetary value scheme of the Blackpool Tower. First we need to place the strength of the market. In this state of affairs, Blackpool Park is holding monopoly power over the market, because there is no other park around. Firms are monetary value taker ; they have no influence over market monetary value in absolutely competitory market. But monopolizers can the set monetary values in order to maximise its net income. ( Gillespie, 2007 ) before come ining to monetary value favoritism, we should cognize the market the motivations of the houses. Blackpool Tower ‘s foremost motivation is to catch consumer excess and turn it into net income and derive more market power to command the market. ( Fetter, 2007 ) . In normal status, house is in net income when MR=MC. the monetary value is same for all the clients but there are some who is willing and able to pay more is called consumer excess. ( Mankiw,2009 ) . And these are the elements that houses wants to catch to maximise net income and here comes the affair of monetary value favoritism.

Inelastic demand curve

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Each group of client must hold monetary value snap of demand. When monetary value goes up demand goes down and when demand goes up monetary value goes down. Thereby, house can bear down less for the group with more elastic of demand and charge more with inelastic of demand. ( Mankiw,2009 ) . Again, house must forestall to market ooze ‘ , it means to forestall whose client who buy a good or service at low monetary value and sell it at high monetary value to other client. there are three types of monetary value favoritisms. First, 2nd and 3rd degree monetary value favoritism. ( Sherman, 1990 ) .

From the above diagram it can be seen that, industry acquiring excess net income by monetary value discriminate where, Pa+PbE?P. it is deserving to ptyalize the chief marker in to sub-market to gain soap. but monopoly market must be careful of reselling and ooze.

First degree monetary value favoritism is the ideal state of affairs when monopolizer can bear down the reserve monetary value to the client and clients are besides willing to pay. In first degree monetary value favoritism, monopolizer is able to capture whole client excess. ( Sherman, 1990 ) . it is besides called perfect favoritism. For Blackpool tower it is rather impossible to implement foremost degree monetary value favoritism because no 1 wants to speak about their reserve monetary value. But steadfast can put different monetary value by gauging consumer ‘s reserve monetary value. To indicate AC=MR, house can bear down different monetary value in between the highest monetary value. ( Waschik et al, 2002 ) .

Second Degree Price Discrimination occurs when steadfast charge a unvarying monetary value per unit for a certain sum of measure consumed. ( Wall & A ; Ison, 2007 ) . Here, mean purchaser gets excess unit as he is utilizing more unit of same good or service. Sellers can sell consecutive units every bit long as the cost is non bellow to fringy cost. Thereby, house can bear down high monetary value for first unit and lower monetary value but higher in measure to maximise net income. The new proprietor of Blackpool proprietors is adding a Tower Dungeon and a new tower top 4D film experience. They can bear down high monetary value for first 10 rows in order to better position. There are many people who wants to acquire better and quality service in exchange of money.

Third degree monetary value favoritism is the most popular signifier of monetary value favoritism. The same merchandise is charge otherwise to different section of the market. The chief point is that consumer is willing and able to pay. There might be no relation of production cost. ( Wall & A ; Ison, 2007 ) . The Blackpool tower can bear down different monetary value to the local people and the foreigner. Local people might see this several clip, in order to acquire them it can be implemented. Furthermore, Blackpool Tower can be separated by clip, off-peak hr with elastic of demand and top out hr with inelastic of demand. Peoples are normally free on weekend and likely to hold a circuit with household. Children ‘s are ever happy to acquire in to jungle Jim. So direction squad can bear down different monetary value on weekend as it is monetary value inelastic of demand.

Pricing power is strength of monopoly houses. A fixed cost is charge for entry and auxiliary variable charged as per unit used is called two portion pricing duties. ( Esteves, 2010 ) Blackpool Tower can bear down a fixed entry free which is acceptable to all the clients and so bear down individually as per unite consumed. They are traveling to add Dungeon and 4D film. Customers can be charged excess for Dungeon. As 4d film in new engineering in market so steadfast can bear down excess for new attractive force.

By and large, market with power can efficaciously publicize to increase the demand of its merchandise ( USAID, 2008 ) . It can be argued that since monopoly market has no competition so what ‘s the point to publicize? By advertise market can derive more client than earlier. Blackpool Tower is with economic graduated table, if it can increase demand by a batch by advertisement than it can be cut down the production cost. If demand goes up so Blackpool Tower could derive more economic graduated table.

Bundling theory in monetary value favoritism is to selling two merchandises together as a bundle, ( Philips, 1988 ) . If Blackpool make a bundle can acquire more money. For illustration ; if A wage ?10 for Dungeon. And ?12 for 4D and B pay 12 for Dungeon and ?10 for 4D. If Blackpool charges individually for each point, it can do 20 for each point for a sum of 40. If Blackpool tower bundle both together ( non selling separately ) and sell it 22 doing a entire net income of 44. Furthermore, Blackpool Park can vertically affect with hotels to suit foreigners in a sensible monetary value to promote client and maximise net income.

Another inevitable signifier of monetary value favoritism is quantity price reduction ( Philips, 1988 ) . this is a crystalline signifier of monetary value favoritism. Blackpool Tower can besides use this signifier to gain more net income. ( Blackpool, 2010 ) For illustration, the park charges ?16.20 for grownup, ?12.00 for kid, ?48.00 for household ( 2+2 ) . Now if they charge ?50 for full household so big household purchasers who are tend to be monetary value elastic will be encouraged to come and devour more. Therefore, company will derive more net income.

Price limitations on purchase and usage to screen consumers in to different groups in associating to consumer behaviour and monetary value snap of demand, puting limitation on purchase can be enforced. For illustration, Blackpool tower can monetary value know apart in several ways ; offering lower monetary value in inauspicious conditions and off-peak clip, beforehand purchase price reduction, particular price reduction for regular clients. First path system would be another option that Blackpool tower can follow to cut down waiting in waiting line top get into or utilize the installations in blink of an eye. ( Philips, 1988 ) .

By and large, Price favoritism trades with two types of client, one group holding inelastic demand other one monetary value rubber band of demand. It changes the distribution of end product. Rise of monetary value additions net income for inelastic group and autumn of consumer excess. ( Motta, 2004 ) As a consequence one group has to pay high than other group it affects negatively on consumer public assistance. Price favoritism consequence on entire measure is another negative factor. A measure can fall or lift under monetary value favoritism.

Decision: This study examined the theory of monetary value favoritism, and execution of the theory into pattern for the Blackpool tower. Price favoritism demonstrates the monopoly power of the amusement park. It can be suggested, in order to command the market and do more net income, The Blackpool tower demands to place clients of inelastic and elastic of demand. To accomplish more economic of graduated table the park needs to cut down re-sell and do some barrier to entry to the bing market. Sometime enforcing monetary value favoritism theory can bring forth net income to company in short tally, but in long tally it may non be suited. In the competitory universe, it ‘s really difficult to prolong without discriminate the monetary value. It has become an inevitable portion of concern. Finally, it can be said that, the Blackpool amusement park should implement monetary value favoritism in an efficaciously and successfully.


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