The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 ( TCPA ) was established to protect consumers from the progressively intrusive methods employed by telemarketers. Information engineering progresss such as auto-dialers. prognostic dialers. and automated facsimiles made it easier to make big Numberss of concerns and families in a comparatively short clip. These methods were non merely extremely raging to consumers. but through the usage of these devices. telemarketing companies were besides go throughing some of the cost of marketing onto the consumer. Consumers on the having terminal of legion calls from assorted companies throughout the twenty-four hours were spending clip that could hold been spent in other activities and were justly frustrated about the loss of their clip. In the instance of automated facsimiles. resources such as paper. ink. and even the informations connexion being used to have what is basically debris mail was a cost the consumer had no manner to avoid.

Fortunately. lawgivers responded to this unethical action of telemarketing companies with the TCPA. Specifically. the jurisprudence makes it illegal to utilize auto-dialers and pre-recorded voice messages to do gross revenues calls to exigency phone lines. medical offices. infirmary suites. places for the aged. paging services. or cellular phones. It besides requires the receiver of pre-recorded telemarketing calls to give anterior consent to have the calls. It besides made it illegal to direct unasked facsimile messages. The jurisprudence besides gave provinces their ain authorization to modulate teleselling patterns. The Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) enforces the regulations set Forth in the TCPA. The FCC was besides given authorization to publish ordinances beyond the TCPA in order to go on to protect consumers from opprobrious teleselling patterns.

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This proviso shows that Congress recognizes that over clip alterations in information engineering may do the TCPA insufficient to run into the undertaking of consumer protection ( “EPIC – Telemarketing and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ( TCPA ) ” ) . 1991’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 gave the FCC the ability to make a national Do Not Name list. However. it took more than 10 old ages for lawgivers to make the Do Not Name Implementation Act. This jurisprudence established fees to back up the creative activity and care of a Do Not Name Registry ( “Do-Not-Call Implementation Act Law & A ; Legal Definition” ) . Database engineering existed in 1991 but possibly developing and keeping it was cost-prohibitive at the clip. As information engineerings improved. the cost of making and pull offing a big graduated table database was executable therefore new statute law was created in 2003.

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