The function of engineering in our lives today: have we become excessively dependent We are populating in a society which is called “technologically civilized” society. Every little work we do is engineering dependant. Today every other individual is recognized with the device or appliance. he carries ; which is technically advanced. Ultimately. we can state that. ”living without engineering is like populating without air” in this proficient universe of today. Therefore. we are much dependant on engineering.

Get downing with the simple illustration of nutrient storage. Today the shelf life of the nutrient merchandises is increased with aid of modern engineering and even preparation clip of nutrient is reduced with the aid of new machines and equipment. Thus. doing the consumer to hold an easiness at its ingestion and besides in salvaging a batch of productive clip. Ultimately. doing the individual dependant on it for his ain benefits. This is unlike to the times of traditional cookery where people had to trim clip and even make physical labour compared to the modern technically advanced clip of today.

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Technology made our lives simple but much dependant on it. We can sit in a corner and acquire connected to the universe. Therefore doing the universe a “global community. ” Communicate with a individual in distant country within fraction of seconds. do a trip of the universe within no clip. all these are possible with the advanced engineering. doing us more dependent on its use.

In the wellness sector. engineering advanced to a great extent that today a machine can help a individual in intensive attention and proctor him. which was a boring and hazardous occupation to make manually earlier. In a manner we are coming closer with the machines developed technically.

Technology is doing the multitask maps to be available in a individual device. Therefore. we can hold multifunctional use of the individual device we own. The more simple. the work gets with engineering. the more we get dependent on it.