Sustainable Development has now become a cardinal issue all over the universe and is interconnected with environmental, societal every bit good as economic public assistance.

The Brundtland Commission study, Our Common Future ( 1987 ) , described sustainable development as a sort of adulthood that can congregate the recent wants, no affair what would be the aptitude of the future coevals to guarantee their demands. Furthermore, sustainable development trades with the rational association between being and milieus. This leads to the truth that sustainable development means the compact combination of economic growing, stability and effectivity of the human race. In add-on, it is the consistent construction of dearth extenuation and ecological balance ( Ahmed, 2001 ) .

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As stated by Paul, Mahbub in 1970, sustainable development refers to the substantiate solution of jobs covering the cardinal facets of entity such as instruction, nutrition, wellness, sanitation and employment.


The celebrated Austrian economic expert Schumpeter ( 1949 ) defined entrepreneurship concentrating on invention in four different countries such as new merchandises, new production methods, new markets and new signifier of organisation. McQuaid ( 2002 ) implied that entrepreneurship is an sole construct of market public presentation. Likewise, Kearney ( 1996 ) defined endeavor as the capacity and willingness to originate and pull off create action in response to chances or alterations, wherever they appear in effort to accomplish results of added value.

Entrepreneurship refers to the qualities and features usually expected of a successful enterpriser. It includes perceptual experience of new economic chances, taking inaugural, creativeness and invention, the ability to turn given resources and state of affairss to practical history, and recognition that failure is possible. And, an enterpriser is any individual who possesses the above qualities and uses them in puting up and running an endeavor. Entrepreneurs are enterprise builders-they perceive new concern chances, organize concerns where none existed before, direct these concerns by utilizing their ain and borrowed capital, takes the associated hazards, and enjoy net income as wagess for their attempts ( Karim, 2001, p.02 ) .

Kao ( 1993 ) sees entrepreneurship as an enterprise of set abouting a wealth-creating and value-adding procedure through incubating thoughts, piecing resources and doing things happen. In general, entrepreneurship development refers to preparation and other support services incorporated with a structured plan designed to help persons and groups interested in going enterprisers and get downing little concerns. Again, persons who work for themselves and are non employed by another are called freelance ‘ and that group of people can be known as enterprisers who assume all hazards and duties of a concern endeavor.

Harmonizing to Bhuiyan ( 2007 ) , entrepreneurship is defined as a sort of behaviour of a individual that includes comprehending economic chances, initiative-taking, creativeness and invention, and forming socioeconomic mechanisms to turn resources and state of affairss to practical history, and is the credence of ill to failure.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship:

Harmonizing to the construct of sustainable development and entrepreneurship expressed by authors ‘ different scholarly background, sustainable entrepreneurship means the compact combination of economic growing, stability and effectivity of the human race. In other words, sustainable entrepreneurship is the independent enterprise that provides added value to society associated with new concern thoughts, a vision for growing, a committedness to enterprise invention, finding to roll up indispensable resources and a predominating demand to accomplish success ( Schaper and Volery, 2001, p.12 ) .

Ahmed ( 2001 ) refers to sustainability as the consistent construction of scarceness extenuation and ecological balance. Theorists like Schumpeter ( 1950 ) , Say ( 1821 ) , Cantillon ( 1680-1734 ) , and Mill ( 1871 ) explicate entrepreneurship as a sustainable tool of breeding economic growing.

Correspondingly, sustainable entrepreneurship can be defined as the just combination of resources, concern enterprises, inventions and other important elements of societal milieus. In other words, the puting up of a combination of resources in a market locale into a productive being having lower production to higher production degree affecting hazard and uncertainness of environment to pull out greater net income border ( Mondal, 2002, p.3-4 ) .

Womans Entrepreneurship:

Women entrepreneurship involves raising productiveness, using economic resources, poorness decrease, preparation and accomplishment development, spread outing concern and selling experiences for adult females. Sustainable self-employment chance depends upon add oning input to GDP and cut downing the exposure of adult females, particularly those who live in rural countries.

Bangladesh is a state of heavy population. A big figure of rural adult females are enduring from poorness, unemployment, and bankruptcy. As a consequence, those rural adult females in Bangladesh demand to be supported through magnifying their authorization degrees. Women entrepreneurship is a agency to developing their economic authorization adequately to derive sustainable development.

A batch of enterprises have been taken positively to establish many skill developing plans for rural adult females in Bangladesh for entrepreneurship development ( REOPA- CST Project, UNDP, 2007, p. 03 ) and Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

A adult female enterpriser is one who has entirely or with one or more spouses, started, bought or inherited a concern, is presuming the related fiscal, administrative and societal hazards and duties and is take parting in the house ‘s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours direction. Such adult females are besides known as adult females concern proprietors or freelance adult females ( LFS, 1996 ) .

Overall, the publicity of adult females entrepreneurship in rural country is a procedure of bettering the cardinal characteristics of hapless rural adult females ‘s state of affairs, such as instruction, wellness, sanitation and employment, in a better societal, economic, environmental and political ambiance as a whole.

Womans Authorization:

Although authorization is described by many bookmans disparately, loosely, it can be denoted as the enforceable passage of pull stringsing self-assessment, self-motivation, and self-fulfillment. Furthermore, it ‘s an act which consequences in internal and external alterations in a individual ‘s communal place and cardinal connexion of high quality in civilisation ( Nelly, 2001 ) . John Snow Inc. ( 1990 ) defines authorization in a behavioural sense as the ability to take effectual action. Besides Mayoux ( 2000 ) comments that authorization is a process of roll uping and widening the transmutation of power inter-connectively.

Therefore, adult females empowerment requires such enterprises that have to be pursued on a consistent and lasting footing in order to consequence a 16transformative alteration in adult females ‘s lives and contribute to the obliteration of poorness ( UN-OHRLLS, 2006, p.07 ) .

The Literature Review

It is a widely accepted that Women Empowerment ‘ is a scheme to further adult females ‘s ability to do determinations decently, to command beginnings of power, and to beef up their ain liberty finally. Furthermore, there is a plentifulness of grounds that adult females empowerment is a cardinal means to progress economic prosperity, to raise adult females ‘s capableness to cut down the inequality in both gender and pay rate distribution, to protect the rights of adult females ( for illustration, to upgrade their bargaining power ) and to procure adult females from every sudden crises of life. Arguably, it is a procedure and consequence together ( Ismail and Rahman, 2006 ) . As described by Keller and Mbwene ( cited in Rowland, 1995 ) , it is a procedure to form them to be eligible to be autonomous, to be more independent, to hold the right to do their ain picks, and to command resources to asseverate their challenges and to extinguish favoritism every bit good. Again, Mayoux ( 2000 ) stated that to be a successful sceptered adult female both gender and empowerment apprehensivenesss should be integrated into employment judicial admission locality.

Consequently, authorization will move as income bring forthing tool to ease the wellbeing of humanity, economically, socially, and politically at the same time. Indeed, Jejeebhoy ( 2000 ) believes that peculiar establishments have a definite function to execute to increase adult females ‘s liberty enabling them to go cognizant of gender favoritism, to mobilise community resources and public services, and supply vocational and proficient preparation to increase adult females ‘s entree to and command over economic resources. Sustainable development helps those adult females who are most economically and socially weaker subdivisions of society. It could promote adult females to take part efficaciously in the development procedure. Harmonizing to Ahmed ( 2001, p. 04 ) , sustainability depends on developing schemes to increase human capableness through instruction, developing and wellness attention, and forming entree to recognition, engineering, other resources and services for people ( such as hapless adult females ) to be able to turn to the issues in different countries efficaciously and purposefully. The survey besides shows that the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development ( UNCED ) , or the RIO Earth Summit, was convened to turn to pressing jobs of environmental protection and socio-economic development ( Ahmed, 2001, p.02 ) . Harris ( 2000, p.22 ) describes on W.W Rostow ‘s ( 1998 ) work on determining development policy as the Originator of the phase of growing theory ‘ sing sustainability for societal development. However, the implicit in causes of sustainability are related to gender inequality in societal and economic development. Sangyang and Huang ( 2008, p.676 ) suggest that attempts are being made to better the position of hapless adult females as a vulnerable group of society ; and, to exemplify, bing co-operative establishments and the constitution of women-led or adult females member co-ops provides strong potency for sustainability to advance adult females ‘s entrepreneurship ( Stephens, 1995 ) . For case, the most of import part of adult females to rural and societal development in the Republic of Korea lies in the pioneering function of women-led linkage between consumers ‘ and manufacturers ‘ co-operatives ( Sangyang & A ; Huang, 2008, p.680 ) . Social stereotyping and force at the domestic and social degree are some of the factors against sustainable development for hapless rural adult females in the context of Bangladesh so far. Obviously, favoritism against girl kids, adolescent misss and adult females is besides the common characteristic in the most rural parts of Bangladesh that surely eliminates the opportunities of sustainability in any adult females ‘s development motions.

This is apparent through an probe of adult females ‘s function in determination devising and entrepreneurship development, and a client ‘s study by Professor Hashemi ( 1989, p.10 ) indicates that there has been important advancement in the development of adult females entrepreneurship over a few months. Solaiman and Belal ( 1999, p.129 ) claim, Promotion of rural entrepreneurship can assist to relieve poorness and mobilise natural resources and attempts of the rural people, to do the occupation Godheads alternatively of occupation searchers ‘ . Indeed, they show that village-based endeavors, such as forestry, piscary, domestic fowl, dairy, production of fruits and veggies etc. make self-employment chances throughout the twelvemonth. This survey besides states that this sort of rural entrepreneurship helps accomplish a sustainable society in Bangladesh. Again, Maynul Islam ( 2002, p.327 ) argues that by any logical criterion, adult females ‘s function is every bit every bit of import as work forces ‘s in reproduction, nutriment and enrichment of human life. His survey besides shows that their function is indispensable in production of goods and bringing of services. Further the research concludes, out of 1.55 billion people populating in absolute poorness throughout the universe 70 % of them are adult females, but, as the domestic work of adult females is non treated as productive or economic activity, their unseeable part to the melody of 11 trillion dollars is lost or unaccounted for every twelvemonth from the universe economic system ( Islam, 2002, p.327 ) .

The chief aims for adult females ‘s promotion through poorness decrease highlighted in the study Bangladesh- Unlocking the Potential National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction by IMF ( November, 2005, p.38 ) are guaranting adult females ‘s full engagement in main-stream market-oriented economic activities, bettering adult females ‘s efficiency in executing their family and generative functions and guaranting substructure services for adult females ; constructing adult females ‘s capacity in wellness and instruction to increase productive capacity and personal accomplishments ; guaranting against exposure and hazard ; heightening adult females ‘s political authorization and engagement in determination devising ; guaranting adult females ‘s engagement in the international forums ; and beef uping establishments and capacity-building in monitoring and the rating of adult females ‘s development.

Schumpeter in the Theory of Development is the first economic expert to separate between an enterpriser and capitalist ( Mondal, 2002, p.03 ) .The survey besides observes that premise of hazard affecting invention is the function of the enterpriser ; premise of hazard ` research focuses upon the five elements of invention identified in Schumpeter ‘s ( 1934 ) theoretical account of entrepreneurship theory, which are: debut of a new good, acceptance of new inputs to bring forth a new good or antecedently produced good, opening a new market, and making a new organisation.

As described by Amit, Glostnel and Muller ( 1993, p.03 ) , Leibenstein ‘s ( 1968 ) features of an enterpriser are: an enterpriser connects different markets, replies market lacks by providing, creates and is responsible for time-building implicit or expressed contractual agreements and input transforming organisational constructions, and completes inputs ( all resources need to be produced and there should be a market for a merchandise ) .

Constitution of Micro, little and moderate-sized endeavors has been recognized as a polar scheme to increase adult females ‘s economic authorization while contending poorness and gender equality ( Snagyang & A ; Huang, 2008, p.678 ) . The survey besides mentions that the publicity of adult females ‘s entrepreneurship through adult females ‘s co-operatives has possible for furthering adult females ‘s income coevals and adult females ‘s authorization every bit good as assisting to relieve rural poorness among adult females ( Taimini, 1998 ) .

Again Rutherford ( 1995, in Rutherford et al. , 1997 ) shows that the hapless ( adult females ) in Bangladesh normally pattern self-exclusion from income bring forthing recognition enterprises. Other research workers show that NGOs cover merely in-between and upper ‘ income hapless ( adult females ) as progressively the utmost hapless ( adult females ) are seen to be dropping out of recognition plans after holding failed to maintain up with refund of their installments ( Hulme & A ; Mosely,1995, cited in Sharif, 1997, p.72 ) . Another survey claims that, really hapless persons are frequently described every bit high hazard due to their deficiency of collateral and unstable beginnings of income and therefore timely refund of loans is frequently non anticipated ‘ ( Hossain and Knight, 2008, p.03 ) .

This survey besides argued that the focal point on adult females ‘ is non basically linked to concern for authorising adult females ; instead it is determined by concern for the plan ‘s viability. Yet, some bookmans besides claim that Channeling resources peculiarly through adult females in poorness relief plans serves a scope of ends ; basic demands, public assistance, equity and authorization ‘ ( Kabeer, 1997, p.02 ) . Despite the possible part of micro-finance to adult females ‘s authorization and well-being, there is a long manner to travel before adult females have equal entree to fiscal services in rural countries or are able to to the full profit from them ‘ ( IFAD, Chalasani, 2009, p.10 ) . Mk Nelly & A ; Mc Cord ( 2001, p.05 ) describe Mayoux ‘s ( 2000 ) model for authorization through power dealingss for rural adult females as: power within-power to-power with and power over with regard to microfinance plans. Other work of Mayoux ( 2006, p.13 ) examines recent developments that undertake to do merchandise invention by rural adult females entrepreneurs sustainable and progressively client-based and that purpose for important authorization ; she strongly emphasizes participatory market research, consumer protection and fiscal literacy. Again, Mayoux ‘s ( 1995, p.04 ) research clarifies rural adult females ‘s micro-enterprise development forms by sketching two distinguishable attacks: a market attack, which aims to help single adult females enterprisers to increase their income, and an empowerment attack, which aims non merely to increase the income, but besides the bargaining power of hapless ( adult females ) manufacturers through group activities.