The overall experience alterations drastically in station secondary establishments compared to high school chiefly because of pupil battle. Student battle is what adds to the ambiance of a station secondary scene and being involved within a station secondary establishment can truly assist with doing friends and making good in school. Student battle can change drastically through the categories. the campus and based through my experience every bit good as abode battle.

In station secondary establishments pupils go through a large passage. as the environment that they are put into is really different from what they are used to. Student battle is “the other focal points on students’ cognitive investing. active engagement in and emotional committedness to their learning” ( Zepke et al. 2009 ) . Student’s category battle can diminish as they are put into a new environment. with different instruction and larning methods.

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The alteration in this could do detachment. as pupils become non motivated to carry through good classs. Students need to recognize that difficult work. clip and attempt is needed. and if unable to make that classs could ensue really ill. Relationships with teachers/professors are non strong in station secondary. Students who transition from high school to post secondary school are non given the attending that they were given in high school by their instructors.

Students are used to being “babied” in high school. as they are told several times that an assignment needs to be done or are allowed to manus in late assignments. “Students are more likely to prosecute if they are supported by instructors who set up ask foring learning environments. demand high criterions. challenge. and do themselves freely available to discourse academic progress” ( Zepke et al. 2010 ) . In station secondary school. pupils need to travel out of their manner to acquire the excess aid they need. as category sizes are normally really big. Since category sizes are normally big. pupils may hold a hard clip listening. every bit good because categories range between one to three hours in length.

Coming to a new environment puts pupils out of their comfort zone. Campus battle is all about how pupils interact with the excess curricular activities and acquiring involved with the school on campus. Students are put into a new environment and non cognizing people when coming to a new school can be intimidating. and it makes it harder to go involved in the school nines. athleticss. activities and commissions. Sports squads could be more competitory as pupils could perchance merely make up one’s mind non to seek out because they may believe they are non good plenty. and squads and nines would necessitate many hours a hebdomad. which could be really clip devouring. Campus life is really different than high school. as pupils are used to all their categories being in one edifice. appose to post secondary school where categories are in multiple edifices and necessitate to walk to different edifices.

In decision. the overall experience alterations drastically in station secondary establishments compared to high school because of pupil battle. Students hapless category battle could be that they are non motivated to make the work. non pushed by instructors to acquire assignments and prep done. and category sizes are rather big as it would be difficult to concentrate. What is non realized is that pupils do non believe it is every bit difficult. as they slack the first term. but one time they get their Markss back. it’s a large daze to them.

Geting involved in the campus could be disputing for some pupils because they are out of their comfort zone and they do non cognize a batch of people. They are hesitating to acquire involved. as it is a immense alteration from high school traveling into station secondary school. Student battle can be disputing with pupils when they do non cognize what to anticipate traveling into station secondary school. but will finally larn from their errors and start making better category and campus moralss.