In the Slums of Rio De Janeiro it is full of people in poorness, and the economic system there is really unstable and low. Brazil is one of the most economically unequal states in the universe with the top 10 per centum of its population gaining 50 per centum of the national income and about 8.5 per centum of all people populating below the poorness line. ( 2 ) The societal mobility of Rio de Janeiro is non as Mobile. The authorities move the people in poorness because no tourer would see the metropolis due to the monolithic sums of all the hapless people overruning the metropolis. However the authorities is non making anything about the economic issue in the Slums and the citizens can non acquire out of the slums due to the deficiency of support from the authorities. There is a batch of offense in the Slums. There are many narcotics in the slums and sellers are needed for presenting nevertheless, this is an illegal occupation the authorities is making nil to free this job. The political relations in the Slums are corrupted because Drug Lords can utilize money to convert authorities functionaries or constabularies officers. Guns are besides extremely demanded in the Slums of Rio de Janeiro because they are required for violent offense such as robbery. There is a high demand of drugs due to extremely habit-forming chemicals which these drugs have ; more illegal occupations will be available to the people that are in poorness. The credence of force of being the norm ; how this affects the economic system of the favelas which causes an instable economic system. All of these events are apparent the film “ City of God ”

In the slums of Rio de Janeiro gun are extremely demanded, these guns are required for violent offenses such as robbery. In the film there are a batch of violent offenses and the demand for guns is besides really high since about everyone wants one. In the film “ City of God ” when Lil Z was small he ever wanted a gun and when he was able to acquire his custodies on one he used it to rob the motel and kill everyone in it. This shows that a batch of people demand guns to execute violent offenses and to increase their income by stealing. Harmonizing to the Small Arms Survey there are an estimated 17 million guns in Brazil, with 49 % held lawfully, . Then 51 % of the guns in Brazil are held illicitly and likely used to execute violent offenses. Since working lawfully provides low income most people will utilize force to derive income. 23 % of the 17 million guns are used to perpetrate offenses. Besides there is a deficiency of authorities control over these illicitly obtained pieces. 28 % of 17 million guns are held illicitly and used informally, . An illustration of guns being used informally in the film “ City of God ” is when the Trio rob the Gas truck and endanger the driver for his gas which is evidently illegal. They choose to rob the gas truck over working lawfully like selling fish because stealing requires less work and offers a higher income which is why the felons go for illegal occupations over legal 1s. If you look at graph figure 1 so you will see that there is a displacement in legal and illegal occupations since the authorities is non making anything about the offense so fundamentally it is encouraging offense and illegal occupations. Since the piece jurisprudence was tightened at the terminal of 2003 the cost of handguns and six-guns has increased in the condemnable market, bespeaking less handiness. Supply is now diminishing so there will be fewer guns available and the monetary value has besides increased. It does non count if the monetary value of guns go up since that it is inelastic significance that even if the monetary value of guns do travel up all the mobsters will still buy them. To have a gun is a necessity in the favelas particularly if you are in the universe of offense. “ If I had the money I would hold a arm to seek to protect myself and my household. The constabulary are ne’er traveling to get in clip and if they do they may kill you. ” A This shows how utile a gun is to the people of the favelas because even people who do non take part in gun related offenses want protection. This will besides take down the budget curve of the mobsters because guns have ammo which is non inexpensive. Ammunition is besides inelastic because if you own a gun in order to utilize it you must hold ammo. If you look at graph 2 you will see that people who own guns will hold split their budget between guns and ammo. Making this consumes a batch of money and in comparing to what the remainder of the universe divides their budget between which is largely nutrient and H2O. In the favelas most of the teens and immature grownups have lack instruction and, they are merely able to work occupations that do non necessitate much accomplishment ; this makes the supply of worker really inelastic. As you can see in graph figure 3, if the pay decreases, merely a really little sum of people will halt providing themselves in the occupation market. Most people suffer from poorness in the slums ; they frequently drop out of school and work to derive income. If they can non do adequate so they result to violent offenses such as robbery.

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The Supply and demand of drugs in the Slums are both increasing. Everyone is taking these drugs and they are hooking which is increasing the demand besides to carry through the Slums dependences there must be a big supply of drugs which besides need many people to traffic the drugs to the nuts. This is economic thought links to the film because of how much sellers Lil Z has to work for him. In the film if you wanted to do money you would work for drug traders in order to do money. Selling drugs increases person ‘s income a batch faster than making legal work. Unfortunately the authorities is non making anything to repair this issue. Harmonizing to a survey by Mr Henrique de Cristo, 16.6 per cent of Rio ‘s population, or more than 1m people, unrecorded under the drug warlords outside the control of the authorities. 17 % of the population is working for drug Godheads which make the supply for drugs highly high this figure will further increase because more people are acquiring addicted to these drugs. “ These drug gross revenues make up a concern that in some of the occupied countries rakes in every bit much as US $ 150 million per month ” ( 2 ) Drugs can gain a batch of income and it attracts other young persons because they all want to go rich. Young persons are switching off from instruction and traveling more into the drug concern in the slums. “ When you are a adolescent, between 12 and 15 old ages old, you have two picks here – go on your instruction or fall in the sellers, ” says Leandro Lima, a local journalist and indigen of Rocinha. “ Soldiers ” in the drug packs can gain $ 1,000 a hebdomad, a little luck compared to what most youths earn, he says. ( 3 ) The income that a “ soldier ” of the drug packs can gain $ 1,000 a hebdomad which is a batch for hapless people, these young persons would evidently take to go a seller for the drug lords over go oning instruction because this offers them a manner higher income. “ The lower limit pay in 2009 wasA R $ A 465 per month ( which corresponds to R $ 15.55 per twenty-four hours and R $ 2.11 per hr. “ ( 4 ) As you can see that sum is laughably low compared to our lower limit pay which will promote young persons to go a drug trade since Drugs are considered to be acceptable and, many young persons use it, the demand for drugs is already high, but the habit-forming substances within most of the drugs being trafficked such as cocaine made the demand improbably inelastic. Even if the monetary value goes up by 100 % , the measure demanded for drugs will diminish insignificantly because the drugs has such an habit-forming nature it is about like an necessity. Besides, the budget curve of the citizens of the slums is besides being impacted by the snap of demand, if you look at graph figure 4, the budget line for these citizens is already low but it is farther shifted to the left because of drug dependences and since they are depended on these drugs. To these citizens drugs that are in the favelas are inelastic in demand. Their budget is farther lowered because as drugs get more expensive the people that are addicted to the drugs will hold to pass more on the drugs because they are so dependent on it. The production possibilities frontier of the City of God is at a really inefficient point because of drug use as you can see in graph figure 3. Although these drugs are really harmful to the organic structure both mentally and physically the citizens will still utilize them as it relieves at that place emphasis.

The people of City of God every bit good as favelas in general have accepted force and have become normal in the slums. Violence comes from two chief state of affairss which are gang force and constabulary force. Most goons and sellers are good carry illicitly obtained pieces, constabulary and jurisprudence enforcement units frequently kill them without vacillation. Violence is apparent in the film City of God, pack force is at the concluding scene which includes Lil’Ze and Carrot ‘s war. It was besides stated in the film that the war lasted for a twosome of months. An illustration of constabulary force would be the constabulary hiting down Shaggy and Lil’Ze ‘s pack in the scene where they are facing the constabulary near the terminal of the film. The constabulary confiscated guns from packs and so sold the guns back to them which display the corruptness in the constabulary force. Besides, the slaying rates in the favelas of Brazil are highly high in comparing to the remainder of the universe. “ Regular shoot-outs between sellers and constabularies and other felons, every bit good as miscellaneous illegal activities, lead to slay rates in surplus of 40 per 100,000 dwellers in the metropolis of Rio. “ ( 5 ) Most slayings are committed by the jurisprudence hatchet mans, “ Last twelvemonth more than 1,000 people in the province died at their custodies, a 250 % rise over 2002. “ ( 6 ) Many of the deceases are caused by constabulary and mobster hiting each other in the slums. “ The figure of apprehensions in the province fell by 37 % between 2002 and 2006. “ ( 7 ) The force in the favelas besides affects the country economically. Because there is so much force within the slums, the demand for guns is improbably inelastic. The constabulary and the gun providers will maintain increasing the monetary value, as shown in graph figure 7. The metropoliss production mills will direct a big sum of its resources towards fabricating guns instead than bring forthing necessities that people in the favelas really need. Even so, with so many deceases, the production possibilities frontier displacements to the left as a consequence of the loss of people, as you can see in graph figure 9. Besides, in such a hapless country, the chief resource they have to bring forth is the people since they do non hold much resources cause of the economic province they are in.

In the terminal, these societal issues are why the societal construction and the economic construction of the favelas of Brazil can non prolong ; the violent offenses, drug trafficking, and the fact the force is of the norm prevents the society of the favelas to turn their economic system to steadily. In my sentiment, there is no perfect solution to these societal struggles ; nevertheless these jobs can be resolved through the authorities making something about these issues and admiting their economic system is falling apart in the favelas because of these issues. These jobs will non be solved rapidly since these jobs are created by old ages of disregard to this specific country and will necessitate long term committedness by the authorities every bit good as mass media consciousness, but if society continues to work and hold hope, these issues will be resolved. Not merely that they can extinguish all the favelas if there are no more people in poorness and reconstruct the slums into a much better topographic point for tourer to see. Then Rio de Janeiro has something to offer to the remainder of the universe without pretermiting its people.

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