To our honest principal. Mrs. Dianne Derla Atlas. to our hardworking school decision maker. Mr. Raymond Go. to our loveable Student Council Adviser. Mrs. Christine Campana Go. to our module and staff and to my fellow college mans. a pleasant afternoon to all of you.

I’m Marichelle Lubigan. a III- St. Luke pupil. under the supervising of Ms. Marjorie Aspuria. and I’m running for the place of secretary under VOICE Party. I First started as the English Club secretary. Bing new to this campus. I didn’t even cognize how to get down composing the proceedingss of the meeting. But through the aid of our Club President. I survived. When the twelvemonth was about to stop. my sister encouraged me to fall in the leading preparation. Luckily. I passed the showings and made it ‘till the Leadership preparation.

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When the proclamation came. I wasn’t trusting that my name will be called. I knew that there are tonss of pupils who are meriting for that places. It was already summer holiday when Kuya Ron texted me to travel to school. When I went to school. I was surprised when I was asked to replace the Filipino Club President. I’ve learned a batch from my experiences during my first twelvemonth as an SC Officer. I found myself undergoing the leading preparation once more. I tried my best to turn out myself once more. Fortunately I passed. but this clip. I was included to the new batch of SC Officers. I ran as the Business Manager.

I wasn’t competitory enough that I will win that clip because my opposition is more popular than me. Marc Ryan Clamor. When the consequences came. I was surprised when I won. I told myself that I won’t waste the trust you’ve given to me and for my last twelvemonth as a leading trainee. I was rather nervous for Ms. Tin told us at the showing that there are tonss of first twelvemonth pupils who are truly seeking their best. Many of them spoke consecutive English and want the place of President. When the preparation came. I actively participated during talks and group treatments. During the proclamation. I felt truly nervous because all of the trainees were truly meriting to be chosen. that is why I didn’t travel to school that twenty-four hours. When my sister told me that I was chosen to hold another opportunity to be an SC Officer. I was truly surprised and grateful.

I’m really running for the place of financial officer. but due to the encouragement of my party couples. I’ve decided to run for secretary. The secretary is the 1 responsible in maintaining accurate records of meetings and pupil activities. plans. and Sessionss. The secretary besides writes the proceedingss. and takes thoughts from pupils during a meeting.