The legalisation of marihuana is one of the many controversial arguments in America today. Some people believe that marihuana is a gateway drug and is really harmful. marihuana partisan argue that hemp isn’t harmful and can drastically better the American economic system. “Marijuana prohibition cost America $ 7. 7 billion dollars a twelvemonth. ” ( Head 2012 ) The legalisation of marihuana would avail many people. If marihuana is legalized so the American authorities could revenue enhancement it and assist pay the U. S. debt besides. another benefit of legalising marihuana is that it can be used for several medicative intents. and in conclusion the legalisation of marihuana would salvage the Americans revenue enhancement dollars for non holding to take attention of captives who would be arrested covering with marihuana. Approximately 440. 000 people die a twelvemonth from smoking baccy merchandises and intoxicant toxic condition kills 50. 000 people yearly. while no 1 dies from smoking marihuana. “Alcohol and baccy. though are legal. are for more harmful than marihuana. ” ( Head 2012 ) Over 4000 harmful chemicals are in coffin nails that cause infinite deceases each twelvemonth but baccy is still somehow legal.

Many people say that marihuana is a gateway drug but over 60 million people try marihuana. if marihuana was truly a gateway drug 1000000s of cleft caputs and diacetylmorphine nuts would be running about America right now. Since marihuana is the most popular drug in America of class people who abuse other substances have tried marihuana. America is more than 10 trillion dollars in debt. “The legalisation of marihuanas would make another point that could be taxed. ” ( Messerli 2011 ) The revenue enhancement of marihuana could drastically increase Americas Economy. Over 20 million people in America smoke marihuanas on the regular footing. “A survey found that legalising marihuana and taxing it can bring forth considerable gross for America. ” ( Head 2012 ) Marijuana is already a major hard currency harvest in the United States and one million millions of dollars are made from beging the drug. If marihuana was taxed so the United States will non hold to worry about being in a debt crisis.

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The authorities would besides do money if marihuana was grown in the United States and sold to other states around the universe. Marijuana is non merely used for enjoyable intents but it besides used for medicative intent as good. Marijuana can be used for people enduring from many different sorts of illnesss. Marijuana can be used as a hurting stand-in ; marijuana can besides assist caput injury victims. shot victims. and people who suffer from anxiousness or depression. THC is a powerful anti-oxidant which physicians rely for shot and caput injury victims. Cannabis can be used for a malignant neoplastic disease patient that is traveling through chemotherapy ; marijuana would move as a sickness reducing agent which will assist the patient be able to eat. If marihuana was legal so more surveies would be done to assist created more medicative intents for the herb. The prohibition on marihuana cost revenue enhancement remunerators 1000000s of dollars yearly. “The marijuana prohibition cost 7. 7 billion dollars a twelvemonth. ” ( Head 2012 )

Marijuana illegality is assisting other states become wealthier. while the United States is losing money. by importing the substance in to America. The United States authorities apprehension over 700. 000 people a twelvemonth for a charge covering with marihuana. the money used for taking attention of those wrongdoers are coming out of the United States revenue enhancement remunerators pocket. Tax remunerators are throwing off 1000s of dollars to feed and shelter people who got arrested for holding a works. “Marijuana legalisation would simplify the development of hemp as a valuable and diverse agricultural harvest in the United States. including its development as a new bio fuel to cut down C emanations. ” ( Unknown ) The legalisation of marihuana could break this universe. marihuana has an untapped potency to do everything better in the universe.

In decision. the legalisation of marihuana could profit everyone. If marihuana was legal the United States of America debt would drastically diminish. Besides revenue enhancement remunerators would hold more money in their pockets since they will ne’er hold to pay for the marihuana fugitives in prison. If marihuana was studied more so possibly diseases would be cured that people thought would ne’er be cured. It is no ground that marihuana should be illegal since baccy and intoxicant putting to deaths 1000s a twelvemonth while marihuana putting to deaths none. As Sir Paul McCartney said “I support decriminalisation. Peoples are smoking pot anyhow and to do them into felons is incorrect. It’s when you’re in gaol you truly go a condemnable. ”