Globalization is going a normal word in today ‘s concern environment where different states are incorporating with one another. No state can be self sufficient, they depend on one another. It is really common to see different states traveling from their ain states and put to other country/countries in order to acquire markets or resources such as inexpensive labor. State boundaries are no longer an issue due to advancement in engineering.

Globalisation plays a great function on the economical development of different states in the universe particularly in the developed states such as US which has investings in different states around the planetary. On the other side of the coin, globalization has negative impacts on societal, cultural, political, technological, environmental every bit good as economical activities of different states.

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The purpose of this essay is to measure the impacts of globalization on the emerging market economic systems in a dual edged-sword, whether it is an chance or a menace for their growing. The essay will therefore focal point on ; what is emerging market economic system, features of emerging market economic systems, the construct of globalization, its drivers, the impact of globalization on emerging economic systems in footings of economic, socio-cultural, environment, technological every bit good as political-legal and eventually do a decision of this treatment.


FDI – Foreign Direct Investments

LDCs – Less Developed Countries

GDP – Gross Domestic Product

EMEs – Emerging Market Economies

MNC – Multinational Companies

UN – United Nations

IMF – International Monetary Fund

1.0 Introduction

Over the old ages it has been witnessed that the facet of societal, cultural, political, technological every bit good as economical activities of different states incorporating with one another has increased at a rapid rate. The patterns that are found in the European states and the United States are now found in practically at any state in the universe. This phenomenon is now normally referred to as globalization.

Globalization is non a new phenomenon, for century ‘s persons, later companies, establishments and corporations have been merchandising with each other in locations that are enormously far from their point of beginning. The Asians for illustration, used the monsoon winds that occurred after a infinite of six month ‘s to travel from their states and range Africa to merchandise i.e. purchase and sell merchandises to the Africans. China and Europe were besides connected during the in-between ages through the celebrated Silk Road across Central Asia. This allowed the two parties to put to one another which were an facet of globalization. This depicts the fact that for a long clip globalization was in being but non recognised every bit today as globalization ( Jagdish, 2004 ) .

This current state of affairs of the phenomenon of globalization increasing at a rapid rate has been induced by policies that have opened economic systems internally ( domestically ) every bit good as internationally. One of the chief propagators of this was the wake of the 2nd universe war whereby authoritiess of different states in the universe decided to accept or implement the free market economic system which had an consequence on the productive potencies of their states and coevals new chances for planetary trade i.e. the trade was no longer domestic oriented but internationally oriented. This is to state that the policies opened up chances for international trade and investings. The Governments have farther negotiated the enormous decreases in barriers to commerce and hold established international understandings to advance trade in goods, services, and investings. These have opened up new chances in foreign markets and therefore corporations have built foreign mills and established production and selling agreements with foreign spouses. This is a defining characteristic of the late tendency of globalization, i.e. it is an international industrial and fiscal concern construction ( Jagdish, 1993 ) .

The new chances have made other states that had ceased them to be dominant in the Global economic system today. Now more than of all time, it is a clear image that the facet of globalisation has been one of the major subscribers to the rise in the economic laterality of many economic systems such as those in the Asiatic states i.e. India, China etc. To day of the month China has now integrated with practically every state around that universe. The Chinese corporations have come to be so powerful to the extent that the USA is in debt of more that 10bilion dollars to the Chinese Bankss. The latter is to state that the phenomenon of globalization has enormous impacts on emerging economic systems.

This essay will therefore focal point on discoursing the impact of globalization in the emerging market economic systems ; in so making, the essay will concentrate on specifying the emerging market economic systems, features of the emerging markets, specifying the construct of globalization, drivers of globalization, and effects of globalization on emerging market economic systems in footings of its benefits and drawbacks socially, economically, environmentally and technologically and eventually do a decision of this treatment.

2.0 Definitions and Concepts

2.1 What is Emerging Market Economy?

Emerging market economic systems are those economic systems that their economic system and industrialization grow in a rapid gait while sing a rapid addition in information efficiency in an environment. These economic systems are the leaders among developing states. To be more precise the followers are considered to be the taking emerging market economic systems Brazil, Russia, India, and China, usually referred top as the BRIC states. The taking one is China due to high growing of its GDP, engineering every bit good as literacy degree, approximately 93.3 % of Chinese entire population are literate, this became possible since the Chinese authorities executed its scheme of prioritizing instruction for its people from lower to the higher degrees hypertext transfer protocols: //

Discussed below will be the features of emerging market economic systems.

2.2 The Characteristics of Emerging Economies

2.2.1 Transitional

The economic system of the emerging economic systems are invariably in transformational procedure from closed to an unfastened market, seeking to brace their economic public presentations for conveying efficiency and transparence in the capital market.

Reform in Exchange Rate System

International Monetary Fund and World Bank assist the Emerging Market Economies in reforming their exchange rate systems in order to cut down flow of domestic capital to foreign economic systems since there is an addition of local every bit good as foreign investings in footings of portfolio and direct.

2.2.3 Attractive to Multinational Corporations

The states in this class are really much on the list of the favorable environments for investing by the MNC because of the ability to supply lower costs of labor and supplying a big client base.

2.2.4 Large Population

The first characteristic of these economic systems is the population in their state. The emerging economic systems have a big figure of people in their states as compared to other states in the universe. In the concern footings it means they contain a really big portion of the consumer base in their ain state. China for illustration is the most populated state ion the universe, and India is besides one of the individual states that have many people as about the full African continent.

2.2.5 High Gross Domestic Product Growth

These economic systems have a singular rate of growing on their GDP. China has been estimated to hold a 10 % growing rate in the last decennary. This rate makes it the fastest turning economic system in the universe and in old ages to come it may hold the taking economic system in the universe above the United States of America. Much of the growing nevertheless had been due to having Foreign Direct Investments from the Triads ( USA, Japan and Europe ) , thought in the recent old ages the BRIC group has besides been puting in the Triads.

2.2.6 Changes in Living manner

The states with the emerging economic systems are sing an addition in the alteration in the life manner of its population. There is a enormous alteration in footings of industrialisation, modernization every bit good as urbanisation. The rural countries are gnawing and more metropoliss with tall edifices and many investings are going prominent. Some of the wealthiest concerns and concern adult male are found in these emerging economic systems. Most of the states populations are more into going modern and more urbanized now than old ages back. Furthermore the criterion of life has improved markedly in these emerging economic systems. Many 1000000s continue to populate in poorness but a turning urban in-between category provides an spread outing market for both domestic merchandises and for imports from abroad.

2.2.7 Volatility of Assetss

The universe ‘s involvement for the assets of the emerging market economic systems has risen over the past old ages. The assets of the Emerging economic systems besides tend to go volatile at times, the returns is truly deserving put on the lining for. The financess of the Emerging economic systems have besides resulted in a much higher per centum of wealth.

2.3 The Concept of Globalisation

Globalization has been a construct narrated for many old ages by different bookman ‘s universe broad. Assorted dimensions come to visible radiation when the term globalization is mentioned. Basically the issue of integrating, in footings of the economic system, engineering, societal facets every bit good as political relations is of highest consideration when one defines globalization. Globalization is the system of interaction among the states of the universe in order to develop the planetary economic system.

Some bookmans have defined globalization merely as the procedure of interaction and integrating among the people, companies, and authoritiess of different states, a procedure driven by international trade and investing and aided by information engineering. This procedure has effects on the environment, civilization, political systems, economic development and prosperity, and human physical wellbeing in societies around the universe.

Globalization has been refers to the integrating of economic sciences and societies all over the universe. Globalisation involves technological, economic, political, and cultural exchanges made possible mostly by progresss in communicating, transit, and substructure ( Croucher, 2004 ) .

Others nevertheless as antecedently mentioned have defined globalization as the procedure of interaction and integrating among the people, companies, and authoritiess of different states, a procedure driven by international trade and investing and aided by information engineering. This procedure has effects on the environment, on civilization, on political systems, on economic development and prosperity, and on human physical wellbeing in societies around the universe hypertext transfer protocol: //

Globalization efforts to picture the stairss by which the webs in the universe in footings of communicating, transit and trading cause the linking ( integrating ) of the regional economic systems, societies, civilizations, every bit good as engineerings. At this point in clip most of the universe is sing the facet of economic globalization as one of the individual most important facet of globalisation. With this in head economic globalisation has been individually defined as the linking of economic systems of different states to make an international economic system via trade, FDIs, Investment hard currency flows, and the disperse of engineering. Globalisation is normally recognized as being driven by the brotherhood of the economic, technological, socio-cultural, political, environmental and biological factors.

For the intent of this essay, we therefore specify the term globalisation as the rapid addition in the interconnection of the different states economically, socially, politically, technologically every bit good as environmentally to resemble a individual small town ; the procedure extremely being facilitated by the addition in the information and communicating engineering.

2.4 Drivers of Globalisation.

There are many issues that have been discussed when it comes to why is there such an tremendous addition in globalization and why many states are opening their doors to this phenomenon much easy than earlier. One of the most common account to this has been summarized in one common and yet alone sentence. That is “ globalization is inevitable ” intending it will happen, whether one likes it or non it will go on. Never the less that sentence is excessively short to supply the nucleus drivers of globalization but instead merely explicate that the phenomenon is at that place to remain. The drivers for globalization can be put into the undermentioned classs:

Market drivers

Cost drivers

Technology drivers

Governmental drivers

Competitive drivers

These drivers are better explained below:

2.4.1 Market Driver

This really refers to when the companies consider the assorted markets to put. The shifting of the policies of the different authoritiess in the universe top holding a free market economic system has in fact lead to concerns that had a market that was limited to one state to hold a planetary market that waits for the specific merchandises or services that they offer. At this point in companies in different parts of the universe have to greater handiness of the different states universe broad. If there was a tendency of no free market economic system, the phenomenon of globalisation would hold been speed uping at a vey little gait and the major transmutations will non hold been recognized. At this point in clip there is the meeting of national markets into a remarkable monolithic planetary market place. To sell internationally is now easier due to falling of barriers on the cross-border trade. A company does n’t hold to be the size of these transnational giants to ease and profit from the globalisation of markets ( Owens 2008 )

2.4.2 Production Cost Driver

This becomes a driver when it occurs that the costs of production in your state is greater than in another state for the same merchandise, hence it becomes more advantageous for you to bring forth in another state than in your ain. It refers to the sourcing of goods and services from locations around the universe to take advantage of national differences in the cost and quality of factors of production. The thought is to vie more efficaciously offering a merchandise with good quality and low cost. Companies consider the assorted life style of the state before sing the monetary value of the merchandise and services to render. The companies that find themselves in hunt for international trade chances need to take into history the cost deductions associated to where they want to put. For illustration one might see bring forthing certain merchandises in Tanzania than in Europe due to cheaper labor costs etc ( Owens 2008 )

2.4.3 Technology Driver

This really refers to when there is increasing engineering system, transit, progressing in the degree of universe trade system. The have been many developments in engineering to day of the month and the rate seems unstoppable. These developments or alterations in Technological have achieved progresss in communicating, information processing, and transit engineering, including the Internet and the World Wide Web ( World Wide Web ) . The most of import invention has been development in the microprocessors after that planetary communications have been revolutionized by developments in orbiter, optical fibre, and radio engineerings, and now the Internet and the World Wide Web. The rapid growing of the cyberspace and the associated World Wide Web is the latest look of this development. Besides, inventions have occurred in the field of the transit engineering. The development of commercial jet aircraft has reduced the clip needed to acquire from one location to another. Now China is closer to the USA than of all time ( Owens 2008 )

2.4.4 Government Driver

This refers to the decrease of trade duties and non trade duties, as a consequence of cut downing the function of political policies. As antecedently mentioned the acceptance of the free market economic system has basically causes the autumn of barriers to international trade. Now houses are able to see the full planetary as its possible market. The lowering of barrier to merchandise and investings besides allows houses to establish production at the optimum location for that activity in order to accomplish location economic systems.

A house might hence, design a merchandise in one state, create a part/ constituent parts in two other states, assemble the merchandise in another state and so export the finished merchandise around the universe. The lowering of trade barriers has facilitated the globalization of production. The grounds besides suggests that foreign direct investing is playing an increasing function in the planetary economic system ( Croucher, 2004 ) .

2.4.5 Competition Driver

The facet of better merchandises as a consequence of competition has really made the facet of globalization an indispensable portion in many economic systems. The competition among companies ensures that there is a production of high quality merchandises globally ( Owens 2008 )

3.0 The impact of Globalisation on Emerging Market Economies

Over the old ages different arguments have existed on whether states should encompass or be opposed to the phenomenon of globalization. This argument is pioneered by the likely impact the globalization has on the assorted economic systems or states in the universe. There has been an statement that the facet of globalization has favoured already the developed states while continues to work the wealth of developing states. Below therefore is the treatment on the impact of globalization on the emerging market economic systems focused on five chief classs ;

3.1 Economic impact

Harmonizing to economic experts, there are a batch of planetary events connected with globalisation and integrating. The economic system of a state relies a batch on the concern environment that exists. Whether there is high domestic trading or there is a wider scope of investings from international companies. Globalisation has enabled the economic systems of different states top become incorporate. For illustration, the avenue of international trade now allows states to hold foreign currencies into their economic systems. Furthermore the facet of citizens being in one state and having belongings in another state is besides a world. The issues of loaning has now moved to a whole new degree, companies from one state ask for loans from Bankss in a different state every bit good as Bankss of one state can now set subdivisions in other counties which automatically affects the economic systems. Governments of one state travel and obtain loans from other states. A typical and yet most astonishing scenario is the fact that the American authorities being in 1000000s of debt to china which is an emerging economic system.

No uncertainty globalization has increased the foreign direct investings in different states. At this point in clip the Mc Donald ‘s company of the United States of America had made a record entry to the Russian and Chinese economic system when the policies of these states had allowed room for the free market economic system.

The GDP of states such as Chinas have benefited a batch as a consequence of globalisation. As mentioned earlier China ‘s GDP has been turning at a rate of 10 % , one of the fastest turning rates in the universe.

3.2 Socio-cultural Impact

Another noteworthy impact of globalization has been on the civilization of assorted societies in the universe. Globalization has been seen as a accelerator for alteration in the civilizations of less developed states to be more like those of the developed states. More specifically it is seen as an infliction of the pop civilization ( western civilization ) to other states. For illustration the manner in which people talk, act, frock etc has changed over the last few decennaries. The type of music that people listen to globally has changed ; even the ethical motives of certain societies have changed. Old ages back, it was hideous for adult females to have on miniskirts in the streets of Arabic states, but now this is going problematic. Even in African states some facets are altering.

Many people are waiving their heritage for the new life manners which are believed to be more modernised. Now people believe that if you speak your native linguistic communication and do non cognize how to talk English, so you are crude. All these are a consequence of globalization. The manner in which people communicate has now besides changed. Peoples have conversations via the phone and hold reduced the more traditional manner of communicating which was to see and see each other physically. No longer are people playing athleticss outside, they instead play video games, ticker films in the house, all these are a consequence of globalization. Furthermore there is a alteration in the type of ownership in the emerging economic systems.

The facet of globalization has introduced a more capitalist system in states that were chiefly involved in communal ownership ; the facet of ownership has become more of individualistic nature. This being the instance, there is no longer equal distribution of income among the people of China. This has benefited some of the members who believed that they deserved more for the more work they did but at the same clip has created a division among the rich and the hapless that was non at that place in the yesteryear.

3.3 Environmental Impact

The environment is more of the less discussed factors at times but is ne of the most of import facet that needs to be considered when looking upon the impacts of globalisation. The environment fundamentally refers to every thing that surrounds us. In the globalized universe more and more concern chances have emerged for the different concerns in the universe as a effect the concerns that are engaged in fabrication and affect the emanation of harmful substances have increased h=and have caused a devastation in the ozone bed in different parts of the universe. Furthermore, the less developed states have suffered on the environment as the developed states have used globalisation as a agency of dumping harmful merchandises from their states. There had been a prohibition on several environmentally harmful merchandises in Europe ; as a consequence, the European companies sold the goods to states like Tanzania etc to non endure losingss. This was a agency of dumping their waste merchandises. On the other manus though, through globalization, there are now campaigns all over the universe that relate to environmentally protection. International ; pacts on environmentally friendly productions have been signed by different states. The decrease in green house emanation pacts have been signed by many states in the universe being led by United provinces of America and China, the most extremely fouling states in the Earth.

3.4 Technological Impact

Globalization has lead to the addition in the spread of engineering all over the universe. At this point in clip, practically all parts of the universe are awe-are of the bing engineerings every where. The engineering that is used in Europe is besides used in China and at times even found in Africa. Globalisation has enabled the universe to make, modify different technological devices that were founded by some one else in the different portion of the Earth. The Japanese have been known to modify different engineerings that they see bing in the USA. The Chinese are now the 1s who imitate all the bing engineerings anyplace in the Earth. The sphere of globalization has made the latest engineerings to be in every portion of the universe. Ranging from the latest nomadic phones, laptops, picture games and all other appliances, globalization in one manner or the other has ensured that no 1 is left behind.

3.5 Political-Legal Impact

The last facet that globalisation has impacted is on the issue of political and legal environment. Globalisation has been at the Centre in the increased international Torahs that are in being, the being on the planetary organisations that provide rules across the universe. The United Nations ( UN ) , the World Bank ( WB ) , the international pecuniary fund ( IMF ) and the similar. The increased interconnection of different counties has enabled the being of the organisations to harvests cut different states. For illustration some of the policies in the less underdeveloped states ( LDCs ) such as the Structural Adjustment Program have been influenced by the World bank, some have been influenced by the united states etc. This shows how globalisation has impacted the political and legal ambiance of a state. State losingss its sovereignty in globalisation as it is being scrutinized by the international states. For illustration all of the states are now looking at the policies of China and seek to dispute some of the things that it is making. In so making, the sovereignty of the state is being lost ( Croucher, 2004 ) .

4.0 Decision

In general, no 1 can deny the fact that globalization is inevitable in today ‘s competitory concern environment. The issue is on how the states take the being of globalization. Through in the treatment we saw that there are benefits that are being seen from the being of the phenomenon, but there are besides damaging effects. All of these depend on the state and therefore the context in which globalization takes topographic point since each state differs from one another in footings of comparative advantages. There are issues that are related to the loss of a state ‘s freedom and sovereignty that play a cardinal portion on whether to encompass or reject globalization, however, globalization will go on. In a brief overview though one can see that there are many economically related benefits that have been associated with emerging market economic systems and hence likely cause for the increased credence in the phenomenon.The facets of the spread outing gross revenues i.e. where by the emerging economic systems are holding a wider market for its merchandises is a noteworthy ground for the credence of globalization. Now the states with emerging economic systems are holding the markets in practically in many or any state of the universe runing from Europe to Africa, the Middle East and America. Furthermore, they have now been able to get resources such as engineering and cheap labor from the assorted states that they have invested in. The credence in globalization has besides reduced the hazards that have been associated with the investing in merely their state as there are many fruitful chances in other states.

However, in essay 2 critical appraisals on the impact of globalization to the emerging market economic systems will be discussed by measuring the positive and negative impacts in peculiar the civilization ( socio-culture ) , economic, engineering and environment of China.