On November 22. 1913. the feast twenty-four hours of Saint Cecilia. the frequenter saint of Music. was born a kid who showed a great involvement and endowment in music. Benjamin Britten was born in Lowestoft in Suffolk. Though his male parent was a tooth doctor. he had great involvement in music. and his female parent besides was an recreational vocalist. and so it could be said that Britten inherited his involvement in music from his parents. Even as a kid. he could compose creatively. Benjamin Britten was educated at Gresham’s School. In 1927. Britten started his private preparation with Frank Bridge. an high English composer.

He besides studied under John Ireland at the Royal College of Music and under Ralph Vaughan Williams. After his graduation. Britten was really clear about his hereafter. He was determined to be a composer and composed music for a figure of dramas. His first noteworthy composings were the Sinfonietta and A Boy was Born. and from there his celebrity grew. and he was Benjamin Britten 2 popular. In 1936. Benjamin met tenor Peter Pears. which set off a great relationship. Peter Pears was his inspiration. and they finally became spouses. Peter Pears had a great influence on his life and his music. and to him. Britten had composed a figure of vocals.

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Peter had a great influence on Britten. both in his personal life every bit good as his professional life. He was among the greatest English composers of the twentieth century. Though some critics found Benjamin’s societal and sexual relationships non appropriate of a immature English instrumentalist. his perfect technique and his bent of handling the traditional musical signifiers with originality and freshness compensated the charges. He was excused from ground forces service and was allowed to pattern his composing work provided he performed as a piano player at concerts at wartime sponsored by the Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Humanistic disciplines.

Over the old ages. he had besides started composing for operas. As an opera composer. Benjamin Britten gained world-wide repute. It is so interesting to observe that he was the first instrumentalist to be honored with the rubric of “Lord” by the Queen. He besides was approached for composing for particular occasions. Benjamin went to America for some clip but subsequently returned to England. In 1945. with his opera Peter Grimes. Benjamin became a famous person. It was a great success. His consecutive operas like the Church Parables were besides greatly appreciated.

Benjamin’s best known orchestral music. popularly known as The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. a testimonial to the great composer Henry Purcell. is really enlightening. His Reflections on a Subject of Dowland is besides a testimonial. this clip to the lutist John Dowland. which is so a traveling Benjamin Britten 3 public presentation. Benjamin Britten was an outstanding English composer popular throughout the universe. In 1948. he successfully planned the first Aldeburgh Music Festival which subsequently became an one-year event. Benjamin besides excelled in chamber music. his noteworthy 1s being Cello Sonata and three Cello Suites.

Benjamin frequently worked with the celebrated poet W. H. Auden who offered the texts for which Britten provided music. Britten was awarded the Order of Merit in March 1965. This was his most cherished award. Since its origin in 1902. merely two people had got it prior to Britten. He besides won the Robert O. Anderson Aspen Award in the Humanities. He was the first instrumentalist to be honored with the rubric of Baron. During the latter old ages of his life. Benjamin frequently complained of sick wellness. In May 1973. he had an unfastened bosom surgery which made him an shut-in for life.

He still attended the London premiere of Death in Venice in October 1973. He so traveled to Germany and Italy. Harmonizing to Pears. Britten was non scared of decease. On December 4. 1976. in his hometown in Suffolk. he died of a bosom onslaught. He is buried in the resting topographic point of the Aldeburgh Parish Church with his co-worker Peter Pears resting in peace adjacent to his grave. Benjamin Britten 4 Works Cited 2007 Naxos Digital Services. Britten Benjamin. life [ Electronic Version ] Retrieved on June 6. 2007. from World Wide Web. naxos. com