‘Life of Pi ‘ , written by Yann Martel, is an escapade Novel about a 16 year-old male child called Pi who, along with his household, gets shipwrecked. The subject is about fighting to last against all odds. Merely Pi and some animate beings survive. The book is divided into three parts: After the writer ‘s note, portion 1 Tells about Pi ‘s immature life and his love of animate beings and faith. Separate 2 is the chief portion of the book which describes the sinking of the ship which is transporting Pi, his household, the crew and some menagerie animate beings. Pi ‘s household perish and Pi is left entirely to last with some animate beings. Finally he manages to make land. In portion 3 he tells the narrative of his escapades but is non believed and he retells the narrative utilizing worlds alternatively of animate beings. The reader is left to do his ain head up sing which is the more believable narrative. In Yann Martel ‘s Life of Pi, symbolism plays an of import portion.

She ‘s keeping an orange cat in her weaponries. Two front legs lodging straight up and profoundly done for caput are all that is seeable of it above her crossed weaponries The remainder of the cat is hanging all the manner down to the floor. The carnal seems rather relaxed about being stretched on the rack in this mode. ( page 89 )

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Usha ( Pi ‘s girl ) holds an orange cat. This gives the reader a verification that Pi will last the calamity. The orange cat symbolizes Richard Parker the Bengal tiger, who helps Pi to last during his 227days at sea. The tiger, the lifeboat and the whistling ( all orange ) all contribute to the endurance of Pi and give support during emotional hard times.

Pi explains how closely faith and fauna are aligned and he uses menagerie as a symbol for faith.

I know zoos are no longer in people ‘s good graces. Religion faces the same job. Certain semblances about freedom pestilence them both. ( page 29 )

Some people consider themselves to be ‘free ‘ from any belief or spiritual system, merely like others misunderstand that the natural state is non free for an animate being. Zoos are frequently critized because they take wild, baronial animate beings from their natural home ground and set them into tiring domesticated coops. Pi vehemently disagrees ; he finds that animate beings are animals of wont and will set to their new caged environment. In the menagerie they have all their demands compressed into a safe environment. This is, harmonizing to Pi, Eden for animate beings. In the same manner faith offers people boundaries within which they feel unafraid and safe. When Pi was despairing on his lifeboat he turned to faith. He had in fact three, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

Pi explains: I practiced spiritual rites that I adapted to the circumstances- lone Multitudes without priests or consecrated Communion hosts, darshans without murtis, and pujas with turtle meat for Prasad, acts of devotedness to Allah non cognizing where Mecca was and acquiring my Arabic wrong. They brought me comfort. ( page 187 )

When you believe in God or have faith in something you are certain of yourself. Unlike atheists who do non believe in anything which makes them unsure, Pi embraces faith to derive certainty The quotation mark above bears this out.

Another symbol in the book is ‘Pi ‘ which is the chief character Piscine ‘s moniker. Pi ‘s full name is Piscine Molitor Patel. When he was still in primary school childs sometimes used to

annoyer him by naming him ‘Pissing ‘ alternatively of ‘Piscine ‘ . Pi got his name from the swimming pool of Paris, Piscine des Tourelles and hence kids found Piscine difficult to articulate.

My name is

Piscine Molitor Patel

Known to all as

-I double underlined the first two letters of my given name-

Pi Patel

For good step I added

( Page 31 )

When Pi started traveling to secondary school he decided that to forestall people from naming him

Making he decided to name himself Pi ( see quotation mark ) . The name Pi is a really unusual name and it besides

brings a great trade of symbolism with it. Pi is the Grecian figure for 16 and Pi was 16 when

he got shipwrecked. The figure Pi is used to find the perimeter of a circle with the

expression: . There is besides symbolism behind this because the correlativity

between the additive journey to Canada and the rhythms of uncertainty and religion are experienced by Pi. The

figure Pi is a really complex figure. In fact, it has so many denary topographic points that it is excessively hard for human heads to accurately grok it, merely as it says in the book that some realities/situations are merely excessively hard to confront. Pi ‘s experiences are explained rationally by Pi. Pi uses pi ( ) to calculate out the perimeter of the algae island.

In brief it can be said that symbolism plays a large function in the narrative ‘Life of Pi ‘ . The symbols help us to truly understand Pi ‘s battle for endurance. The colour orange, the animate beings, faith and pi are merely a few illustrations of how symbolism is used in the narrative. Even though Pi changes his history of the sinking of the ship and his endurance, ( by replacing people for animate beings ) the events remain consistent with his original narrative. Storytelling ( with symbolism incorporated ) helps Pi to apologize his dramatic experience and overcome desperation.