“ I opened my oral cavity, about said something. Almost. The remainder of my life might hold turned out otherwise if I had. But I did n’t I merely watched Paralyzed. “ ( Khalid Hosseini 73 ) .This is what was traveling through Amir ‘s head, a affluent immature Pathan male child who belonged to an flush household. In the novel, The Kite Runner by the writer Khalid Hosseini, portrays the master-servant relation that exists between Amir and Hassan. It is true that without Betrayal there is no guilt and without guilt there could be no salvation. Amir ‘s treachery with Hassan leads him to the guilt of his life and with the transition of clip, guilt directs him toward salvation. Betrayal, guilt and salvation, three distinct yet interconnected behaviours can convey the worst out of a individual and destruct his life. The same nevertheless can do a individual good once more.

Betrayal is referred to as a misdemeanor of a societal trust, which can hold utmost moral every bit good as psychological effects on an person. The narrative of Amir in The Kite Runner begins with treachery. Betrayal in this is non a societal or a political one but instead a personal one where Amir betrays his close friend on multiple occasions. The treachery is a consequence of self-preservation and cowardliness that causes loss of his dearest friend Hassan. “ I had a opportunity to do a determination. One Final chance to make up one’s mind who I was traveling to be I could step into that Alley, stand up for Hassan, the manner he ‘d stood up for me all these times in the yesteryear and accept whatever would go on to me or I could run. In the terminal I ran “ ( Khalid Hosseini 82 ) .This citation provides the account of what precisely happened that dark. Hassan was transporting the bluish kite and was on his manner back to place when he had a clang with Asseff and his friends who demanded the kite. Since Hassan was highly loyal and devoted, he steadfastly refused to manus over the kite which resulted in his colza and costed him his pride. Amir, although was physically present but betrayed Hassan by non stepping in to salvage him. Alternatively he waited for some clip and finally ran manner. This was due to the fact that Amir was self-preserved and was in fact a narcassist, he was n’t loyal, non even to his child-hood friend and defender Hassan, who protected Amir on multiple occasions. After the incident Amir felt disgusted and wanted immediate remotion of Hassan from his place therefore he came up with a confederacy against Hassan. Amir placed a ticker along with some local currency which did a great occupation at bordering Hassan for larceny. He felt that “ Baba ” ( pa ) loved Hassan and he decided to drive Hassan off.

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The Betrayal is followed by guilt at least in the instance of morally sound worlds. As they analyze their actions and re-think about them, they consider their treacheries as unfair. The guilt may besides be induced after the individual himself suffers through tough times. Much like Amir, who after the decease of his male parent came to cognize about Hasan and Sohrab.This allowed him to deliver himself and stop the guilt. “ Kabul had become a metropolis of shades for me.A metropolis of hair-lipped shades. America was different. America was a river, howling along, forgetful of the past. I could wade into this river, allow my wickednesss drown to the underside, allow the Waterss carry me someplace far. Someplace with no shades, no memories and no wickednesss ” ( Khalid Hosseini 136 ) . Amir felt guilty and was haunted by his ain yesteryear. He felt that his treacheries against Hassan were unfair, he realized his error. He is guilt ridden. He described Kabul as a metropolis of hair lipped shades while America seems to him a topographic point where he can bury his yesteryear and get down his life all over once more. It is apparent that yesteryear is something that Amir is unable to bury and it affects his each and every determination. If he had rescued Hassan, his and possibly more significantly Hassan ‘s life would hold been different. Furthermore he is guilty of destructing Baba ‘s friendly relationship with Ali, because he falsely accused Hassan of larceny and forced him out of the house, this resulted in the devastation of Baba ‘s and Ali ‘s relationship. Other than these Amir felt guilty of doing his female parent ‘s decease and thought that it was due to the fact that Baba loved Hasan more than his ain boy. Although throughout the narrative Amir ‘s actions make him a self-preserved and selfish human being but as the novel progresses this is proved incorrect, being disturbed with his yesteryear he felt ashamed for his actions and wanted to deliver himself.

This salvation provides expiation for guilt. It heals and provides peace to the psyche of guilt-ridden existences. It follows the desire to relieve the guilt. Amir travels to salvage his nephew Sohrab.This impulse shows that Amir is a good individual at bosom and life had made him into what he is. Still he wants to rectify the error he made in his childhood. This salvation builds his character and provides a fulfilling if non a happy stoping to the Novel. Amir wants to deliver himself but he had no thought how he would make that until he receives a phone call from his Uncle Rahim khan who says “ There is a manner to be good once more ” “ I think we both know why it has to be you, do n’t we? “ ( Khalid Hosseini 204 ) . Amir is guilt-ridden and is ashamed of what he did to Hassan. He wants to deliver himself for his actions, since it is the lone manner that will relieve his guilt. After he receives his uncle call he instantly departs for Pakistan, where Rahim Khan, reveals that he had complete cognition of treachery that Amir had enforced on Hassan some 26 old ages ago. He besides discloses that Hassan was Amir ‘s half brother and that he was killed in Afghanistan by Taliban due to favoritism. Hassan had a boy a named Sohrab which was in an orphanhood in Afghanistan but his exact location was unknown.Sohrab appears to Amir as a beginning of salvation. Although it was following to impossible to happen person with merely a aid of a exposure, yet Amir hints Sohrab through the orphanhood. However Sohrab was in Asseff ‘s detention and was being sexually assaulted merely like his male parent. Amir first attempts to negociate with Asseff but when state of affairs gets worse and it becomes clear that Asseff would non allow travel of Hassan easy, Amir does n’t waver to prosecute in a manus to manus combat with Asseff and even takes the whipping that was meant for him in the child-hood. Although during the brush Amir was severely hurt and was continuously hurt by Aseff yet he was unable to experience the hurting due to the fact that he was spiritually healed, a immense load was lifted from his shoulder. After Amir deliverances Sohrab from Afghanistan and pushes hard to do certain that Sohrab is able to travel to United Stated with him, despite of the countless barriers he managed to take Sohrab along with him. He tried to do him comfy by any agencies possible. In the terminal he even flew a kite to link with Sohrab and said for “ you a thousand times over once more “ At the terminal Amir is freed from the guilt that had haunted him for his full life. This clarified that Amir although had committed terrible errors in the yesteryear but he eventually redeemed himself by scenes things right.

Betrayal, guilt and salvation are three wholly different phenomenons which are surprisingly interconnected.Betryal causes guilt while guilt Acts of the Apostless as a manner point for Redemption. These three behaviours can convey the worst out of a individual and destroy his life. While the same can promote person to be good once more. It helps one understand that Amir although had committed a terrible error by bewraying his child-hood friend and half-brother Hassan, as a consequence he was haunted with guilt for his full life and eventually he redeemed himself by scenes the things right, in his instance salvaging Sohrab.

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