The globalization of the economic system, international employment of qualified employees, in-migration and out-migration, international touristry and worldwide networking lead to fact that people today are confronted with different civilizations and manners more than of all time. Particularly in concern life it is necessary to pay attending to intercultural differences. In other words, the accomplishment of intercultural consciousness or ability to accommodate to different civilizations helps to construct international concern dealingss and to avoid misinterpretations with foreign concern spouses.

Before analysing the two different state of affairss of a concern meeting and to acquire a thematic debut the best manner is to clear up footings like civilization, Interculturality and Intracultural communicating.

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Culture can be seen as a belongings of a group. It ‘s a system of shared beliefs, attitudes, imposts and values that the members use to get by with their universe and with one another.[ 1 ]

Assorted theoretical accounts have been used to exemplify the construct of civilization. For illustration it can be compared with an iceberg. The touchable and seeable looks of civilization and behaviour ( e.g. nutrient, vesture, linguistic communication ) are located above the surface of the H2O and the underlying, unseeable attitudes, values and beliefs are located below the surface.[ 2 ]When plunging into a new state or civilization we merely take notice of a little seeable portion, whereas the deeper and bigger portion of a civilization remains concealed for us ( See besides Annex 1 ) .

Interculturality or Intercultural communicating trades with the exchange of cultural information between people of different cultural groups. In world this exchange can be really hard and even when the natural barrier of a foreign linguistic communication is dissolved, we can still neglect to understand and to be understood. Harmonizing to Adler ‘s article Misperception, Misinterpretation, Misevaluations and Stereotypes can be other grounds for failed Intercultural communicating. In linking to Intercultural communicating the term “ ethnocentrism ” is frequently brought into the treatment. Ethnocentrism can be seen as a major obstruction to successful intercultural communicating, as it describes the inclination to see other civilizations as inferior to one ‘s ain. In world this manner of believing intensifies the spread between the parties concerned alternatively of shuting it.

In contrast to this Intracultural communicating describes dealingss between members of the same “ dominant ” cultural group. In this instance the exchange of information plants much more trouble-free due to the fact that both duologue spouses portion the same “ significance system ” . But harmonizing to Samovar and Porter we have to bear in head that within the dominant civilization other groups ( “ subcultures ” ) exist who hold a minimum figure of values that differ from the mainstream, every bit good as from other subgroups. Therefore communicating between dominant and minority cultural groups can non be seen as Intracultural communicating.[ 3 ]

When we are now looking at the illustration of a concern meeting we can see two different state of affairss which have to be interpreted otherwise, particularly sing Ms. A ‘s reaction. On the one manus the meeting of a Chinese and a German director illustrates intercultural facets. On the other manus the translated conversation of two German directors can be seen more as an intracultural subject, aside from the fact that the text merely contains the information that both parties are German directors which makes it impossible to pull deeper decisions sing their belonging to “ dominant ” or subculture groups. When we look at the state of affairs with the two German directors it can be assumed that both parties are familiar with their concern conventions and have a similar attitude of how to do concern. Sing Ms. A ‘s reaction it is really noticeable that she uses a minimal size of words ( merely “ I ‘m regretful ” ) . Alternatively of this she tries to stress her concern with the aid of a forward crook and an puzzling look on her face. In this instance, we speak about two facets of communicating. Communication includes directing verbal messages ( words ) and gestural messages ( e.g. gesture, mimic, facial look ) . The communicating between people includes consciously sent messages and messages that the transmitter is wholly incognizant of directing. Whatever we say and do, we can non non pass on.[ 4 ]Ms. A ‘s reaction can be construed as the effect of non cognizing that her company did n’t direct out any official proclamation to the company Mr. B is working with. Her verbal and gestural reaction might bespeak that she is unpleasantly surprised, non to state speechless because this error could hold negative effects on the concern dealingss between the two companies. But Ms. A ‘s besides could reply “ I ‘m regretful ” combined with a forward crook to inquire for a repeat of the inquiry or to clear up whether she had understood Mr. B clearly.

When look intoing Mr. B ‘s reaction the significance of gestural linguistic communication becomes clear. He could indicate with his manus to himself and his opposite number to show that the upcoming job is non his mistake or even more to show anger. The job of verbal linguistic communication is that it is one dimensional. That means that “ linguistic communication can merely depict one sequence of events at a clip ” .[ 5 ]To better our receptivity and power of statements we can take advantage of gestural linguistic communication ( multidimensional ) . Mr. B ‘s point of position can be interpreted similar. Possibly he is afraid that verbal linguistic communication entirely can non accomplish the coveted consequence to Ms. A, so that in this instance he must use other techniques.

Harmonizing to Adler we have to maintain in head that the interpreting significance of a word or behaviour is non the same for each individual and is based on a individual ‘s cultural background. The greater the difference in background between two individuals, the greater the difference in significances attached to peculiar words and behaviours.[ 6 ]As a consequence Mr. B should take this into history to avoid unwanted effects particularly when he has conversations with concern spouses of different states, for illustration Chinese spouses as the 2nd state of affairs will demo us in the undermentioned subdivision.

To understand the conversation between the German director Mr. B and the Chinese director Ms. A. we have to compare the general inclinations in value and belief orientations between the two civilizations. In literature this comparing of cultural phenomenon across civilizations is a cardinal undertaking of Cross-cultural-studies.[ 7 ]In position of Intercultural surveies both constructs should be seen complementary, since both ways help to understand the composite of cultural influences on communicating.

The civilization background and the manner of communicating between Chinese director and the German director differ strongly from each other. One manner to split these two civilizations can be the categorization in high- and low- context civilizations. In high-context-cultures communicating happens less verbally and less explicit. Meanings do non hold to set into words all the clip. In add-on to this we are speaking about more internalized apprehensions of what is communicated in a state of affairs. In high-context-cultures there is a strong focal point on edifice long term relationships with concern spouses. Low-context-cultures describe the opposite. Peoples of this type of civilization can be characterized as more task-oriented without holding the primary end to construct personal dealingss with concern spouses.[ 8 ]Harmonizing to this definition the German civilization can be classified as a typical low-context civilization, whereas the Chinese civilization can be seen more as a high-text-culture ( see besides Annex 2 ) .

In consideration of this categorization and the premise that both the German and the Chinese Manager are non cognizant of the significances and manners of the civilization of their opposite number, several readings of the state of affairs are possible.

In reply to the inquiry of directing out an official proclamation the Chinese director could respond confused, since concern understandings in China are based on strong personally dealingss and trust. At this point two different civilizations come into struggle. On the one manus the German director who wants to procure his concern and on the other manus the Chinese director who could experience cheated in his trustiness. Furthermore both civilizations follow different processs of holding a conversation harmonizing to the categorization described before. Ms. A could prefer to get down the conversation with small-talk about things that do non mention to concern affairs, whereas Mr. B as a typical representative of low-context-cultures prefers to come to concern alternatively of inquiring things about Ms. A ‘s personal background. This process could be regarded as discourteously by Ms. A, though Mr. B did n’t follow any bad purpose.

Apart from that some misunderstandings associating gestural linguistic communication become seeable. Mr. B ‘s manus pointing could be interpreted as rude and bad manners in the Chinese point of position. Chinese people usually see indicating at person as unfavorable judgment and most likely as a warning.[ 9 ]Mr. B ‘s pointing combined with his direct confrontation class towards the Chinese director can be seen as normal manner of doing concern in Germany. In Germany an indirect and timid manner of managing things largely will be seen as a failing. Contrary hereto the sentiment about this manner of moving is wholly different in China, where an indirect and polite manner of speech production is used avoid struggles and the hazard of losing “ face ” .[ 10 ]

Ms. A ‘s forward crook combined with the spoken words “ I ‘m regretful ” could be interpreted as an indulging behaviour. Regardless of whether she agrees with Mr. B ‘s statement or non, she could take this polite manner of moving to avoid more struggles and bad influences on the company ‘s concern dealingss. But besides other act uponing factors such as “ hierarchy ” could take to Ms. A ‘s reaction. In China hierarchal thought is anchored much stronger than in Germany and can be seen as an of import factor in Chinese civilization. This is expressed for illustration in the fact that Chinese people do non hold the authorization to talk at any clip. When two individuals have a conversation it ‘s merely allowed for the individual with a higher societal position to talk.[ 11 ]Bearing this hierarchal factor in head Ms. A ‘s reaction could be seen as a mark for subordination towards her German duologue spouse.

Sum uping one can state that Mr. B has to take much more things into history and has to do things with more security when he talks to people of different civilizations as if he would talk to people of his ain cultural group ( in this instance Germany ) . Mr. B particularly should pay attending to what non-verbal messages he may be directing and should inquire for verification of understanding. As we know by now, merely a little sum of communicating depends on verbal elements, which besides means that for illustration the in Mr. B ‘s sentiment unimportant manus pointing, whether used for clear uping or for stressing, can be understood in a wholly different manner as intended.

The analysis of the two state of affairss besides showed that Mr. B should non merely rely on his experiences and cognition when speaking to concern spouses, peculiarly aliens. Although on the one manus cultural facets are more seeable, or in allusion to the iceberg theoretical account “ above the surface of the H2O ” when he talks to compatriots but on the other particularly intercultural contacts require a continuously larning procedure to be decently understood, or in other words to do implicit in secrets of a civilization “ below the surface of the H2O ” seeable it needs a long clip.

As ether, the decision may be drawn that effectual communicating based on cultural consciousness will play an built-in function in future, since concern is no longer regional and we will needfully traverse boundary lines, civilizations and linguistic communications in our lives. Therefore features like tolerance, forbearance, openness and a positive attitude towards lifelong acquisition can be seen as cardinal factors to be successful. Described Attitude forms like ethnocentrism, stereotyped thought and biass should be avoided.