Globalization, as a term, is really frequently used to mention to economic globalisation that is integrating of national economic systems into the international economic system through trade, foreign direct investing, capital flows, migration, and spread of engineering.

Globalization trade, outsourcing, supply-chaining, and political forces have changed the universe for good for good and bad. The gait of Globalization is rushing up and will go on to hold an impact on concern.

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Since World War II, barriers to international trade have been well lowered through international understandings – General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ( GATT ) . Particular enterprises carried out as a consequence of GATT and the World Trade Organisation ( WTO ) , for which GATT is the foundation, has included:

Promotion of free trade:

Decrease or riddance of duties ; building of free trade zones with little or no duties

Reduced transit costs, particularly from development of containerization for ocean transportation.

Decrease or riddance of capital controls

Decrease, riddance, or harmonisation of subsidies for local concerns

Restriction of free trade:

Harmonization of rational belongings Torahs across the bulk of provinces, with more limitations.

Supranational acknowledgment of rational belongings limitations ( e.g. patents granted by China would be recognized in the United States )

Looking specifically at economic globalisation, it can be measured in different ways.

These Centres on the four chief economic flows that characterize globalisation:

Goods and services, e.g. exports plus imports as a proportion of national income or per capita of population

Labour / people, e.g. net migration rates ; inward or outward migration flows, weighted by population

Capital, e.g. inward or outward direct investing as a proportion of national income or per caput of population

Technology, e.g. international research & A ; development flows ; proportion of populations ( and rates of alteration thereof ) utilizing peculiar innovations ( particularly ‘factor-neutral ‘ technological progresss such as the telephone, auto, broadband )

Globalization has assorted facets which affect the universe in several different ways such as:

Industrial ( alias trans nationalisation ) – outgrowth of world-wide production markets and broader entree to a scope of foreign merchandises for consumers and companies

Financial – outgrowth of world-wide fiscal markets and better entree to external funding for corporate, national and sub national borrowers

Economic – realisation of a planetary common market, based on the freedom of exchange of goods and capital.

Political – political globalisation is the creative activity of a universe authorities which regulates the relationships among states and guarantees the rights originating from societal and economic globalisation.

Informational – addition in information flows between geographically distant locations

Cultural – growing of cross-cultural contacts ; the desire to devour and bask foreign merchandises and thoughts, follow new engineering and patterns, and take part in a “ universe civilization ”

Ecological- the coming of planetary environmental challenges that can non be solved without international cooperation,

Social – the accomplishment of free circulation by people of all states

Transportation –

International cultural exchange

Spreading of multiculturalism, and better single entree to cultural diverseness

Greater international travel and touristry

Greater in-migration

Spread of local consumer merchandises ( e.g. nutrient ) to other states ( frequently adapted to their civilization )


Development of a planetary telecommunications substructure and greater trans-border informations flow, utilizing such engineerings as the Internet, communicating orbiters, etc.

Addition in the figure of criterions applied globally ; e.g. right of first publication Torahs, patents and universe trade understandings.


2. Globalization in Maroc: ( Emergence Plan )

2.1: Emergence program: the major sectors selected by the program

Morocco is today faced with of import economic challenges and in peculiar with a decelerating national development and an instability turning from its hypertrophied trading balance. Within this context, governments have conducted some surveies ( Emergence Plan, Azur Plan ) in order to place the cardinal sectors that constitute the export growing and to joint a targeted and voluntarist industrial politic, and therefore, decide the good actions to set about in order to better the fight of the whole existing industry.

In this study we will concentrate, on the outgrowth program and its major sectors identified as below:

– Offshoring

– Car

– Electronic

– Food industry

– Fish industry

– Humanistic disciplines and trades industry

2.2 The impact of globalisation on outgrowth program sectors:

The Maroc industry is composed of legion little sectors dominated by 2 open uping 1s ( nutrient industry and fabric ) that represent more than 50 % of industrial GDP, more than 70 % of formal employment and more than 75 % of exportations. Furthermore, the car sector contributes up to 14 % to exportations despite the limited part to GDP ( 5 % ) . We have to detect that merely the car, electronic and electric contraption have benefited of a superior growing to 5 % in the last five old ages.

Fabric Industry

In 2005, because of the interrupting up of Chinese fabric merchandises quotas, the Moroccan fabric industry has known a serious crisis which has affected the fabric enterpriser. The impermanent come back of quotas decide by the EU and USA allowed, during 2006 and 2007, to this industry to re set up: 30 blns DHs exportations on 2006 and 31.3 one million millions DHs en 2007 ( 1/3 of Moroccan exportation ) .

Since January 2008, with the departure of Chinese quotas, the Moroccan industrial countries became optimistic about 2008 positions. They estimated that Morocco has changed its placement and he is no more on the same aim as the south East Asiatic states. The Maroc industry left the mass merchandise in order to place on the luxury merchandise with high value added.

In the other side, Egypt and Turkey constitute a menace for Moroccan fabric industry. For illustration ; Egypt go a large delocalisation country for Europeans because of the low costs of labor and energy, 4 times less than in Morocco and on the other manus because of the handiness of the entryway.

To confront this competition environment, the outgrowth program expects development on these countries:

Targeted Integration for certain subdivisions ( like hose )

Reactivity and Service quality for exportations countries with a acting logistics

A competitory offer with finished merchandises with a higher value added

Aggressive publicity and variegation of markets.

The impact estimated of these potencies is about 3 Blns DH of extra GDP, Blns DH for the economic trading balance and will expressed by the creative activity of approximately 32.000 new employment ( source- outgrowth program 2005 )


The development for the offshoring industry is structuring for The Moroccan economic system of tomorrow. In 2003, the offshoring contributed in the planetary GDP by 1 Bln DH, 7.000 employments and 1.7 Bln DH of economic trade balance.

In a context of globalisation, Morocco must take advantage from the possible based on the explosive growing in the offshoring demand from states of Continental Europe particularly with the favorable advantages of Morocco: a combination between linguistic communications ( Gallic, Spanish ) and cost factors.

Harmonizing to the outgrowth program, Morocco can be positioned in the planetary BPO ( Business Process Offshoring ) market on the countries of IT by making a competitory IT Solution Delivery country for the IT universe title-holder companies.

To place itself in this sector, with high fight, chiefly from India, and became an attractive state for foreign investing, the governments have to do attempts on the undermentioned countries:

Infrastructure and basic telecom: handiness and dependability of the substructure telecom, existent estate, and conveyance,

Human competency: linguistic communications and Fieldss of IT development

Local Spouses: developing local spouses

Regulatory environment and policy: revenue enhancement inducements, efficiency of the disposal.

The impact estimated is about 15 Blns DH of extra GDP, 15,2 Blns DH for the economic trading balance et will be expressed by the creative activity of approximately 91.000 new direct employments by 2013

Food industry ( out of transmutation of sea merchandises )

The nutrient industry sector represent 12,5 % of industrial GDP and 3,7 % of planetary GDP. A portion of the industry is integrated with a partial supply in local entrants. In peculiar, Morocco has an mean rate of nutrient self-conceit of 55 % .

The development of this historic sector is nowadays handicapped by the deficient handiness of competitory natural stuffs. Despite this state of affairs, this sector contains considerable development potencies ( in peculiar refering the valorization of merchandises ) , but fragmented, could be developed at the same degree of existent production.

The chief potencies identified concern particularly 2 sub subdivisions: fruits, veggies and fat. An added of import potency linked to “ south-south ” exportations has been identified for the whole bomber subdivisions of the sector.

Food industry is a strategic sector for national economic system and state societal balance

Refering the ingestion of nutrient industry merchandises by dweller, Morocco is still late comparison to the universe norm and comparison to some comparable states.

Annual Consumption per capita of agricultural merchandises









Milk merchandises




Vegetable oil








In order to confront positively globalisation through the nutrient industry that assume an of import scheme for a state with an agribusiness career like Morocco, an optimum operation of nutrient industry will allow:

Last the agricultural upstream through the creative activity of regular chances for some civilizations. This will add value to lands and hole in it population through regular and important grosss.

Better the added value of agricultural exportations and diminish the commercialization of gross groceries.

Decrease the go forthing cost for hapless families whose outgos are related at most to nutrient merchandises. In peculiar, productiveness additions allow a lessening of necessary natural stuffs monetary values.

To develop the ‘bio-concept ‘ , that allows to bring forth an of import value added.

The impact estimated to those potencies is about 2-3 Blns DH of extra GDP, 4-5 Blns DH for the economic trading balance et will be expressed by the creative activity of more than 6.000 new employments.

Car industry

The car industry in Morocco is composed of: 100 companies,30.000 employees, a production of 13 Blns DH, and 6.2 Blns DH export ( figures for 2006 ) .

Today, more than of all time, the car industry will take advantage and harvest the benefits of globalisation.

Already a first undertaking, announced in 2004, provides for the constitution of a production unit of Nissan-Renault.

In Tangier Med ‘s country, this undertaking, with an investing of 600 1000 euros, provides a capacity of Production of 200.000 autos per twelvemonth by 2010. These vehicles will travel to 90 % in the export market.

The Moroccan costs of bring forthing are 88 % of the European cost which is higher than costs in India ( 70 % of European cost ) . But, the advantage of Morocco is the propinquity. “ If a auto takes 45 yearss to travel from Tokyo to New York, it will get in the American metropolis in 5 or 6 yearss from Tangier ” underline the president of AMICA. ( Maroc Association for Industry and Automobile Trade ) .

This advantage is based on the presence of several major assembly sites in France, Spain and Portugal accessible in less than 3 yearss of trucking from Tangier. These sites produce each twelvemonth about 7 million vehicles and absorb more than 100 billion euro of natural stuffs and equipment. Morocco, with its combination of favourable cost of production factors and propinquity logistics, is comparatively good positioned to profit from the current undertakings of spread outing the range of sourcing incurred by makers and builders.

How to fix The Maroc auto industry to do net income of this advantage?

Development of aggressive equipementerie for Europe around a construct of workshop, and drastic betterment of competitory factors ( revenue enhancement freedom, subsidy for the purchase of the land, decrease of substructure costs )

Electronic ( concept zones of industrial subcontracting oriented to export )

Refering the electronic sector, the chief possible consist on the development of electronic of specialisation / integrated on delocalization niches of the little and average series ( defence, medical, electronic, etc. )

The figure of targeted histrions is turning to more than 5000 for an accessible market in Morocco estimated to more than 6 Blns a‚¬ .

The impact estimated of these potencies is about 4-5 Blns DH of extra GDP, 4-5 Blns DH for the economic trading balance and will expressed by the creative activity of approximately 11.000 new employment.

Art & A ; Craft industry:

The surveies of trade industry sector focused on the trade with high cultural contents ( in contrast with ingestion trade or public-service corporation usage ) that represent an of import potency based chiefly on an accelerated growing of exportations on the skyline of 3-5 old ages. The potencies identified are based basically into 2 chief markets of the sector:

Export market: development of export market on the whole subdivisions ( chiefly: ornament, furniture, jewellery-making and vesture / accoutrements ) and on the whole of distribution channels by the creative activity of range histrions and a dynamic web of SME ( PME ) ;

Local market ( tourers and Moroccans ) : possible through tourer growing and the betterment of the distribution by targeted actions of overhauling the traditional circuits and development of new channels ( ex “ hotel salesrooms ” ) .

The impact estimated of those potencies is about 3-4 Blns DH of extra GDP, more than 2 Blns DH for the economic trading balance et will be expressed by the creative activity of 23.000 new employments.

Fish ‘s industry

With strong growing for several old ages, the industry is now confronting two Major challenges. On the one manus, the recovery of the resource caught and must be transformed Optimized at the industrial and commercial sectors. On the other manus, the demand to develop A scheme of diversifying beginnings of supply to take advantage of Production capacity established and fresh to this twenty-four hours. So it is on that footing that Potentials really of import development have been identified, with knock Economic indirect, including the upstream sector. These possible Focused chiefly on 3 countries: ( 1 ) optimising the development of little Pelagic ( consolidation of the place of leader of Morocco ) by optimising the mix Processing and increased volumes, ( 2 ) the development of Production of frozen prepared by the security of supply and lifting Range in the merchandises and ( 3 ) adding value to merchandises up Range ( fresh fish ) by optimising the selling and Diversifying beginnings of entree to the natural stuff. Furthermore possible 2 Were analyzed as follows: the development of niche dishes Meals and marinades, every bit good as the possible placement of new participants on the Niche nutraceuticals ( nutrient and pharmaceutical ) .

The estimated impact of these possible stood at more than 3 billion extra GDP DH ; 3-4 Dh billion for the ECB and would ensue in the creative activity of over 35,000 new occupations Direct ( excepting multiplier effects ) by the twelvemonth 2013.


Taking into consideration all the elements related earlier, we are inquiring how Morocco could confront globalizationA in order to take advantage from it? ? .

The juggernaut of globalisation in turning and our state is good advised to be opened to the foreign markets and avoid any isolationist politic. Our state should take the best, be adapted and lend to the universe civilization.

Equally far as the economic program is concerned, Morocco has to develop the sectors with comparative advantages ( sectors discussed above ) . Outsourcing is another of import country that Morocco has to develop like “ port composite of Tangier Med ” that let our state to place in comparing to Mediterranean states. Morocco has to liberalise its economic system by cut downing responsibility duties and bettering the flexibleness of labour market. He besides has to reform its financial and exchange policies.

Refering energy factors, Morocco has to duplicate attempts for crude oil and gas researches, reenforce its H2O policy knowing that he ‘s one of the counties threatened by H2O deficit.

Another of import point for Morocco which is Culture, the state has to be mostly opened to foreign civilizations with continuing its individuality and specificities, some failings have to be filled refering theater, film and audio-visual.

In the political side, Morocco has to go on come oning its democratisation. Of, class, some significant progresss have been realized during the last decennary, other attempts have to be made, particularly for a good administration of authorities and parliament and a support of single and corporate freedom.

For the foreign states and because of the universe bets by 2025, Morocco should beef up his relation with Europe and United provinces. Despite the existent vicissitudes, Morocco has besides to militate for the sophistication of Arab brotherhood because the hereafter will reserve less and less places to little provinces.