The Meaning of the word In the old days, racism was a big impact on others. Ever since then, I still wonder if it’s still a big thing to many people today. In the story of “The Meaning of a word” by Naylor and “Being a Chink” by Leong, being called a “Chink” most Asians don’t take it personal, but having African American people being called the “N” word, it’s a different meaning. Many of African American takes the “N” word really offensives. Having a white man use a useless word, can cause a bleeding matter.

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Several people get assaulted by using the “N” word toward black men’s. Although I believe that when black men’s where being known as “N” it meant for “trifling niggers”. Also when the African American were being called “N”, there were being humiliate and often in the past, several people had died for calling them name that they don’t appreciate. Still from this day, I don’t quite understand what the word “N” means to those who are African American.

They have anger to those that use the useless word, but I don’t understand how African American can be upset when they use the word to each other. It doesn’t matter what color you are, you shouldn’t use the word at all. If the blacks take it offensive, then we should respect that. Some people use the word “Chink” just to make fun of Asian people, but really we don’t mind at all. Why? Because it’s not a big thing to get mad over.

The word Chinks was never been used to belittle or degrade, but use as a loving insult between friends and family. Although sometimes the word “Chink” is being use in an inappropriate way it’s still an accepted term within our circle. It’s not the fact that we don’t know what does it mean, we do it’s just never a harmful intent. We all have label that we need to deal with and of course it can never be remove, some label such as, “Chink” is created to be harmful, ridicule, and humiliate, but for us that are Asian is the exact opposite.