At the oncoming of the 21st century, someplace in the universe we find Man. He is hard-working and hardworking, intelligent and sort. He is besides really traumatized by the province of personal businesss all mankind find themselves in. We foremost learn of Man when we come upon him in his place as he is returning from another difficult twenty-four hours at work. He removes his coat, sits on the couch and begins reading the newspaper. As he reads his indignation and incredulity grow with each phrase. In defeat he picks up a nearby remote and chinks on the telecasting which is airing the intelligence. Left feeling annoyed and nauseous, he literally screams aloud in indignation and clicks the telecasting off. Man is dying and begins to gait nervously about the room traveling toward the bookcase. Thinking aloud he says, ‘what ‘s incorrect with the universe? War, terrorist act, devastation of the rain woods and the eco-system, risky chemicals, impending universe economic crisis, malignant neoplastic diseases without adequate research workers to happen remedies, mass killers still at big, paedophiles in the church and amusement, emphasis and bosom onslaught, strained universe relationsaˆ¦on and on it goes ‘ . Man continues, ‘There ‘s got to be a wayaˆ¦something people can make to helpaˆ¦I wish person would demo us the reply ‘ . The adult male is unmindful to a unusual ethereal ting that sounds briefly. He begins to casually shop through his book aggregation when he notices a immense black volume lodging, instead evidently, half-way out of the top shelf. Man thinks, ‘I ‘ve ne’er seen that earlier ‘ as he reaches up to recover it. The tinkle sounds louder this clip and a arch small giggle is added to it. The adult male thinks he hears something but decides to disregard it. Man pulls the book out wholly, and on the screen is the individual word ‘MAGIC ‘ in facile book. Very carefully, Man opens the screen and feels the power of the book right from the start. Turning reverentially to the first page, Man reads aloud: ‘Magic is a system, a manner of Life and Mind, The root of every civilization, universal to Mankind. Magic sung the cradle vocal of all the Human Race, Nurtured every secret dream, divine flights in Spaceaˆ¦..And when Human Black Marias are ready, free of all the ancient cicatrixs, so Magic will return them to their Home among the stars ‘ . The inpouring of consciousness work stoppages Man like a moving ridge. He sits on the couch, re-reading this of all time more intently, half express joying to himself and believing, ‘yeah, that ‘s merely what we needaˆ¦..some good old fashioned thaumaturgy ‘ . He reclines into a more comfy place and easy impetuss off to a peaceable slumber as the books faux pass to the floor. While he is asleep a small green Elf plaies his manner through the wall and see the Human with great involvement. The Elf moves easy closer and sways over Mans ‘ kiping signifier, experiencing his aura and reading his dreams. The Elf taps the adult male several times, stirring him to rouse. Man feels instead disturbed for grounds he does n’t understand but decides to bury about it and picks up the fallen book. He settles back, opens to a new page, and begins reading, non detecting the face of the Elf merely behind him, reading over his shoulder. Suddenly Man gets an overpowering sense of Presence as he turns to see a smiling green face three inches from his ain. In one fluid gesture, Man tosses the book off, shrieks, and dives unto the floor, ne’er turning his goggling face off from the Elf ‘s regard. For a piece each move the Elf makes, Man makes in the opposite way, fearing to turn his dorsum on the unusual animal that has merely invaded his infinite. “ Who are you? ” Man asks. “ Who are YOU, I can inquire that inquiry excessively! ” says the Elf. “ Why are you here? ” asks Man. Elf replies, “ You need n’t fear! Indeed, Ti I who fear for you. ” Truly frightened once more Man asks, “ What are YOU making HERE? ” The Elf laughs, indicating to Mans pathetic spider like place and says, “ What are you making THERE? … do n’t purse your pants, Boy sit in your chair! ” . Man complies and creeps unto the couch, still confronting the Elf who has moved out into the adult male ‘s full position. The gait of the Elf ‘s conversation is doing Man really nervous, really rapidly. The Man spurts, “ Stop speaking in rhymeaˆ¦and merely go forth me entirely! ” . The Elf says, “ I ‘m non blowing your clip Boyaˆ¦you ‘ve ask to be shown! ” . Man retorts “ Decelerate it downaˆ¦talk in prose! Just one phrase without rime? ” To which the Elf answers, “ Me visit is brief Lad there ‘s merely no clip ” . Man so asks, “ Am I losing my head? Are you dream stuff or existent? ” The Elf says, “ If your eyes are that blind so we ‘ll make it by feel ” . The Elf fleetly grabs Man ‘s manus. Fear gives manner to amazement as Man realizes that this being is, at least, solid. He relaxes and the Elf takes his manus up to touch his green face fungus. Man feels it, so as a concluding trial gives it a small tugaˆ¦finding it rather existent as the Elf yelps momently miffed by the incensed handling. Man, express joying at the Elf ‘s response and a little more alleviated that he ‘s non in mortal danger says, “ I ‘ve ne’er heard of LARGE green menaˆ¦ ” Still miffed the Elf interrupts, “ so read your history books once more! We ‘re Elvess! We played among the Stars before the morning of Timeaˆ¦and cognition brought to Mortal psyche with Music, Dance, and Rhyme! ” Man asks, “ where did you come from. ” The Elf responds, “ Now that I will state youaˆ¦you merit one consecutive reply before I enspell youaˆ¦ ” Man is n’t rather comfy with that last remark but the Elf merely giggles and continues, “ I took a small tripaˆ¦a wee holiday on the Moon. If you but one time could hear her vocal she ‘d alter your plaintive melody! For Luna lights the Spirit World of life, experiencing psyches, as through the Stars her reflecting Ag face so gently axial rotations. And on Her Ag sand I pranced, as Earth did decorate the skyaˆ¦when all of a sudden a mortal beingaˆ¦YOUaˆ¦ gave out a call: ‘Oh where, oh where is person who can give me universe a manus? ‘ . So back I wentaˆ¦but first I pinched a spot o ‘ Lunar sand. And I pinched a spot o ‘ Stardust from the Void as I came overaˆ¦and I pinched the scintillating dewdrops from me field of four-leaf trefoil. ‘Wo n’t person come ‘ , I heard you ask, ‘and show this universe the Answer? ‘ and you dared believe that Magic might fade out the planet ‘s Cancer. I can non give you replies ; Boyaˆ¦your life is yours to populate. But a bantam spot o ‘ Magic may be all I need to give. And you will larn as we have, through the transition of the Old ages, We Are the instruments on which is played the Music of the Spheres. ” The adult male has about been hypnotized by the Elf ‘s words and speaks really groggily. ‘I experience so unusual, so tiredaˆ¦is this “ visit ” about done? ‘ To which the Elf answers, ‘you wo n’t acquire off that easy, Lad-the lesson ‘s merely begun. As the Elf says ‘begun ‘ he reaches into his pockets and pulls out glistening twinkle dust with which he douses the Man exhaustively. It has a unusual consequence, like rubing pulverization, merely it tickles! The Man giggles ‘Ohhh! … ( giggle ) what ‘s that ( giggle-giggle ) aˆ¦it tickles! ( giggle ) What ‘s it ( giggle ) for’aˆ¦The dust about has the Man paralyzed with wriggles and giggles. The Elf struts about him, weaving his conjuration: ‘Moondust! Stardust! Dew of Clover! Take this male child and convey him overaˆ¦While his Mortal Body and Soul remain, Let his Spirit dance on the Astral Plane! ‘ The twirling of the Elf has merely helped to do the Man even more giddy and disoriented. The Man manages to eek outaˆ¦’stopaˆ¦pleaseaˆ¦I can’taˆ¦think straight’aˆ¦ The Elf is now sitting above the Man on the couch back and begins to talk once more: ‘I did n’t talk the entire truth when I explained before, But under me enchantment you can take a bitty spot more! I called upon this house before I danced upon the Moonaˆ¦And a naming card I left where you were certain to happen it shortly. You read the cherished Volume of the Ancient Incantationsaˆ¦The collected words and wisdom of a Thousand coevalss! In a slumber deep you fell so, inquiring aid for all Mankindaˆ¦Now that ‘s a thing that lone Man himself can trust to happen! You ‘ve got to larn that enduring replies all must come from deep withinaˆ¦ So I grant you now the Wish you asked, to assist your hunt Begin ‘ .


Joseph Campbell is quoted as stating: “ Throughout the inhabited universe, in all times and under every circumstance, the myths of adult male have flourished ; and they have been the life inspiration for whatever else may hold appeared out of the activities of the human organic structure and head. It would non be excessively much to state that myth is the secret gap through which the unlimited energies of the universe pour into human cultural manifestation. ”

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Merely every bit Campbell stated above, one time I was inspired I found the ‘secret gap ‘ and want to show their singularity. From early childhood, I have ever had a curious involvement in myth, faery narratives, fable and the similar. This class was like a re-birth of that involvement. Combine that with an chance to make characters with duologue that can convey these narratives to life and that involvement becomes antic and merriment.

The hero of this narrative is Man who is in hunt of a manner to bring around the ailments of a deceasing planet-earth. All of the other characters in the narrative represent the enrapturing eyeball of visible radiation ( domains ) and inspiration of the existence. Chapter One which is covered herein introduces us to the Elf who has appeared to assist demo Man the ‘Answer ‘ . The Man is merely an earthly person, representative of all Mankind. The Elf is a arch feeling spirit ( Moon ) , and the provoker of Man ‘s huffy escapade. Each of the characters who follow in bend weaves their captivation and particular spin on the ‘Answer ‘ . In decision, the lesson of the narrative is ‘we ‘ are the Magic, the instruments on which is played the Music of the Spheres. Each and every one of us, through deep self-contemplation can lend valuable penetrations to enlightenment.


‘The Music of the Spheresaˆ¦

a narrative of Man and Magic ‘

This is a alone and original narrative of ‘the Music of the Spheres ‘ . Pythagorus was the first to hear the Music of the Spheres, rapidly learning others to partake of the stellar premium. He knew the stars to be attached to crystal domains go arounding about the Earth. These celestial domains, everlastingly go arounding, produce harmonious sounds merely the genuinely divine can hear. Within the crystal spheres the zenith and low-water mark of our being is laid bare.

‘A narrative of Man and Magic ‘ includes a whole host of the characters. First of all we have a Man who meets an Elf. As the chapter ‘s advancement, we are introduced to the others: Aladdin and the Genie, Merlyn, the Dragon Mistress, Venus, Hermes, Pan, Horus, Mother Nature and the Aquarian Angel. Each of them reveal secrets of their ain ‘Magic ‘ and offer their penetrations and instructions to the Man on his hunt for the ‘Answer ‘ . As he continues the Man begins to firmly believe that the usage of ‘Magic ‘ as a means to bring around the ailments of Mankind, and life on Earth in the 21st century is wholly possible. When the book stopping points and the concluding chapter is finished the Man is found kiping on the couch one time once more. Merely this clip he is peaceful-with a contented smiling on his face, seizing the ‘MAGIC ‘ book closely to him. The Elf so speaks aloud stating, ‘the chap ‘s asleep, the Dream is done, and Joy replaces sorrow. I wonder though, if what he ‘s learned will last beyond tomorrow. And if you missed the lesson, I ‘ll reiterate it for your ears: YOU are the instrument on which is played the ‘Music of the Spheres ” .