Exchange rates are comparatively the most common issue that any authorities are willing to analyze. Except from factors such as involvement rate and the rising prices, the exchange rate is the most of import economic indexs that are more likely impacting the largest economic system in the universe ( Hill 2006 ) . This study is aim to supply an overview of the international currency wars in between China and the US which late have been highlighted in the medium. The Republic of China is one of those states which economically called as an “ rising economic system ” . This decennary has seen the rise of China economic system in international trade, harmonizing to the World Trade Organisation ; it is presently the 3rd largest trading state (, 2010 ) .

In Section 1, graph figure 1.1 will be analyzing the China Yuan against the US $ for the past 12 months get downing from 2010 October. Part 2 of the study will be discoursing and measuring the virtues of grasp and depreciation of the Country`s currency related to its economic and concern facet.

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Briefly describe ( with a Figure, labelled Figure 1.1 etc with a rubric, cardinal and beginning of the information ) the way of the currency against the US $ over the past 12 months

Part 2

Figure 1.1

( Beginning: )

Table 1.1

Percentage alteration Calculation:

1 US $ to China ( Renminbi/Yuan ) =

02/11/09 = 6.82890

02/11/10 = 6.70090

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Percentage alteration for the past 12 months is 1.9 % lessenings of Renminbi/Yuan to US $ . In other words, the US dollar has appreciated over the 12 months from November 2009 to November 2010. The ground behind this alteration as compared to old months, when the Renminbi/Yuan has remained about fixed for more than a twelvemonth is authorities intercession policy. In the following portion of this study, farther research will warrant this alteration.

Explain the cardinal factors that have contributed to the altering value of the currency and remark on the relationship of these factors to interchange rate theories.

In 2009, the China Yuan remained more likely changeless by drifting averagely around 6.85Yuan to 1 $ . This changeless fixed float have been caused by rising prices furthermore The ( 2009 ) pointed that the National Bureau Statistic measured the rate of rising prices in China in November 2009 and concluded the rising prices as the major job in the economic system. On the other manus, ( 2009 ) reported that the rising prices rate rose by 20 % from 1995 to 1995 and this fixed rate ground tackle has helped china to derive monetary value degree stableness which lasted until May 2010.

In mid 2010 June/July the Central Bank of China has announced that the addition of Yuan would take to more flexibleness, in the same manner from July 2010 the exchange rate of the Yuan drastically slumped as a consequence of authorities intercession for illustration ; Harmonizing to Reuters ( 2010 ) China has intentionally devalued its currency therefore doing them holding more emphasize on buying power para and universe market competition in footings of exports. This argument has been late discussed during a G20 meeting in South Korea ( Reuters, 2010 ) .

In add-on, the US have besides planned to purchase bonds through quantitative moderation, all this portion of a planned scheme by the Obama Government who were focused for a weaker dollar for hope of more export in the following five old ages but with the grasp of the dollar, there are no hope of more exports in the hereafter. (, 2010 ) . To an extent, the lessening of 1.9 % of the Yuan/Renminbi and the grasp of the US $ might impact straight FDI and MNE`s, in the contrary a dollar depreciation will function a longer term involvement by bring forthing rising prices and decrease the debt of the US.

Discuss the comparative virtues of currency appreciation/depreciation ; including the economic and concern deductions in the state you are looking at.

The value of a currency can change with clip and affect different factors in an economic system, either domestically or internationally. Assorted factors such as rising prices, employment rate, balance of payment and GDP ( Hill 2006: ? ) Changes in exchange rates are described as depreciation and grasps, for case if the Yuan alterations from 6.68 Yuan per dollar to 6.58 Yuan per dollar, it shows depreciation ( Krugman 2006 ) .

Depreciation will besides function as long term involvement by bring forthing rising prices and besides aid in cut downing the national debt ( Hill 2006 ) . Furthermore a depreciation of a currency for case China ; can add more value to economic footings of a state for illustration more future chance of Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) which other words promotes MNE`s to set their administration on a local based operation. Second, the populace and private transportation payments, thirdly, the house of belongings might be cheaper for foreign investors who wish to purchase land or existent estate investings. In brief, if China does non raise its currency, the imports of the state might increase therefore taking more shortages in their national debt which is bad for economic growing. To work out the job an addition in pecuniary policy with an addition of money supply.

With the debut of the Quantitative Easing ( QE ) , the value of the currency depresses to those publishing money and forces the value of other currency upfront ( Salvatores, 2006 ) . Consequently, the Economist ( 2010 ) stated that China`s authorities in mid-2010`s have been publishing more money in order to purchase bonds therefore it shows that there has been a consequence of quantitative. Further research was mentioned by Krugman et Al ( 2003 ) who suggested that an grasp of a country`s currency makes its goods more expensive for aliens.

In theory, a rise of China currency would benefits the state as the consumers would hold more purchasing power, secondly lower rising prices rates. To endorse up this theory, a study from Reuters ( 2010 ) indicate that the Chinese authoritiess are be aftering to raise their currency exchange rate but this could ensue to an economic downswing in its microeconomic environment such as unemployment and downswing to little concerns and if it happen to appreciate more in the hereafter, it would finally hold a large impact for the exporters. Furthermore, The New York times ( 2010 ) argued that China is pull stringsing its currency by maintaining it unnaturally under-valued as a mean of increasing its exports and hiking its economic growing ( NewYork Times, 2010 ) .

On the other manus, a devaluation of the Yuan would profit transnational corporations ( Hill 2006 ) . Multinational administrations have been outsourcing and trusting on China for their merchandise and services, a weaker Yuan would assist them be more productive for illustration the instance of Nike, apple and others American Companies which have joint ventures with Chinese company for fabricating their merchandise at inexpensive dependable monetary value. ( Ref )


The conflict of currency wars in between the China and the United States are good discussed into the medium, until late the grasp of the dollar to the kwai in Mid- 2010 after more than a twelvemonth of the exchange rate being comparatively fixed. This international currency wars might get down to be a common pattern used by other states to take advantage of economic downswings of certain states weaken by recession or economic growing for illustration states such as Greece and Iceland. To sum up, China managed to originate its drifting currency which was based on market demand. This mechanism has fruitfully promoted an economic restructuration and sustainable development on leveraging its macro- economic environment (, 2010 ) .