France has had a long and varied history of covering with terrorist act since the terminal of the Second World War ; this was chiefly marked by the traumatic period of the 1960 ‘s. Following the Gallic authorities ‘s determination to abandon Algeria, it was faced with a putsch mounted by elements from the Gallic Army Parachute units and the Foreign Legion, who took control of substructure in Algeria but were unable to leap on Paris to see the putsch through in 1961.

France faced farther agitation with the pupil force of 1968, where there was a existent possibility of the authorities being overthrown by violent agitation, this led to a monolithic military presence being deployed in the urban countries alongside the Police and Gendarmerie to incorporate and restrict the force.

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In the 1970 ‘s France had a quieter clip than other European states, with the major terrorist incident being the1975 surety taking in Orly airdrome, Paris that resulted in Gallic governments supplying the Arab terrorists responsible with a plane to wing to safety to Baghdad, Iraq. ( 1 )

However the 1980 ‘s proved to be much more violent and deadlier, in the first portion of the 1980 ‘s these onslaughts ranged from the attempted blackwash of members of the former Shah of Iran ‘s government, synagogue bombardments, and the July 23rd 1983 bag bomb at Orly Airport, Paris where 8 people were killed and 55 wounded. ( 2 )

The 2nd half of the 1980 ‘s saw a much more conjunct run of force which began in 1985, with a 10 month bombing run aiming station offices, eating houses, metros, trains and shopping promenades in a mode that would be used decennaries subsequently by Islamic terrorists to deathly consequence. ( 3 )

On 19th September 1989, a Gallic air hose UTA was blown up in mid air over Niger killing 170 people. ( 4 )

During the 1980 ‘s France pursued a policy of about ignorance to terrorism much the same as most other states in Europe, whereby they turned a unsighted oculus to terrorists go throughing through France or establishing themselves in France so long as France was non attacked. While at the same clip covering with place grown terrorist onslaughts from the FNLC, “ Front National Liberation Corse ” , ETA “ Euskadi Ta Askatasuna ” , Corsican and Basque separationists severally and Action Directe, a leftist direct action group, there was no intelligence led attempt or one that used a modern counter terrorist method it was merely a instance of utilizing Police investigators as a maul to check a nut.

The 1990 ‘s marked the period of clip when France began to switch its position on terrorist act and the response it would take to it, this was prompted by the state of affairs in Frances former settlement of Algeria. Algeria was sing an epidemic of terrorist act with the civil war between the GIA, “ Groupe Islamique Arme ” and the Algerian authorities forces.

The GIA, made the determination to widen the war onto Gallic dirt to affect the 4 million Muslims who live in France, many of whom are of Algerian beginning and besides to warn France for its support for the Algerian government.

This took the signifier of commandeering an Air France airliner on 24th of December 1994, the airliner was stormed by the GIGN, French Gendarmerie intercession unit at Marseille airdrome ensuing in the deceases of all the terrorists involved and the successful deliverance of all the sureties apart from 3 executed prior to the storming of the plane. ( 5 )

This was France ‘s wakeup call, that it was now at the bow forepart of a war whether it liked it or non and that it would stay a mark and would necessitate to dramatically alter the manner it dealt with terrorist act to protect itself.

The GIA, so proceeded to establish a bombardment run against France, it commenced with a gas bottle bomb at the St-Michel station on the Paris regional rail line on July twenty-fifth 1995, killing 8 and injuring 80. This run continued with bombs at the Arc de Triomphe, Lyon rail lines, Paris metropolis Centre squares, Judaic school in Lyon, and farther gas bottle bombs on the Paris tube lines. ( 6 )

The effects of these onslaughts led to the establishing and refinement of the Gallic Counter Terrorism Strategy.

Following the events of the 9th September 2001 onslaughts on the twin towers, counter terrorist act became a precedence for the Gallic authorities

Counter Terrorism Strategy

France made the focal point of its counter terrorist act scheme, Prevention, with the undermentioned characteristics organizing the bar barrier.

Information, the assemblage of information on suspects, organisations, and explicating programs to fix for covering with possible terrorist incidents and terrorists

Intelligence, placing individuals and groups involved in fixing Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act, assemblage of grounds to enable a successful apprehension and prosecution

Infiltration, come ining into the groups responsible to place all individuals involved and the full extent of the programs made, and to interrupt activities across France, making a clime of fright for all groups be aftering Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act on Gallic dirt.

All these points would so come together to organize the preemptive and preventive barrier to terrorist onslaughts in France.

This scheme was one where in theory it would forestall terrorist onslaughts from being committed and where full terrorist groups could be dismantled and sent to prison, every bit good as being one that would function to do terrorists believe twice earlier seeking to perpetrate Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act within France.

It has made terrorist act an act of offense committed by felons, as opposed to a war on panic waged by improper battlers as the United States has done. This has enabled it to convey the full weight of the judicial system, province security setup and jurisprudence enforcement groups to the forepart every bit good as being able to ordain new Torahs and legislative acts without them being deemed as against the values and rights of Gallic citizens.

In 1984 and 1986, following the terrorist onslaughts on Gallic dirt of the 1980 ‘s the Gallic authorities formed two new organisations.

8th October 1984 UCLAT “ Unite de Coordination de la Lutte anti Terroriste ” , was created it falls under the general board of directors of the Police Nationale, it was charged with ;

Coordination of all groups involved in counter terrorist act operations from the Gallic State, to guarantee that intelligence was shared, information pooled and all bureaus were able to convey their full collective weight behind battling terrorist act

Conducting operations, UCLAT would go the controlling organisation for all operations, so that regardless of how little or big the unit at the bow forepart of the operation was it would be afforded the full support and control of UCLAT.This was to enable and guarantee that probes could be conducted to the full and duties complied with and above all terrorist onslaughts prevented.

Guidance, UCLAT became the unit responsible for puting and publishing policies and information on the mode of counter terrorist act operations. This enabled all organisations involved to run on common land, so that all would follow the same criterion processs, and be able to run aboard each other and pass probes along to each other without break. ( 7 )

To work side by side with the UCLAT, the other organisation formed in 1986 was a specialised unit of the bench the SCLAT “ Service pour Coordination de la Lutte Anti Terroriste ” ( 8 ) .

Under the SCLAT, a subdivision of the14th Arrondisment Trial Court of Paris would hold exclusive duty for terrorist act offenses ; this would forestall reprisals against Judgess and besides guarantee that the Judgess would hold a cognition base and ability unrivalled in any other tribunal in France they are present from the early phases of an probe with the Judgess reexamining the facts and telling surveillance, phone interception and apprehensions, this ensures that the operations are conducted to the Judgess specifications to guarantee instances are prosecuted successfully. It besides means that in the event of major terrorist act instances the prosecution itself is rock solid as the full procedure has been advised and assisted by the specializer Judgess from the start. This is in a similar vena to the American province and territory prosecuting officers who assist constabularies probes from the start, nevertheless where as they cover a wide spectrum of condemnable jurisprudence, the Gallic SCLAT Judgess would hold an adept cognition of terrorist act going specializers themselves in the same ways as the intelligence services that would forestall chances being missed to prosecute terrorists and to forestall incidents such as the Guildford and Birmingham abortions of justness, whilst guaranting terrorists no affair how little or on the peripheries would be dealt with as such. They would besides divide political relations from prosecution, in a state such as France which has veered from left to compensate, has powerful communist parties and far right parties it was critical to guarantee terrorist act being used as a political tool.

Another alone portion of the SCLAT procedure and the specialised test tribunal of Paris was that terrorist act tests would non be tests by jury but tests by experts. Seven Judgess would preside over the instance with one presiding as president and six as assessors ; this was non a repetition of military courts of the Algeria war, or of the British Dip lock tribunals of Northern Ireland. But acknowledgment that in Frances scheme the methods of probe into a terrorist act instance were supra and beyond a jury of equals and required to be kept secret.

This has been argued that it is against the values and ethical motives of Human Rights, but France believes it to be the best method of protecting the Human Rights of its citizens against citizens.

In similar vena to the British bar of Terrorism Torahs and legislative acts, the Gallic enacted their ain Article 706 in 1986, these drawn-out Police powers and penalties for those convicted of engagement in terrorist act offenses, these powers included:

Extension of detainment bounds with charge from 48 hours to 96 hours.

Increased hunts

Increased powers for constabulary individuality cheques

No entree to a attorney for 72 hours

No revelation of apprehension to 3rd parties for continuance of detention

Addition of the maximal sentence for terrorist act to 30 old ages and condemnable confederacy to perpetrate terrorist act to 10 old ages ( 9 )

A farther jurisprudence was introduced in 1996 Article 647 ; this created an offense of “ Association de malfaiteurs en relation avec une endeavor terroriste ” – Criminal association in relation to a terrorist project. ( 10 )

This jurisprudence gave the Gallic alone powers to collar, charge and convict those on the peripheries of terrorist act, those where there is deficient grounds for a more serious charge and besides those get downing to come in into terrorist act before they commit serious offenses.

This has been the most widely used jurisprudence in the Gallic counter terrorist act armory, it was designed to cover with the singularly Gallic job in terrorist act, that of Algerian subjects in France perpetrating terrorist Acts of the Apostless for the GIA.

France besides updated the “ Vigipirate ” program in 1995, 2000 and 2004 ; Vigipirate is the Gallic National Security qui vive system designed to implement precautions to protect the populace and supply them with a warning as to the menace faced by them of a terrorist onslaught.

It is divided into 2 systems the degree of menaces marked by different colorss, and the country the menace is located.

The coloring material codifications are ;

White- No menace

Yellow-Imprecise menace ( Increased watchfulness )

Orange-Plausible menace ( Reduced public activities, increased constabulary presence in sensitive countries )

Red-Proven menace ( Physical protection of public establishments, deliverance and response administrations on standby, Military patrols supplementing Police )

Crimson-Imminent menace ( Closure of public countries as needed, intervention units on standby, Emergency measures brought into force, possibility of province of exigency ) ( 11 )

The countries of menace are ;

Piraterre- Land onslaught

Piratair- Air onslaught

Piratmer- Sea onslaught

Piratome- Nuclear onslaught

Piratox- Chemical onslaught ( 12 )

The Gallic populace are long used to the sight of armed constabularies and military personnels on the street and this non viewed as an violation on civil autonomies, as with the British menace degrees, bins are removed from Stationss and replaced with see through bags, random cheques are put in topographic point and control points established.

Gallic Intelligence Organisation

( 13 )

Intelligence assemblage is by the undermentioned units ;

Ministry of Defence

DGSE-Central Directorate for External Security, the Gallic external Intelligence bureau comparable to MI6

DRM- Directorate Military Intelligence, groups the three subdivisions of military intelligence together

DPSD-Defence Protection and Security Directorate, responsible for the protection of staff, equipment and stuff of the ministry

Ministry of the Interior

DCRI-Central Direction of internal Intelligence, French domestic intelligence bureau French equivalent of MI5

SDIG-Division of General Information, responsible for public security, urban force, public upset

DGGN-Gendarmerie National, paramilitary Police assemblage of intelligence by constabularies methods in rural countries and abroad districts

DRRP-Intelligence Direction of the Paris Police Headquarters, responsible for the assemblage of intelligence and patroling operations in counter terrorist act, this can be considered the equivalent of the Metropolitan Police ‘s Anti Terrorism bid

Ministry of Budget

DNRED-National Customs Intelligence and Investigations Directorate, responsible for assemblage of intelligence from individuals come ining the state and through ports and airdromes, the equivalent of Her Majesty ‘s Revenue and Customs intelligence unit

TRACFIN-Financial intelligence Analysis and Money Laundering Investigations, responsible for garnering intelligence from fiscal minutess, money laundering, fraud and carry oning fiscal cheques on terrorist act probes

From these bureaus the intelligence is gathered, evaluated and processed, the constabulary fulfil the function of street degree intelligence bite from information given to officers in the street, and from general finds in the class of jurisprudence enforcement. This is parallel to the Gendarmerie carry oning the same function in their countries of duty, intelligence and information is passed up to the DRRP, who fulfil the function of over ticker for the constabulary and DGGN for the Gendarmerie and who pass on countries for probe and surveillance to the Police from other bureaus, and collate the information from the constabulary and Gendarmerie and base on balls this on to the National Intelligence Council. The DGSE and bureaus under the control of the ministry of Defence base on balls on intelligence gleaned from exterior of France to be acted on by domestic bureaus, and to explicate programs and actions in the counter terrorist act scheme. Similarly these bureaus pass on to friendly foreign bureaus intelligence arising from inside France.

The DCRI fulfils the function of domestic over ticker placing marks for surveillance, cultivating betrayers and placing of agents inside suspected terrorist groups, interceding and working the constabulary and Gendarmerie on joint operations.

France has an advantage every bit good as a disadvantage in that it contains a big population of Maghrebian Muslims ; this is the country where France has suffered antecedently from the overspill of the Algerian GIA panic.

Alongside side these The DNRED similarly gathers intelligence from individuals come ining France from which it can go through these inside informations on for farther action, and besides to forestall those considered unwanted from come ining France. This is a chief portion of Gallic anti terrorist act statute law leting for the remotion of those considered unwanted to the well being of the Gallic state, they are able to make this in a much easier mode than the British governments, with the Gallic being less concerned with Human rights of suspected terrorists

With the TRACFIN, runing to place suspected terrorist fundss, and go throughing on leery inside informations to enable fellow bureaus to widen operations.

The National Intelligence Council fulfils the function of the COBRA commission in the UK measuring the menace, and with the UCLAT seting the Vigipirate degree consequently, and puting precedences for actions.

To demo this further an illustration of intelligence being shared, managed and passed downward from an outside beginning, would get down with the DGSE being informed by a friendly bureau of suspected terrorists come ining France, this information would be passed via the NIC to the DCRI for auctioning and to the DNRED, to get down cheques on the whether the suspects had entered the state.

On set uping that they had this information is so passed out onto the DGGN and DRRP, so that surveillance can be commenced in concurrence with the DCRI, on placing other members of the cell, inside informations are passed for actions to the TRACFIN to set up fiscal profiles of life on the suspects. Intelligence so flows back from these groups to organize a complete profile to be passed to the NIC, to so be acted on prevent an onslaught occurring.

The exact same would happen if the initial information was gathered by the TRACFIN, it would so be passed onto the other bureaus for moving on to finish a profile, organizing a spider ‘s web of information passing to each other to move on or holding been acted on, that fills in each piece of the saber saw.


In this subdivision you will:

Measure the effectivity of the counter terrorist act scheme, plans and policies

Identify elements or countries that have non been addressed by the scheme or programs within the scheme

[ 40 per cent Markss have been accorded to this subdivision. ]

Key in your text here.

Effectiveness of the Gallic Counter Terrorism Strategy

France has been considered the most effectual illustration of Counter Terrorism in action ; this has been due to its success in covering with ETA, and the GIA cells runing within France. The British had proved themselves highly adept at covering with the dangers posed by the IRA, in the same manner as the Gallic and Spanish did with ETA, but these were individual issue terrorist groups and the universe of terrorist act had changed.

This was due to France confronting Islamic extremist terrorist act a batch earlier than other states, and there being small else to compare against when station 9/11 states looked to protect themselves from Islamic extremism.

However it is of import to understand the fact that France has several characteristics that are alone to it entirely, when comparing it to other state ‘s public presentation in countering terrorist act.

The menaces faced by France all fell within individual issue to a greater grade, ETA forcing for Basque independency, FLNC for Corsican independency, and GIA and its Algerian Islamic off shoots forcing for the Islamification of Algeria. However since 9/11, France has been faced with the Global Salafi Jihad menace and it must be noted that there have been no successful big terrorist onslaughts by Salfi terrorists in France.

ETA and the FLNC

ETA and the FLNC are both individual issue groups and have been treated likewise, with a combination of utilizing limited diplomatic negotiations with the Corsicans to set up frame plants for taking them of a platform for force, mass apprehensions and high lighting of the fact that they have moved likewise to the IRA into organised offense and racketeering. ETA has been really efficaciously damaged by working with the Spanish governments, who have engaged ETA in political negotiations while the Gallic have stepped up apprehensions and surveillance on its members cutting the caput of its leading and coercing the group to go unstable and cause infighting.

Both groups have suffered every bit good from the fact that in the modern age it is highly difficult for western individual issue panic groups to run given the degree of certification and tracking that we accumulate in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. Both groups have been targeted in much the same manner as the British did with the IRA in Northern Ireland.

Islamic panic

The effectivity can be judged by its ability in placing the menaces posed to it, forestalling those menaces, and in guaranting the effectual regulation of jurisprudence.

Designation of menaces

The Gallic were the first to understand and take earnestly the menace posed by its citizens going terrorists and that of extremist Islamists within Muslim communities posed.

France has since the terminal of the Second World War imposed a policy of forced assimilation on its immigrant community as opposed to the British system of multi culturalism. This has led to the Gallic holding a wider cognition and position of its Muslim population, and of being able to perforate the walls of silence that have been observed within parts of the British Muslim communities when it comes to sharing information with the security services.

This has besides led to a significant figure of Muslims functioning in the Gallic constabulary and security services ; this has provided it with matchless entree to raw human intelligence from the community most vulnerable to Islamic terrorist act, the Muslim community itself, this is something other states have found highly difficult to emulate. France has used this to great consequence, it identified at the lowest degree that terrorists from the GIA used junior-grade offense to fund their Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act and by concentrating on those street flat terrorists it was able to place and follow those further up the line. Likewise with the pack Roubaix, the constabulary by utilizing the counter terrorist act theoretical account were able to set up that this was non a simple instance of multiple armed robberies but was the agencies by which a terrorist group was geting financess to present onslaughts. ( 14 )

France was besides the first state to place the menace posed by extremist imaums geting and prophesying at mosques within France, to this terminal it maintains a policy of detecting what occurs inside the mosques and keeping ticker over the discourses delivered by the imaum. It noted that in the huge bulk of instances, imaums had arrived from abroad and begun the procedure of radicalising a fractured community. To this terminal it established as the best policy, one of taking extremist imaums from France one time identified and in declining entry to those it considers extremist, as of the 7th of January 2010 it had deported 29 imaums on the evidences that he had “ Shown disdain for our society ‘s values and incited force ” . ( 15 )

Again the Gallic recognised that one of the most of import ways in forestalling terrorist act and in an effectual counter terrorist act scheme was to forestall its ain citizens from going radicalised in the first topographic point. It identified that a big per centum of its prison population was Mahgrebian, and that this was the population most at hazard of being radicalised, that convicted terrorists had entree to a confined audience and that they were looked upon with fear and were in a place to do great injury. Those non-Muslim typically European wrongdoers were besides at hazard either by coercion to belong to the strongest group, or as a agency to do damagess for their offenses these people, the Gallic recognised could go the deadliest Terrorists. To protect against this in 2008 they established the “ Conseil Francais du Culte Musulman ” , Gallic Council of the Muslim Faith ( 16 ) , to guarantee moderate imaums who preached non Salafi or Jihadi Islam would prophesy inside prisons, and offer a different voice to that of the Jihadi ‘s. A 2nd enterprise was the “ Detenu Particulierement Signale ” , a particular government where by inmates can be kept in isolation and evaluated on a regular basis to forestall other captives being radicalised. ( 17 )

The Gallic have besides made big stairss into working with the Muslim communities to divide Gallic Islam from outside and extremist intervention, and to besides work with and advance the Muslim communities so that they can turn and travel forward and forestall its members from traveling towards radicalism.

Preventing the menace

The Gallic have been steadfast practicians of step ining difficult to guarantee terrorist onslaughts are prevented and in placing that in some instances the best information can be gleaned from those at the underside of the panic pyramid. The existent onslaught group from a panic web may be little but the logistics web can be huge and affect many little participants. Using the confederacy to perpetrate terrorist Acts of the Apostless and the condemnable association in relation to a terrorist project, they are able to collar on mass and trade with those who may hold had a really minor function that in other states would merely pull a minor sentence, and trade with them as terrorists. By making this they are able to direct a message that even if you exist on the peripheries of terrorist act you will still pull the full force of the province, these minor participants can besides go the biggest beginning of farther intelligence and can be amongst the best to turn into betrayers. Further helping in this is the provinces full usage of the chance for those arrested to go provinces witness against those higher up the concatenation, by using these together the Gallic have been able to organize a destabilising consequence on groups, who do non cognize whether they have been infiltrated, or as to whether anyone will turn provinces witness. However this is something that has been found to be infeasible with Salafi terrorists who prefer to fall together.

Another tool in the bar armory is one of utilizing security agents to arouse those involved to perpetrate a minor offense to enable them to be arrested ; this is allowed by Gallic jurisprudence if the committee of that offense is critical to forestall a more serious offense.

In position of the even greater menace posed by the Salafi terrorist ‘s the Gallic have established the FIPN, “ Force d’intervention de la police nationale ” , a new anti terrorist unit reorganizing the intercession units of the Gallic constabulary to supply a force to cover with any Mumbai manner onslaughts. ( 18 )

Recognizing the importance of engineering in countering terrorist act, the Gallic were among the first to guarantee that all bureaus involved had the agencies and resources every bit good as the legal backup to supervise electronic mails and prehend information on computing machines, conduct electronic surveillance and wiretaps.

A concluding reference is for indefinite detainment which is a concluding resort used in France to confine those against they can non supply an offense or strong belief but who are excessively unsafe to be allowed to stay at autonomy.

Effective regulation of Law

France has enacted since the 1980 ‘s assorted Torahs to enable it to forestall and undertake terrorist act to its fullest extent, other states have viewed these Torahs as being inordinate and contrary to human rights. However in France the huge bulk of the populace have been happy to give up some steps of freedom to offer greater protection against panic onslaughts. These Torahs have non been introduced quickly in the after math of a major terrorist onslaught, but have been introduced bit by bit in line with the of all time altering terrorist act menaces

It has recognised that to be able to efficaciously counter the terrorist act menace it needs a superior mechanism of covering with it, by organizing all the bureaus responsible for forestalling and look intoing terrorist onslaughts. Establishing dedicated Judgess to cover with the originating probes and prosecutions, it has set in topographic point a multi layered administration that can methodically and intelligently construct a instance and prevent an onslaught instead than hotfoot in effort to cover with a state of affairs ad hoc.

It has benefitted from holding over 20 old ages to polish this system and all right melody it, where most states are still in the germinating phases of babyhood of counter terrorist act.

In 2001 and 2003, 2004, it has once more all right tuned its terrorist act Torahs to allow greater powers to the constabulary to be able to halt and seek vehicles and people, anon. informant presentations.

The Gallic have besides long used methods that would hold been viewed in the UK as being incompatible with human rights, surveillance interior of mosques being a critical tool in contending radicalisation, that the Gallic have justified by its separation of faith from the province.

It has all right tuned the jurisprudence so that it can convey its full force upon those it suspects of planning or perpetrating terrorist Acts of the Apostless against it, whilst informing the populace of the menace it faces and of the demand for these Torahs to be in topographic point.


The Gallic system has been implemented and has been effectual due to the fact that the bulk of its terrorist act has been alone to France. The huge bulk of the Gallic Muslim population is from Algeria, and has existed in France since prior to the independency of Algeria, this coupled with the Gallic system of forced integrating meant that the Gallic already had a huge cognition of these groups, and a big experience in covering with these communities. It remains to be seen how it will do when covering with menaces from groups outside of the Magrehbian community.

The Gallic system is geared towards covering with larger groups of terrorists, where we have seen now a displacement towards really little groups planning and put to deathing these operations entirely, or with minimum outside support. Mass apprehensions and aiming of little graduated table participants in these activities are of no usage.

The range of the counter panic scheme has been in bar from domestic terrorist act, but with France portion of mainland Europe and place to a big community of individuals who can come in and stay mostly unmonitored as portion of the refuge seeking community it remains to be seen how France can accommodate to counter these people who enter with no documents, no controls and float about about unseen.

France has non yet experienced a major terrorist onslaught having self-destruction bombers, the frame work of the counter terrorist act scheme is to forestall and discourage onslaughts, how good this system would work in the wake of a big and annihilating onslaught remains to be seen.

The “ Chalabi ” , web foraies in 1998 showed that mass apprehensions can hold small consequence, 138 people were tried for terrorist act offenses 83 were finally convicted, and none received a sentence of more than 8 old ages, 2 other webs in Lyon and Lille were wholly missed in the mass arrests which led to a farther bombardment run. ( 20 )

Finally the whole counter terrorist act scheme has been criticised by human rights attorneies, candidates and groups, if France was to fall foul of the European tribunal of human rights it would hold to massively adjust and alter the huge bulk of its counter terrorist act defense mechanism.


France has doubtless established an effectual counter terrorist act scheme in covering with the menaces it faces, and in constructing up a counter terrorist act program for confronting Islamic terrorist act. It has besides benefited from the relationships it maintains with its former settlements many of whom are now on the front line of terrorist act, Mauritania, Lebanon, Niger, horn of Africa and from states it conducts major concern with Yemen, this has given it unprecedented entree to information on people and groups arising in these states.

Relationships have been improved and built up with other European and international spouses to portion information, and work together every bit good as being a spouse in the new anti panic administrations that have been formed to recognize the planetary dimension of the new panic menaces.

It has shown that it is capable of undertaking the Salafi menace holding tackled groups fixing to assail the Stade de France 1996, the Christmas market in Strasbourg 2000 and the US embassy in Paris 2001. ( 19 )

They have focused on and identified Gallic subjects who have gone to Iraq to obtain preparation and those returning from go toing panic preparation cantonments in Afghanistan, targeted those involved in Al Qaeda ‘s European cells and Chechen groups based in the Paris part.

It has become a mature scheme that has evolved from over 20 old ages of exposure to Islamic terrorist act, one that has been specific to the Gallic people and civilization, which is a ground why it may non reassign so easy to other states.

The soft underbelly remains its citizens and involvements abroad, particularly with the fact that many of France ‘s involvements are in highly volatile parts, terrorist groups have found it easier to aim and nobble these citizens abroad and assail France ‘s substructure where it is unable to deploy its counter terrorist act scheme.

Al Qaeda is concentrating its attempts in Algeria with Al Qaeda in the Maghreb and with Al Qaeda in Yemen, going a major participant, it is without uncertainty that with France ‘s ties to the two it will go a major mark

The biggest trial will come if and when France faces a big scale terrorist onslaught on its dirt, whether it will be able to react to it expeditiously utilizing its counter panic scheme, and whether it will stay able to convert its citizens that steps and Torahs it has enacted are in their best involvements. With the forbiddance of Islamic face head coverings going portion of Gallic jurisprudence, it is certain that Islamic terrorists will be making their up most to try to establish a major successful onslaught in France.