The drama is one of the most celebrated plants of Churchill in all of hers. Some consider the drama, as a really extremist feministic one, some consider it as anti-feminist, but the affair is that she, by the usage of different techniques and schemes has made her drama like a Earth in which all adult females are at that place back uping, flinging each other.

The drama has a really of import historical grounds behind itself, and it was the affair of Thatcher that had become premier curate, as Churchill, her self remarks that when she wrote top misss:

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“ Thatcher had merely become premier curate ; there was talk about whether it was an progress to hold a adult female premier curate if it was person with policies like hers. She may be a adult female but she is n’t a sister, she may be a sister but she is n’t a companion. And, in fact, things have got much worse for adult females under Thatcher ” . ( Churchill in Betsko and Koenig 1987, 77 )

In fact Margaret Thatcher and Edith Cresson, as premier curates of their ain clip were truly “ top miss ” .

In top misss, Churchill has had two chief thought in her head: those of dead adult females coming back and adult females working. these are in fact two chief subjects of the drama, which are really closely intertwined. the dead adult females from the past appear in act one, taking topographic point in a eating house, a jubilation that Marlene organizes, because of her recent publicity, we see other characters such as Lady Nijo, Dull Griet, Pope, Joan who celebrate their muliebrity with each other. during the class of the dark they gather together and supposed to talk about their triumphs, and of class there occurs an epiphany for them because they in fact had lost their ain womanly mode in order to accomplish work forces ‘s universe.

The presence of this empty adult females is so good epitomized in the character of Marlene, as a sort of spread between past and present, this working category miss pregnant who left her place small town to do a new one in London. , so the old Marlene has died and no 1 is born and replaced by a cruel one, so we see here some assembly of dead adult females, who so naively consider themselves as the most alive 1s.

The construction of the drama so magnificently shows the sense of decease of its chief characters, in other words we can see a sort of correspondence, between their life and the construction of drama. the drama ‘s denouement is someway abbreviated, as the lives of adult females truncated and crooked. Of class we can see this sort of techniques used by her as a feminist stances of denying the masculine form of dramas inherited by Aristotle,

I think before the full analyses of the drama, that ‘s better to advert some feature of it that is so outstanding: her version of Brechtian play by the usage of disaffection effects, a sort of aesthetic distance, the affair and technique is so magnificently showed by consecutive break of server and of class their laughter.

From the position of dramatic form it consists of three Acts of the Apostless. one consists of three scenes and act two of tow scenes. I think the affair and division is because of creative activity of some chronological break, and it is done as a manner of carry throughing a really good map in order non to make a sort of designation between the reader/audience and the actor/actress on the phase. Another of import thing mentioned here is that, between different beds of this drama, we have the working of the political orientation. In this manner we have a unfavorable judgment of capitalist economy and capitalist governments that the drama puts frontward.

In another sense, it can be used to represent more feminist reading of the drama in fact by happening of a complete flood tide and by in fact holding a diametrically opposed place to

the construction built-in to tragedy postulated by Aristotle. as Christopher Innes has stated:

“ Uniting phantasmagoric phantasy with Shavian treatment, documental case-histories, and realistic domestic play ( complete with kitchen sink and ironing-board ) , Top Girls breaks out of conventional methods of portraying life on the phase, and suggests new ways of seeing world

.. making a dynamic that is liberated from cause-and consequence logic. “ ( Innes 1992, 466 ) , and this affair some how leads us to the following point: looking for a feminist signifier ( or at least a sort of signifier different from the patriarchal 1 ) .the fact that we have in the play merely adult females and non work forces, is truly critical in comprehension of it. the fact that the actresses in Top Girls have to duplicate or soprano functions prevents us from placing with them and, accordingly, focuses the attending of the reader/audience on the political message of the drama, that is feminism. Therefore, the woman-only dramatis personae illustrates the capable affair of Top Girls and reinforces the subject of feminism or that ‘s better to state anti feminism.

Although, the drama trades with subjugation of adult females by work forces in a capitalist government, but we see the subjugation of adult females by adult females as a consequence of being portion of that government.It can besides means that how adult females have internalized the regulations and privileges of patriarchal societies, nevertheless, we do n’t see a manifest onslaught of Churchill on work forces, in other words we do n’t see the battle of adult females but in fact the drama turns on the analyses of category discord and economic sciences. An illustration can be found in the instance of Marlene, who sacrifices her ain girl and household in order to get away from her working-class beginnings, besides, here in this play we see that all the adult females somehow hold some masculine manner of behaviour, although they think that they have cut with them, as we see that they have merely an semblance that they are successful adult females or we as a sort of reader find tat its merely an semblance to see the drama merely as representation of a feminist play.

I think even the naming of character in the drama, they exemplify the whole treatment about category

Struggle and economic discord that underlies it. so we have here a four group categorization. First group adult females of past as we have Isabella Bird, as her name reminds us the affair of going. It can besides be considered as a mention to the several characters in the drama ( Marlene, Lady Nijo, Win, Angie, Jeanine and Shona ) , who long for flight from their world and fly to other, sunnier lands. here we see on the surface feministic inclination.

Another of import thing that truly needs concentration is the linguistic communication used by Churchill, she truly has done her best to make a sort of typical usage of the linguistic communication in the drama as Aston and Savona argue that:

“ In Top Girls, the usage of convergence is a mark of the female voice. Brecht ‘s chip of the self-importance is farther problematised in Churchill ‘s text by the female entry into the symbolic order of linguistic communication. As a logocentric or phallocentric sign-system ( as identified in Derridean or Lacanian footings ) , linguistic communication places the female topic in a marginalized relation to its patriarchal order. “ ( Aston and Savona 1991, 70 ) By destabilising the lingual exchange and hence unfixing individuality, but at the same clip giving predomination to a “ female voice ” , Churchill seems to be emphasizing in a extremist manner “ the destabilization and supplanting of the female topic in relation to linguistic communication ” ( Aston and Savona 1991, 70 ) , and accordingly in relation to busying a place in a

patriarchaliy-defined society.

All the adult females of top misss have conformed themselves to the male criterions of behaviour and that shows the staginess of their plants and glorifications. They are ne’er satisfied with this new trade name of gender, at least before they were merely adult females now non work forces and non adult females belonging to one of them.

From Lacanian point of position and as a verification of what I mentioned in the old paragraph that all their actions are nil but frontage, we see that all of the characters are confined in the symbolic phase with the function of male parent. Since linguistic communication is given in and by a system dominated by work forces, adult females ‘s entree to it is traveling to be clearly mediated. Harmonizing to this, adult females ‘s ‘voice ‘ , their ‘identity ‘ , will be wholly unreal, a concept defined by patriarchate. This is

exactly what Gret purports to destruct in her powerful address, in which she equals the Symbolic Order to hell. A snake pit where all the Satans are male.

As I mentioned in the old paragraphs, Caryl Churchill in her fantastic drama Top Girls has inserted a batch of messages some say that it is fundamentally a drama about capitalist economy and sexism: About capitalist economy in the sense that it analyses labour and societal dealingss constituted by a capitalist economic system, approximately sexism in that these dealingss are seen from a female point of position, which explores how female individuality is put down by the political relations of patriarchate.

Top Girls is besides a socialist-feminist drama. It can be defined as socialist in that it takes a clear place against any kind of capitalist political orientation, and it can be defined as women’s rightist because it presents us with a parallel between socio-economic, by the usage subjugation and gender subjugation. In fact, as we have seen, Churchill herself is a steadfast truster in the “ inseparability of feminism and socialism ” ( Kritzer 1991, 149 ) .besides, her utilizations of characters are true to life, she truly generalise the subject of her feministic drama, by usage of characters of different categories to imply that it is a drama about all adult females. Different schemes of her to make a feminine scene is truly of paramount importance, although in this drama she showed adult females who have achieved the highest degree of societal life but they are non truly satisfied. I think the chief message of her is that adult females should cognize the bounds, as she is a societal women’s rightist and she is knocking the businessperson women’s rightists.


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