The authoritative kids narrative “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” was written by Lyman Frank Baum. This novel is published by George M. Hill Company and it was foremost released in the twelvemonth 1900. This narrative has been revised and written in many ways. The first authoritative film of “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” was released in the twelvemonth 1939. In my sentiment, this narrative is a authoritative narrative, full with moral values and amusement. It teaches the kids the value of friendly relationship and love. This narrative is a clean narrative and is appropriate for kids.

In my sentiment, secret plan in a narrative determines the five indispensable parts of the narrative which is the debut, lifting action, flood tide, falling action and the decision. Harmonizing to Laurence Perrine,

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Plot is the sequence of incidents or events which a narrative is composed. When recounted by itself, it bears about the same relationship to a narrative that a map does to a journey. Just as a map may be drawn on a finer or grosser graduated table, so may a secret plan be recounted with lesser or greater item. It may include what a character says or thinks, every bit good as what he does, but it leaves our description and analysis and dressed ores normally on major occurrences. ( 1988, p. 41 )


In my sentiment, expounding in a narrative is the debut of the narrative. The expounding in the novel “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” is when Dorothy, one of the chief characters in the narrative, is being introduced. This character is being introduced by giving the reader an image of the environing she is populating in. This portion of the narrative introduced Dorothy as an orphan whom is populating with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. It besides described the dull environing that Dorothy was populating in with her aunt, uncle and her Canis familiaris, Toto. Toto is the character that ever makes Dorothy laugh and forestalling her to be every bit dull as the environing she is populating in. The presence of the cyclone was besides mentioned in the expounding. Dorothy ‘s house was swept off and was carried far off from Kansas and landed on a faraway land, the Land of Oz. ( p.99-p.101 )

Rising Action

In my sentiment, a lifting action in a fresh involves a edifice up of tenseness and besides suspense in order to do a narrative more interesting and grabs the readers ‘ involvements to read the narrative. The lifting action in the novel “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” is when Dorothy met the Munchkins and started for her journey to run into the great ace of Oz. Throughout her journey, she had made a few friends that is the straw man, the fearful king of beasts and the Sn woodsman. In my sentiment, the lifting action besides includes the obstructions all of these four characters had to travel through in order to travel to the Emerald City to run into the great Wizard of Oz. Other than that, the scene where Dorothy and her friends eventually met Oz and was asked to finish a really hard undertaking that is to kill the Wicked Witch of the West first before all of their wants could be granted. ( p102 – p. 154 )


In my sentiment, a flood tide in a narrative is the most intense portion of the narrative. It is a portion of the narrative where the scenes are more complicated and involves a great trade of suspense and exhilaration. The flood tide in the novel is when Dorothy and her friends are on their journey to kill the Wicked Witch of the West. In my sentiment, the flood tide besides involves the hurdlings that they went through, the portion where the Wicked Witch of the West sent wolves, bees and winged monkeys to rupture all of them to pieces. The Wicked Witch of the West being melted is besides a portion of the flood tide in this narrative. ( p.155 – p.164 )

Falling Action

In my sentiment, falling action in a narrative is less intense compared to lifting action and flood tide. It is a passage before a narrative moves to the decision. The falling action in the novel is when Dorothy and her three friends return back to the Emerald City to run into the great ace of Oz to inquire him to carry through his promises. However, the great ace of Oz is no ace after all. He is merely a baloney. Nevertheless, the Sn woodsman, straw man and the fearful king of beasts severally got their wants. The farewell of Oz in a hot air balloon go forthing Dorothy buttocks is besides a portion of the falling action in this narrative. Last, the falling action in this narrative is besides when Dorothy travelled to run into the Witch of the South, Glinda, to inquire for her aid. ( p.165 – p. 202 )


Point OF VIEW In my sentiment, decision in a narrative is where the narrative is resolved. The decision can either be a happy stoping or a sad stoping. In the narrative, the decision is a happy stoping. The decision in this narrative is when Dorothy meets Glinda and asked for her aid to transport Dorothy back place to Kansas. Dorothy clapped the heels of her Ag shoes together for three times and was transported back place. The narrative ends with Dorothy being in bed, reunited with her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. ( p. 202 – p. 206 )

Harmonizing to Laurence Perrine ( 1988 ) , point of position is, “ The narrative is told by a storyteller utilizing the 3rd individual ” . In the narrative of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the point of position is the 3rd individual nonsubjective point of position. The 3rd individual nonsubjective point of position is a narrative told by a storyteller that knows everything in the narrative and his cognition is limitless. The storyteller besides has the ability to travel from one character to another in order to show the motives and feelings of his characters. The storyteller is able to depict each and every character ‘s emotions. For illustration, in the narrative, the storyteller describes Dorothy ‘s emotions, which is unhappiness, when she is non able to follow Oz to travel place to Kansas.

“ But I do n’t desire to populate here, ” cried Dorothy. “ I want to travel to Kansas, and unrecorded with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. ” ( p.187 )

Other than that, the 3rd individual nonsubjective point of position could be seen when the storyteller describes the departure of Oz ;

When it was all ready, Oz sent word to his people that he was traveling to do a visit to a great brother ace who lived in the clouds ( p.185 )


Puting is divided into three standards that are geographical scene, historical scene and physical scene. Puting besides describes the topographic point and clip an event takes topographic point in a peculiar narrative. In this narrative, merely geographical scene and physical scene is involved. Apart from that, the temper and ambiance are besides of import elements in puting.

Geographic Puting

Based on my apprehension, geographical scene is a scene that involves the topographic point of where the scenes of the narrative take topographic point. For illustration, in this novel, the chief geographical scene would be Kansas and Emerald City. For case, Kansas is the topographic point where Dorothy comes from. Kansas was the where the narrative starts with a cyclone brushing off Dorothy ‘s house into the cyclone and ends with Dorothy returning safely to her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. The ambiance of Kansas is really dull and has a really grey environing. The temper of this scene is glooming and unhappy as this ambiance is parallel to the features of Uncle Henry and Aunt Em which are glooming and unhappy. The description of Kansas could be seen in the first chapter of the narrative, in page 99.

“ When Dorothy stood in the room access and looked around, she could see nil but the grey prairie on every side ” . ( p. 99 )

Next, the Emerald metropolis is besides one of the major geographical scenes in this narrative. Emerald City is where the Great Wizard of Oz lives and regulations his topics. Many important events have taken topographic point in Emerald City. For illustration, the scene whereby Dorothy and her friends had travelled such a far journey to Emerald City to run into the Great Wizard of Oz. Other than that, Dorothy and her friends had besides discovered that the Great Wizard of Oz was no more than a baloney. Apart from that, Emerald City is besides the geographical scene whereby straw man was granted as a swayer by Oz. Emerald City is a really beautiful metropolis. The metropolis is largely of green colour and the metropolis besides glows. This creates a beautiful ambiance that and gives the Emerald metropolis the temper of a really beautiful and great land. This is described in the 11th chapter of this narrative, page 145.

“ Even with eyes protected by the green eyeglassess, Dorothy and her friends were at first dazzled by the luster of the fantastic metropolis ” ( p.145 ) .

Physical Setting

Based on my apprehension, physical scene is a scene that revolves more on the item of the narrative. For illustration, the description of the surrounding, how one dresses, colourss that are seen and how a character really behaves harmonizing to the scene. Physical puting gives the readers a clearer image of the scene and enables them to conceive of the narrative themselves. The description of the coming of the cyclone, one of the physical scenes, is described in the first chapter, page 100.

“ From far north they heard a low lament of the air current, and Uncle Henry and Dorothy could see where the long grass bowed in moving ridges before the coming storm ” ( p. 100 ) .

The description of the motion of the grass is one of the physical scenes stated. This peculiar scene shows the ambiance of Kansas right before the storm and it created the temper of glumness and pandemonium as everyone was running for shelter from the storm.

Apart from the cyclone, chapter two of the narrative that is “ The Council with the Munchkin ” besides involves physical scene. In the scene where Dorothy met with the Munchkin, the features of the Munchkins are described with much item that will enable the reader to conceive of the narrative. The grounds of this scene can be seen in page 102.

“ They wore circular chapeaus that rose to a little point a pes above their caputs, with und the lips that tinkled sweetly as they moved ” ( p.102 ) .

The description of the dressing of the Munchkin gives a graphic image of how the character really looks like. These munchkins created a really uneven ambiance to Dorothy as she has ne’er seen such animals with such uneven dressings. The munchkins even felt odd when they looked at Dorothy, in fact, they feared her presence, which the grounds can be seen in page 103.

“ When these people drew near the house where Dorothy was standing in the room access, they paused and whispered among themselves, as if afraid to come farther ” ( p.103 ) .

This creates a really uneven temper as both Dorothy and the Munchkins are different from each other.


Harmonizing to Laurence Perrine “ The subject of a piece of fiction is its commanding thought or its cardinal penetration ” ( 1988 ) . For illustration, in the novel of “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” , there are a few of import subjects that could be seen.

One of the chief subjects in the novel of “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” would be the subject of friendly relationship. Friendship is an of import subject in this novel as it portrays the strong friendly relationship between Dorothy and her three comrades. This could be seen when Dorothy, the Sn woodsman, the straw man and the fearful king of beasts passes the poppy field. Both Dorothy and the fearful king of beasts fell asleep in the field of poppies. The straw man and the Sn woodsman saved Dorothy from the deathly poppy field ;

‘So they picked up Toto and put the Canis familiaris in Dorothy ‘s lap, and they made a chair with their custodies for the place and their weaponries for the weaponries and carried the kiping miss between them through the flowers ” ( p.135-p.136 ) .

Next, the subject of place Sweet place can besides be observed. Dorothy still wants to travel place despite the dull surrounding that she was populating in. She had a beautiful state to populate in, but yet, she tries everything in her power to return place to Kansas. This is where the subject of place Sweet place could be observed as to Dorothy, nil could replace her place.

“ Send me back to Kansas, where my Aunt Em and Uncle Henry are, ” she answered seriously. “ I do n’t wish your state, although it is so beautiful. And I am certain Aunt Em will be awfully worried over my being off so long ” ( p.149 ) .

In this peculiar line, we could see that although Dorothy had a pick to be in a much better and beautiful topographic point, she still went through all the problem to return place as her place is where she genuinely belongs.

Third, the subject of finding could besides be seen in this peculiar novel. All of the four characters which are Dorothy, the Sn woodsman, the fearful king of beasts and the straw man, are all determined to hold their wants come true. They went through a batch of hurdlings in order to finish their journey and carry through their desire. They were certain that the great ace of Oz had the power to allow their wants and had gone on with the journey with a great finding. Their finding has really granted all of their wants.

The straw man was both pleased and proud at the fulfilment of his greatest want, and holding thanked Oz heartily he went back to his friends. ( p.181 )

Then the Sn woodsman went back to his friends, who wished him every joy on history of his good luck. ( p.182 )

“ Full moon of bravery, ” replied the Lion, who went gleefully back to his friends to state them of his good luck. ( p.182 )

“ From the Land degree Fahrenheit Oz ” , said Dorothy soberly. “ And here is Toto, excessively. And oh, Aunt Em! I ‘m so glad to be at place once more! ” ( p.206 )

The straw man had a encephalon made out of pins and acerate leafs, the Sn woodsman has a bosom made out of silk and stuffed with sawdust, the fearful king of beasts had gained bravery by imbibing a potion made by Oz and Dorothy was eventually able to return place to Kansas.

Fictional characters

Harmonizing to Richard Gill, “ Fictional characters in novel have been specially created by writers when writers create characters, they select some facets of ordinary people, develop some of those facets, whilst playing down others, and put them together as they please ” ( 1985 ) . In my sentiment, characters determine the temper of the narrative and the flow of the narrative. Fictional characters are besides the 1 that are able to impact the reader ‘s heads and feelings. There are major and minor characters and they have their really ain motives. Harmonizing to Kriszner and Mandell, “ Motivation is the ground behind a character ‘s behaviour ” ( 2007 ) .

Major Fictional characters

Based on my apprehension, major characters are characters that play the most portion in a narrative. Major characters besides develop harmonizing to the secret plan of the narrative and are present throughout the whole narrative. For illustration, in the novel of “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” , there are a few major characters such as Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow. Each of these characters has their ain motives.


The character of Dorothy in the novel “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” is one of the major characters, a supporter. She is, nevertheless, a inactive character. Harmonizing to Laurence Perrine ( 1988 ) , “ The inactive character is the same kind of individual at the terminal of the narrative as at the beginning. ” Dorothy is a inactive character because her character does non alter in footings of personality and functions. Dorothy ‘s character ‘s chief focal point was to return place to Kansas from the beginning until the terminal. This can be seen in the first chapter of the narrative, page 105, and it can besides be seen in the last chapter of the narrative, page 203.

“ I am dying to acquire back to my aunt and uncle, for I am certain they will worry about me. Can you assist me happen my manner? ” ( p.105 )

“ My greatest want now, ” she added, “ is to acquire back to Kansasaˆ¦aˆ¦ can non afford it ” ( p.203 )

The despairing demand to return place to Kansas is this character ‘s motive. The character ‘s motive was the ground behind all the problem Dorothy went through merely to return place to Kansas.

Cowardly Lion

The character of the Cowardly Lion in the novel “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” is a supporter and this character is a dynamic character. Harmonizing to Laurence Perrine ( 1988 ) , “ The development ( or dynamic ) character undergoes a lasting alteration in some facet of character, personality or mentality ” . The Cowardly Lion is a dynamic character because the character transformed from being a coward to a brave king of beasts. The personality of the character changed and this character ‘s motive is to derive bravery. This can be seen in page 125.

“ Then, if you do n’t mind, I ‘ll travel with you, ” said the Lion, “ for my life is merely intolerable without a spot of bravery. ” ( p.125 )


Similar to the character of the Cowardly king of beasts, the character of Scarecrow in the novel “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” is besides a supporter and is besides a dynamic character. The motive for this character is to hold encephalons and the straw man had travelled all the manner to run into Oz in order to carry through his one and merely end that is to hold a encephalon. This character is a dynamic character as the personality of this character changed. This character had transformed from being merely a straw man to a swayer, replacing Oz. This could be seen in page 185.

“ I am now traveling off to do a visit. While I am gone the Scarecrow will govern over you. I command you to obey him as you would me ” ( p. 185 )

Minor Fictional characters

In my sentiment, minor characters are characters that play really small function in a narrative and most of them may be inactive. Minor characters besides do non develop every bit much as the major characters do. In the narrative of “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” , I have picked two minor characters which are Aunt Em and Toto, Dorothy ‘s Dog.

Aunt Em

Aunt Em is Dorothy ‘s auntie. She is the married woman of Dorothy ‘s uncle, Uncle Henry. Aunt Em is a inactive character. Aunt Em is a really dull and unhappy character. She used to be a immature and pretty married woman but over clip, she became thin and ne’er smiled. Aunt Em might be populating an unhappy matrimony with her hubby, Uncle Henry. This can be seen in the first chapter of the narrative, page 99.

“ She was thin and gaunt and ne’er smiled now ” . ( p. 99 )

Aunt Em ‘s motive would be to supply love and attention for Dorothy. As Dorothy is an orphan, she merely depends on her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry for love and protection. This can be seen in the last chapter of the narrative when Aunt Em was relieved to see Dorothy.

“ My darling kid! ” she cried, turn uping the small miss in her weaponries and covering her face with busss. ( p. 206 )

Toto, Dorothy ‘s Canis familiaris.

Toto is Dorothy ‘s Canis familiaris. In my sentiment, Toto is a level character. This is because Toto is present throughout the whole narrative but the character of Toto is barely developed. Harmonizing to E.M. Forster, “ A level character is hardly developed or stereotyped ” ( 1927 ) . Toto is a cheerful Canis familiaris, and similarly Dorothy, Toto is non influenced by the dull surrounding. The grounds is as the followers:

Toto was non grey ; he was a small black Canis familiaris, with long satiny hair and little black eyes that twinkled happily on either side of his good story, wee nose. ( p.100 )

Toto ‘s motive is to attach to Dorothy and to hearten her up. This can be seen in the first chapter of the narrative.

It was Toto that made Dorothy laugh, and saved her from turning every bit grey as her other milieus. ( p.100 )


Based on my apprehension, stylistic devices, besides known as figures of address, is used to do a narrative more interesting and livelier in order to capture their attending. Stylistic devices are besides used to analyse a text. There are many stylistic devices being used in the novel “ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ” such as simile, symbol and personification.


Based on my apprehension, simile is a comparing of things that are dissimilar by utilizing words ‘like ‘ or ‘as ‘ to link it. For illustration, in the novel ( page 158 ) , the dead and scattered black bees is being compared with small tonss of all right coal.

And as bees can non populate when their stings are brokenaˆ¦ … like small tonss of all right coal ( p.158 )

Other than that, the thaw of the Wicked Witch of the West being compared to brown sugar is besides an illustration of simile.

“ I ‘m really regretful so, ” said Dorothy, who was genuinely scared to see the enchantress really runing off like brown sugar before her really eyes. ( p. 163 )


Harmonizing to Laurence Perrine, “ A literary symbol is something that means more than what it is ” ( 1988 ) . Based on my apprehension, symbol can be a topographic point, individual, thing, event that represents another significance. For illustration, the bosom that the Tin Woodman seeks from the great Wizard, Oz, represents felicity and love.

“ I shall take the bosom, ” returned the Tin Woodman ; “ for encephalons do non do one happy, and felicity is the best thing in the universe. ” ( p. 122 )

Next, the encephalon that the Scarecrow seeks for symbolizes wisdom and cognition.

“ I feel wise so, ” he answered seriously. “ When I get used to my encephalons I shall cognize everything. ” ( p. 181 )


Based on my apprehension, personification is seting human characters into other things, particularly inanimate things. For illustration, personification could be seen in chapter 19 when the combat trees are applied with human characters that are the ability to catch and prehend utilizing its subdivisions.

He walked up to another tree, as he spoke, but its subdivisions instantly seized him and tossed him back once more. ( p. 192 )

Next, the application of human characters into the Scarecrow, a stuffed adult male, is besides considered to be a personification. The Scarecrow is able to walk and speak merely like a normal human being.

Dorothy was puzzled at this, for it sounded fagot to hear a stuffed adult male speak, and to see him bow and walk along beside her. ( p. 111 )