In ______ Ujwal was born, out of the necessity of professional expertness in Financial Controlling and Consulting, being an built-in portion of any successful endeavor. This construct of “ fiscal outsourcing ” was founded on the strong virtuousnesss of Integrity, quality, bringing and lucidity. The really foundation on which Ujwal stands backed up with our squad of experts in the field have already made its grade and is fast nearing to be among the top notch Financial Management houses. Head quartered in Bangalore, Ujwal ab initio catered to fabricating companies in India and so went on to render their expertness to some of the IT companies in India and abroad.

There is a broad range of Solutions and Offerings which we have to offer to our clients to run into their demands related to the field of Finance, be it Support Services, Advisory Services, Human Resources or Offshore Financial Services. Companies abroad are delighted to hold our services as they couldnow sit back and concentrate on happening a foot-hold in the Indian market with Ujwal pull offing their Fiscal section.

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Says Mr. Ashish Vikram, OAT Systems Software India Private Limited, “ We wholly outsourced all of our company setup stairss to Ujwal including STP and imposts formalities required for runing a 100 % EOU. These were completed in record clip. We have besides 100 % outsourced all of our accounting work to Ujwal. All work is done in clip, is of high quality and requires minimal supervising from our side. ”

the exact day of the month on which Ujwal was founded?


In a competitory landscape, there decidedly is something that gives you an border over the others in the market. We, at Ujwal, strongly experience that these factors differentiate us from the remainder of the crowd:

Integrity: Our nucleus priniciple which drives to present quality with lucidity.

Focus: Our focal point is entirely on supplying support solutions crossing across the spheres of finance and accounting, paysheet and benefits disposal, statutory conformities, etc for people intensive/ high engineering companies.

Experience: We carry more than a decennary of experieince with around 60 clients.

Consistent bringing quality: Our bringing theoretical account is process driven and helps us supply systematically high quality bringing across client battles.

Clienteles: Our experience in covering with our clients, has enabled us to anticipate and pre-empt many issues a client might confront, therefore salvaging their clip and money on turn toing such issues, which would be required otherwise.

Customised solutions: We have developed the ability to orient do solutions to run into client demands, irrespective of whether a client is a startup looking to raise financess, or an established planetary corporation looking to put up a subordinate in India.

Strong seller relationships: Most of our clients require support in countries outside our sphere of work, like Recruiting, IT and Office disposal, etc. We leverage our seller relationships to assist clients beginning high quality goods and services at sensible rates.


Full Name, Years of experience, instruction.

Muralikrishnan Gopalaratnam

Murali is the CEO and laminitis of Ujwal. Murali comes with more so 20 old ages of post-qualification experience in the field of accounting, finance and revenue enhancement. Murali, founded Ujwal in ______ with the chief aim of taking over the duty of running the full Finance and Accounts maps of its clients. Under Murial ‘s stewardship, Ujwal started out supplying ‘accounting outsourcing services ‘ to a figure of fabricating companies in India, before its displacement in focal point in the late 1890ss turned to the IT sector.

The first of companies to hold got Ujwal ‘s Financial expertness was Aztec Software and Technology Services Limited, where, in the class of clip, Murali went on to go the CFO. He was responsible for the successful completion of Aztec ‘s IPO in the twelvemonth 2000.Even as Aztec ‘s CFO, Murali was involved with Ujwal as its Non-Executive Director. After running the finance map at Aztec for more than three old ages, Murali went on to head their BFSI concern unit, it was so he felt the demand to to return to Ujwal and since so he has been responsible for making a process-driven, customer-oriented environment at Ujwal.

Ujwal ‘s clients – peculiarly early phase companies – benefit greatly from Murali ‘s experience and expertness in countries like capital structuring, fund elevation, preparation and execution of control policies, revenue enhancement, etc. Under Murali ‘s leading Ujwal ‘s size of operations-measured by grosss, figure of clients and figure of employees-has grown at a CAGR of more than 100 % over the past three old ages.


Shekhar is a Director on Board, and brings to Ujwal more than 35 old ages of international experience in Finance, Strategic Planning, Marketing. Prior to his fall ining Ujwal, he has served in Senior General Management places in companies like ChrysCapital, ImpulseSoft Private Ltd. , Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd. and Aditi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He has been a successful supplier of high-end proficient consulting and mentoring services to Microsoft and other planetary package big leagues.

Shekar is an technology alumnus from the University of Chennai and holds a PGDM from the IIM, Ahmedabad.


Kantharaj co-heads the Delivery section at Ujwal Management Services Limited and has co-pioneered the accounting outsourcing theoretical account in India, along with Murali.A qualified Chartered Accountant, Kantharaj took over the mantle at Ujwal, when Murali was the CFO at Aztec Software, and has nurtured Ujwal throughout its being and has played no little function in conveying Ujwal up to its current standing.

Kantharaj brings with him an experience of working with startups, being on the direction squads of many such ventures. He besides has managed the finance and accounting apparatuss of abroad subordinates of Indian companies which has given him a thorough apprehension of the finance/compliances demands of a planetary engineering corporation puting up a subordinate in India ; something that he leverages to the fullest in pleasing Ujwal ‘s clients with high quality services. Kantharaj – along with Shankar – has been responsible for constructing the Ujwal bringing squad from less than 10 people to around 70 people over the past three old ages.


Sudhindra oversees the Gross saless and Marketing maps at Ujwal. Sudhindra brings in more than eight old ages of experience, preponderantly, in the Fieldss of Corporate Finance, Treasury Management and IT enabled services. Prior to Ujwal, he was working with Aztec Software and Technology Services Limited as a Business Analyst where he had successfully set up an offshore professional services organisation for one of Aztec ‘s clients in the budgeting/forecasting infinite and has won eulogies from the client for his applaudable work.

Apart from his chief responsibilty, Sudhindra besides works with some of Ujwal ‘s clients, helping them with assorted facets of fund raising like development of concern programs, etc. He has driven a CAGR of more than 100 % in Ujwal ‘s grosss over the past three old ages.

Sudhindra holds a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Sankara Narayanan

Shankar co-heads the bringing organisation at Ujwal. Shankar started his calling with Ujwal in the twelvemonth 1997. He joined the finance squad at Aztec Software and Technology Services Limited in the twelvemonth 2000-01.At Aztec, Shankar single-handedly ran the accounting apparatus of Aztec ‘s wholly-owned subordinate in the US, Aztec Software, Inc. Shankar moved back to Ujwal in the twelvemonth 2003.

Shankar ‘s stretch at Aztec Software, Inc. helped him develop a deep apprehension of the accounting and coverage demands of US corporations. Shankar utilises this experience in guaranting that Ujwal ‘s clients ever get precisely the sort of studies they need, on clip. Shankar ‘s ability to take up diverse challenges – some that may non fall to the full within the kingdom of accounting – has led to client delectation, lending in no little step to the growing Ujwal has seen over the past three old ages.


Ujwal ‘s Head quarters is nestled in the Garden City of India – Bangalore.

Vijeta, No. 14, 2nd Floor,

80 ft Main Road, 4th Block Koramangala,

Bangalore – 560 034, KARNATAKA INDIA

Telephone: +91 80 25630686/87

Facsimile: +91 80 25529328

Electronic mail: info @


Based out of Bangalore, India, Ujwal Management Services was established in the twelvemonth ________ . With a work force of about a ____ people and around 60 clients, Ujwal provides Finanacial Services and Consulting to suit into the criterions of both domestic and international clients. Their services chiefly comprise of Support Services, Advisory services, Rent a CFO Services and Offshore Enabling Serives. More information on


Delivery Model

Flexibility and squad work: the winning combination

Our bringing theoretical account is structured, in a manner that it is flexible to suit any client specific demands.

While for some clients we carry bringing from our office, for the others it is at their location.

One or more professional ( s ) is/are assigned to each client battle.

Senior bringing directors interact with the clients, on a continual footing, to place countries of betterment.

The bringing squad

Our bringing squad consists of one or more client-facing professional ( s ) , who report ( s ) to a Undertaking Manager.

The Project Manager, in bend, reports into a Delivery Head.

Therefore, there are atleast three associates from Ujwal who invariably interact with the client.

Delivery Infrastructure

Our engineering substructure is characterized by:

Corporate LAN with 24×7 proficient support

Always on broadband Internet connectivity

Secure waiters that guarantee confidentiality of client informations

Software solutions for mechanization of procedures

Ability to incorporate with the client ‘s web for distant entree of client informations.

Our Driving Force: Careers

Our people are our strength. They portion the Ujwal vision and are driven by the impulse to assist our clients win. Our bringing squad, of extremely educated and experient professionals, portion our passion for presenting first support solutions.

Fostering the Ujwal spirit is our value system which emphasizes regard for people. This, coupled with the fact that, we portion the value we create with our professionals, help us pull and retain quality professionals.

We have created an environment where our professionals are invariably challenged, have chances to larn and are rewarded for making high quality work. All of these have led to high motive degrees and near to zero abrasion among our professionals. The high degrees of motive translate into supplying the best of solutions for our clients.