Multistory auto park will be prepared which is able to hive away as many auto as possible to forestall any traffic congestion around the medical centre. 2 floors should be reserved for staff parking and the remainder are prepared for public. Every floor should besides hold parking slots for the handicapped patients. The parking bay is besides straight linked to the medical centre by the nexus Bridgess.


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A large LED signage will be installed at the highest floor of the edifice to expose the name and the logo of the medical centre. Besides that, there will besides other signage at the surrounding of the medical centre such as chief entryway, and at that place will besides be signboard around the infirmary in 4km of radius to ease the visitant to happen their manner to the medical centre without acquiring lost.

1.3 Lighting

Lighting system for medical centre should be systematic so that it supply best field of vision for the people at all the clip. Therefore LED bulbs are encouraged to be installed as it is able to bring forth visible radiation in a higher efficiency. Although there are many LED visible radiation bulbs being installed, but it is besides of import to forestall cachexia of energy as MediCare is besides refering the environment job. In order to decide this issue, the illuming system can be controlled by utilizing computing machine system to exchange off the visible radiations when there is sufficient light beginning supplied during the twenty-four hours.

1.4 Garden

Gardens will be introduced around the medical centre to do the environing a green environment. The species of workss used should follow the guideline of medical centre so that it will non do any allergic and degrade the wellness status of patients. Besides that, there is besides a rooftop garden. The gardens are non merely built to fancify the surrounding, but it besides can absorb heat, cut downing the consequence of ‘urban heat island ‘ in Shah Alam.

1.5 Concrete

In order to shrivel the C footmark in the edifice, the concrete is reinforced with rebar that is approximately 95 % post-consumer recycled steel and steered clear of the harmful chemicals normally used to better the workability of the mix so that the edifice can be constructed in a more ‘greener ‘ manner.

1.6 Roadwork

The building of the route in the surrounding of the infirmary should run into the specific demand of JKR. Merely permitted stuffs should be used for the building of the route conformed to BS 1377. Besides that, paving plants shall besides conform to with JKR Roadwork Specification “ Arahan Teknik ( Pavement Design ) ” .

1.7 Site Clearance

It is of import to guarantee the site clearance to be carried out in a proper mode. During building, unsuitable or any unwanted stuffs should be disposed in an systematic manner, so that these stuffs will non do any unwanted incident to go on and impact the repute of MediCare, therefore it is of import for the undertaking adviser to oversee the disposing procedure and guarantee that every individual process is traveling good as planned. Temporary drain system should besides be used to cut down any implosion therapy issues.

1.8 Landscape

The planting of trees should be carried out harmonizing to the guideline from Dewan Rakyat Shah Alam, landscape section and the blessing from the adviser. The trees and bushs used should be approved species and they are in healthy status.

2.0 Inside the edifice

2.1 Air conditioning system

Different of temperatures are required for different installations, it is better to utilize disconnected air-conditioning system. The air-conditioning system should hold efficiency ratio of at least 15. In order to forestall any unwanted atom come ining the medical centre and impact the wellness of patient, hence filtrating system should be installed. Temperature control should be good planned depending on different subdivision in the medical centre to guarantee the day-to-day operation of medical centre is ever in optimal status. Care should be carried out often to forestall any sudden dislocation of the installations. And the piping of the system should follow with BS 6003.

2.2 Refrigeration system

2 constituents are involved in medical infrigidation system, medical icebox and medical deep-freeze. Medical iceboxs consist of vaccinum iceboxs, blood bank iceboxs, pharmaceutical icebox and so on. Medical deep-freezes consist of chest medical deep-freeze, blast medical deep-freeze, and ultralow temperature deep-freeze. These setup should ever keep in good status to guarantee proper operation and efficiency.

-A Blood bank icebox theoretical account: HHB125E with capacity of 500 litres.

-Pharmaceutical icebox theoretical account: Pharma-500E with a capacity of 500 litres

-Vaccine icebox theoretical account: VR-20 with storage capacity of 120 litres

-Chest medical deep-freeze theoretical account: CM -5499 with capacity of 500 litres

-Ultralow temperature deep-freeze theoretical account: UTMF-8900 with capacity of 200 litres

-Blast deep-freeze theoretical account: BF-00998 with capacity of 250 litres

-Proposed maker: LGD Lab Products Sdn. Bhd

2.3 Office equipment

For a proper operation of infirmary, sufficient furniture should be prepared. The furniture should follow with hospital safety ordinances to forestall any hurt. Quality furniture should be used to supply comfort for the user and best medical service. Besides that, the furniture purchased should besides hold a long lifetime so that there are lesser maintenece required.

-patient medical cart theoretical account: VS8880

-Emergency cart theoretical account: EM 00998

-Instrument streetcar theoretical account: im1198

-Surgeon Operating tools: jh-0987

-Multipurpose polypropylene chair theoretical account: mh10-98

2.4 Toilets

Toilet will be prepared at every floor of the medical centre and in order to salvage the H2O, the equipment in the lavatory will be installed with infrared detector which will turn off automatically whenever it is non in usage. Besides that, to follow with handicapped friendly environment, there will besides excess lavatories provided for the handicapped patients.

2.5 Support services

Payer room will be prepared for the Muslims. Besides that, medical centre will besides fix installations for handicapped patient such as paseos, lavatories, hangers, parking countries, wheelchairs etc. The medical centre will hold full coverage of Wi-Fi services for the entree of cyberspace. Cafeteria will besides be prepared for the visitants where the nutrient meets the demand of Malayan Food Safety Laws and Regulations. There are besides souvenir store and convenient store such as 7-eleven provided for the visitant to buy day-to-day goods for the patients.

2.6 Audio and video security system

In order to guarantee that the information is passed to every individual individual in the infirmary clearly ; audio system will be installed throughout the medical centre. It is really of import to guarantee that the sound system besides will non breathe basses which will impact patient ‘s wellness status ; therefore the sound system used should run into the ordinance of the infirmary. Recommended theoretical accounts are Philips, Sony, Panasonic and Altec Lancing.

2.7 Fire Alarm system and asphyxiators

It is of import to hold a good fire dismay system and asphyxiators around the infirmary to fix for any exigency. Every corner of medical centre should be installed with jimmiess, pull station, relay faculties, and presentment contraptions and fume sensor. Dry chemical type of fire asphyxiators will be prepared and placed around the medical centre that can be reached easy when there is exigency. The asphyxiators should be able to set out category E fire. The equipment should run into the BOMBA and Malayan criterions of fire safety demands, and care should besides carry on often to guarantee these installations are ever in good status.

2.8 Lights

Energy salvaging visible radiation bulbs will be used throughout the medical centre. The light bulbs should be able to work utilizing as low energy as possible with high efficiency. Besides that, the wards will besides be placed near the Windowss country, with outsize Windowss, 82 % of the lighting is expected to come from the Sun during daylight. Recommended theoretical accounts will be GPL G23 stopper / G24-1 stopper 7000k / 6500K / 5000K / 2800K.

2.9 Doors and Windowss

Doors in the medical centre demand to be fire rated harmonizing to the guideline of Jabatan Bomba Malaysia, it is besides of import to buy the stuffs that can last thirster. For the Windowss, smart Windowss are extremely recommended as it can reflect excess heat off and let lesser use of air-cond. Windows will besides be programmed to open and close automatically.

2.10 Lift and escalators

The lift and escalators will be provide to ease the motion of visitants around the medical centre. All the lifts and escalators should besides run into the safety ordinance of the medical centre.

2.11 Plumbing and Sanitary work

Plumbing and H2O system should be installed by a accredited pipe fitter registry with the authorization. The stuffs and suiting for pipes should be approved by the State of Authority.

2.12 Painting and interior work

Painting compounds used for the edifice should hold a really long lifetime to cut down any care work, and good quality pigment should be used so that it will non eat easy due to the utmost conditions in Malaysia. Besides that, the pigment should besides run into the safety demand of the infirmary and it will non breathe any harmful chemical which will degrade the wellness of the patient, extremely recommended merchandise will be Nippon.

2.13 Plastering, paving and tilling plants

Cement, plaster and paver used should be approved by the governments. During the building, H2O for blending the cements shall non breathe any harmful chemical substances, sea H2O and brackish H2O are purely prohibited

2.14 Structural Steel and Metalwork

All stuffs shall conform to the relevant Malaysia Standards or tantamount criterion and should be approved by adviser. All structural steel shall be Grade 43D of BS 4366. Maximum C contents shall be in conformity with BS 4360. All bolts should hold high strength clash clasp. Welding should be carried out in conformity with BS 1856. Weld shall be inspected by radiographic scrutiny and/or supersonic trial to guarantee that it is in good status when it is used for building.

2.15 Brickwork

The stuff of brickwork should be ordinary brick clay. The brick clay should be good processed before being used in the building. Cement bricks are purely prohibited, and dimension of the brick used of the building should follow precisely as stated in the paperss during building to forestall any structural job from go oning.

3.0 Electricity

I ) The chief electricity energy supply would be supplied from the substation that are chiefly builded from Tenaga Nasional Berhad ( TNB ) for the medical Centre with appropriate duty rates.

two ) Solar powered energy panels will besides be used to bring forth hot H2O and electricity for the medical Centre in order to cut down monthly electricity cost.

three ) Backup power supply will besides be prepared in instance sudden electricity shut down for of import units of the medical Centre such as operation room, etc.

4.0 Water Supply

I ) The chief H2O supply will be supplied from Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor ( SYABAS ) with appropriate duty rates for the whole medical Centre.

two ) Water storage armored combat vehicle will be topographic point on the rooftop of the medical Centre in order to fix for sudden H2O supply failure from SYABAS.

5.0 Safety System and Safety Features

I ) Smoke sensors, fire dismaies and H2O spray system will be installed all over the medical Centre to guarantee patient ‘s safety if the medical Centre caught in fire.

two ) A good and safe designed path will be designed for clients to evacuate the medical Centre edifice with easiness when exigency emptying is needed in the medical Centre.

three ) Emergency material such as fire extinguish hosiery reels and fire asphyxiator will be placed at any easy reached country.

four ) Emergency intercom system will besides be topographic point in every individual portion of the medical Centre to guarantee interaction between outside and inside can be done if exigency occurs.

V ) CCTV devices will be topographic point in every individual country so that the security squad will be able to supervise the whole medical Centre ‘s status which will guarantee the safety of every patients and client in the medical Centre.

6.0 Traffic and Parking Facilities

I ) The location of the auto park will be picked on the resistance of the medical Centre and another edifice merely right beside the medical Centre.

two ) There will be a route linking the drop-off country to the auto park and from the chief entryway of the medical Centre. These route is planned to guarantee a smooth flow of the traffic in the medical Centre, and is user friendly.

three ) Signboard will be topographic point at every junction to guarantee all client knows which way to travel while being inside the medical Centre country to forestall traffic jam job.

four ) The route in the medical Centre country is a round route from the chief entryway to the drop-off country and so the parking country and connected back to the issue point.

V ) All individual route in the medical Centre will be a one manner roads so that smooth flow of traffic is ensured.

six ) Staff auto park and physician ‘s auto park will be separated. To all physicians, auto park are reserved to every physicians present in the medical Centre, while the staff auto park are first come first footing unfastened auto park.

Proposed Agenda of Project Work

Calendar month





Consultant has been appointed by MSE Consulting Engineers Sdn. Bhd.

Contractors send in their proposal to offer the undertaking to confer withing house.

Contractors being appointed by advisers after treatment done.


Equipments and public-service corporations required for the building will be prepared.

Area to be concept will started to be cleared out, such as cutting the tree.



All the unleveled and imbalanced land surface will be made leveled to guarantee the stableness of the edifice.


Basement floor made will be built for parking installations.



Continuing of basement building.


Constructions of the edifice will be started. Foundation of the edifice will be started to put up.



Boundary walls of the medical Centre will be set up.



Multilevel parking country will be good designed.



Construction of the multilevel parking country will be started.


Construction of the full tract as the traffic program.



Building will be made to defy any natural catastrophe such as electrical storms in the metropolis and temblor.



Continuance of doing edifice ‘s stamina.


Significant completion of edifice