Tender is an unfastened invitation to any qualified person or company. It involved procedure and several paperss in offering a stamp or winning the stamp. The stamp procedure is between client and contractor. However there are footings and conditions to be fulfilled to run into the certain criterion by the local governments. The intent of these criterions is to regulate all the stamp paperss for easiness in stamp rating. The contractor needs to follow the criterion or lineation provided by the client or old stamp papers in order to be selected for rating.

The client is the organisation or authorities or any private sector who offered the stamp to the contractor. The stamp is made when there are undertakings or services to be done. Servicess that normally clients offer such as cleansing services, care of buildings/roads, running canteen/cafeteria and landscaping. Therefore, we will be discoursing more on stamp offered in building industry. The flow of the stamp procedure is fundamentally the same but differs due to assorted Acts of the Apostless. The client ‘s nonsubjective in ask foring the contractor is to give them several picks on cost, quality and expertness offered by the contractor who try to winning the stamp. The advantages to the clients are they able to take as minimal cost at really satisfied degree of services that can be obtained from the contractor. Local metropolis councils like MPJBT and Malaysian Public Works Department ( PWD ) or JKR and besides UEM Land Holding Berhad are some illustrations of clients.

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On the other manus the provider is the contractor who applies for the stamp. Normally there will be several company who try to win the stamp by offering the best monetary value and services that they are capable to offer. The contractor would fix stamp paperss and subject it to tender box prepared by the clients. Experienced contractor are preferred by the clients since the old undertakings show their ability to finish it as the client want. New contractor able to win the command if the stamp papers managed to undertake the stamp judge. It ‘s all depends on the background of the contractor fiscal and public presentation. The contractor may be from an independent or large company.

Under the implemented jurisprudence and move the benefits on both parties are good being taken attention off. These jurisprudence and act prevent any cheating or mislead action from clients and contractors, hence promotes a good communicating or understanding. There are many instances occurred when one of the party attempt to disobeyed the jurisprudence. The jobs start when the undertaking did non finish on clip, the clefts being at new physique edifice etc. When the contractor tries to cut down the cost of undertaking, they will seek to alter the quality of the stuff in order to cut cost but give them higher net income. Standard Form of Contract to be used where Drawings and Specifications Form Part of the Contract from PWD Form 203 consists several clauses to guarantee the above and other mislead action did non go on.

Closing Tender

Closing stamp is the due day of the month for the contractor to subject the stamp papers to the client ‘s company. If the stamp received after stamp shutting day of the month, it may be considered as invalid stamp. The cogency of the stamp depends on the demands or determination of the clients. The shutting stamp are informed early together when stamp were advertise or open up to public. The intent of it is for easiness to the clients to get down choosing the victor bidder for the stamp. The faster the rating procedure terminal, the faster the contract between the client and the chosen contractor may be signed. Example of the stamp:

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Evaluation of Tender

Tender rating procedure enables to look up the full stamp submitted at the stamp box. Tenders are being detailed evaluated and all the specification listed is being insured to hold demand needed in the undertaking. The stamp will be evaluated by the stamp rating commission. Evaluation commissions will measure all stamps based on the standards set in the stamp papers. Normally, the rating is done by two separate commissions, which are Technical Evaluation Committee and Financial Evaluation Committee. The concluding consequence will be done by Board of Tender.

Tender box

The Evaluation Committee

Technical Evaluation Committee

Fiscal Evaluation Committee

Board of Tender

Phases of Evaluation:


Tender Schedule Preparation

Technical Committee

Tender Committee

Tender Board

There are some conditions to be complied for the stamp rating commissions:

Tender to be considered is restricted to the stamp which was opened and listed in the stamp agenda merely

No changing of content shall be made aˆ‹aˆ‹upon entry

No alternate stamp is allowed if non provided in the stamp paperss

No communicating between the tenderers may be made

Evaluation of stamp are made with:

Completeness of the stamp

To guarantee all the client demand are provided and the ordinance is obeyed

Reasonableness of monetary value offer

Most economical

Fiscal capacity

Fiscal contractor be considered to guarantee that the work can be carried out to finish the work that will be awarded

Technical capacity

Previous experiences

Contractor ‘s old public presentation can reflect their experiences


Physical beginnings and human resources

Current work load

Analyse if the undertaking at manus allows new work to taken

Relationship between client and contractor

Safety public presentation

Award of Tender

After the procedure of stamp rating, the commission will take a winning contractor with the monetary value given by the contractor near to the monetary value outlook form the client. The notice will be informed to both successful and unsuccessful contractor by utilizing missive. These are some of the information when contractors who submit the signifier of stamp to the client receive the answer of the client:

Award presentment missive

The winning contractor

Award standards

The mark for the winning contractor and the account of the winning state of affairs

The ground for doing the determination

The winning contractor has to subject the grounds require to corroborate the declarations made in the stamp entry signifier within 15 yearss and fix the papers require. The contractor fail to fix the papers will be lost the opportunity for acquiring the offer from the client. And the contractor demand to subscribe the contract with the client within 15 yearss from the missive of the award stamp had been sent to the contractor.

In this phase, the client and the contractor duty in the procedure should be take portion. Both of the client and contractor besides have to do certain the contract direction is check carefully. The cognition transportation from the undertaking squad to contract direction squad needs to take portion in the direction of the contract so that the contract direction can be done successfully. If necessary, the sub-contractor needs to be determine and holding the contract with good communicating between chief contractor and sub-contractor.

If the winning contractor non able to go on the demand papers from the client, therefore the 2nd highest grade from the stamp rating will be acquiring the offer from the client. The winning contractor is recommend without alteration the content in the stamp papers because it will impact the quality of the undertaking that need to be done with some criterion, for illustration, in the dike building site, the quality of the stuff should be taken carefully to avoid the insecure status occur.

The catching authorization besides has to analyze the grounds submitted by the contractor in order to subscribing the contract. The contract is awarded to the contractor under fiscal understanding which has been concluded, so the undertaking authorization can non advise the successful contractor.

Beside this, the unsuccessful contractor have opportunity to object the determination devising from the client with a given period of 10 to 14 yearss from the day of the month of stamp notice given from the client. But the expostulation is done without altering the content of their stamp papers.

The winning state of affairs for the winning contractor is shown in the stamp notice is for the ground of doing the procedure of the stamp every bit unfastened as possible or without any improper manner for acquiring the stamp and it besides can give other contractor to acquire better apprehension in order to acquire the stamp offer and better the market competitory between the contractor. It besides can do the unsuccessful contractor to better their failing in order to hold better communicating, to keep the good pattern procedure and good working relationship with the client.

Two contractor is awarded in this activity is non urge which two contractor negotiate with each other. The action of doing two contractors negotiate in one clip is blowing the clip and unprofessional.


From the procedure taking the suited contractor in the conductivity undertaking, it involves many procedures like stamp advertisement, stamp papers entry in the stamp box, stamp gap, stamp rating and award of stamp. In these procedures, a suited contractor is chosen and the contractor has to subscribing the contract with the client.

The shutting of the stamp is the due day of the month of the contractor to subject their stamp papers. The contractor can non subject their stamp papers after the due day of the month of the entry.

The winning scheme of the stamp is based on the fiscal stableness, old work public presentation, monetary value given in the stamp signifier, the quality of the old work done by the contractor, the communicating ability between contractor and client, current work load of the contractor, the resource of both material resource and manpower resource and last but non least the safety public presentation of the contractor.

The highest grade of the contractor will acquire the offer from the client. The contractor needs to finish the demand of the client before due day of the month in order to acquire the contract. The winning contractor will besides expose in the stamp notice.

Last, a good building work need proper communicating between contractor and client and it besides need a good direction of the undertaking so that the construction physique is safe.