EMERGENCY SERVICE ADMISSION REPORT Patient Name Brenda C. Brenda C. Seggerman Patient ID: 903321 Date of Admission: 03/27/—- Emergency Room Physician Alex McClure MD Admitting Diagnosis Ectopic pregnancy CHIEF COMPLAINT: The patient presents to the emergency room this morning complaining of lower abdominal pain. HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: The patient states that she has been having vaginal bleeding, more like spotting, over the past month. She denies the chance of pregnancy, although she states that she is sexually active and using no birth control.

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GYNECOLOGIC HISTORY: Patient is gravida 2, para 1, abortus 1. Her only child is a 15-year-old daughter who lives in Texas with her grandmother. PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: Positive for hepatitis B. PAST SURGICAL HISTORY: Pilonidal cyst removed in the remote past. Had plastic surgery on her ears as a child. SOCIAL HISTORY: Married, has 1 daughter; patient works as a substitute teacher. Smokes 1 pack of cigarettes on a daily basis. Denies EtOH. Smoked marijuana last night. No IV drug abuse. ALLERGIES: TETANUS. MEDICATIONS: None.

REVIEW OF SYSTEMS: Patient complains of a lower abdominal pain for the past week that apparently got much worse last night and by this morning was intolerable. She is also having some nausea and vomiting. Denies hematemesis, hematochezia, and melena. She has had vaginal spotting over the past month with questionable vaginal discharge as well. Denies urinary frequency, urgency, and hematuria. Denies arthralgia’s. Review of systems is otherwise essentially negative. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Vital signs show temperature 97 degrees, pulse 53, respirations 22, blood pressure 108/60.

General: Physical exam reveals a well-developed, well-nourished 35-year-old white female in a moderate amount of distress at the time of the examination. HEENT are unremarkable except for poor dentition. Neck is soft and supple. Chest: Lungs are clear in all fields. Heart: Regular rate and rhythm. Abdomen: Soft with positive tenderness of her lower abdominal area. Fundus was not palpable above the pubic area. Left adnexa are tenderer than the right. Vaginal exam: The cervix is closed. A moderate amount of EMERGENCY SERVICES ADMISSION REPORT Patient Name: Brenda C.

Seggerman Patient ID: 903321 Date of Admission: 03/27/—- Page 2 mucopurulent vaginal discharge is noted. The patient would not allow me to perform a bimanual examination due to her pain, so the speculum was withdrawn. Extremities: No clot, no edema. Neurologic exam: Intact, oriented x3. No neurologic deficits. DIAGNOSTIC DATA: Admission hemoglobin 12. 8 g, hematocrit 36. 6%. Urinalysis is essentially negative. Beta-hCG is positive with a WBC count of 23,278. RADIOLOGY: Pelvic ultrasound shows a 7-week 4-day-old viable ectopic pregnancy per Radiology.

The patient was given Demerol 25 mg and Phenergan 25 mg IV for the pain after her report was obtained. She was also given Claforan 1 g IV. I paged Dr. Gerard, patient’s GYN physician, as soon as I received the ultrasound report at approximately 10 a. m. ; he was not in his North Miami office. I paged the South Miami office and reached Dr. Gerard’s office at approximately 10:15 a. m. His office personnel advised me that he is not on call. Dr. Bumbak is on call. I spoke with Dr. Bumbak at approximately 10:25 a. m. , and she will be here to take the patient to the operating room.

ADMITTING DIAGNOSIS: Left ectopic first-trimester pregnancy. DISPOSITION: The patient received an IV of lactated Ringer’s upon arrival at the emergency room. This was switched to normal saline while we were awaiting Dr. Bumbak’s arrival. The surgical procedure was explained to the patient and her husband. All risks and benefits were discussed. They understand the necessity for immediate surgery, and informed consent was signed. No old records are available for review. Alex McClure, MD Emergency Department Physician AM:xx D:03/27/—- T:03/27/—-