Explain one point Glaucon is doing about human nature and why we act rightly with the Shepard and pealing narrative. Glaucon argues that all individuals are egocentric and selfish. He states that the lone ground people do non ever do the unfair thing is because of the fright of being caught and harmed. If we look at what people truly are. so we will see that they believe to make incorrect is desirable and to endure incorrect is unwanted. Since we do non desire to endure incorrect. we compromise with others and organize a compact sort of like a societal contract non to harm each other.

These understandings are the inception of justness in society. So like in the narrative. if we possessed a charming ring that makes us unseeable when we put it on. would it be foolish to maintain abiding by the jurisprudence? Glaucon suggests that we shall be able to do a right judgement about it merely if we consider the most merely adult male. and the most unfair adult male. For the most merely adult male. we must take away his repute. which would convey him honor and wagess. and it would non be clear whether he is being merely for the interest of justness. or for interest of the benefits he will have from being merely.

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For the most unfair adult male. person who is caught must be considered a hapless performing artist and he must be granted flawlessness in unfairness. Glaucon concludes: “and allow them be judged as to which of the two is happier. ” By comparing them I think there is no ground why the Torahs should be obeyed for their ain interest. However. it makes sense for the proprietor of the ring to maintain obeying the Torahs if making incorrect would go forth them with unwanted feelings such as guilt.