List the facets of employment covered jurisprudence.
The jurisprudence in UK covers the undermentioned facets:
Minimal Wage.
Health and Safety.
Union Rights.
Redundancy and dismissal.
Disciplinary processs.
Labour Torahs that relate to the points listed above screen the duties between employee and employer. Health and Safety Torahs relate to working conditions. lower limit pay relates to basic salary and there are other Torahs that set basic compensation degrees. There are several farther Torahs that protect both the employee and the employer such as the Disability Act. The Medicine Act. General Social Care Council Code 2001. RIDDOR 1995 and more.

List the chief characteristics of current employment statute law
The chief characteristics of employment statute law are:
Employment rights
Equality and Discrimination
Health and Safety.

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Outline why statute law associating to employment exists

Legislation associating to employment exists in order to forestall the development of employees by employers. Legislation protects employees rights and screens countries such as: Salary. equal wage.
Maternity/Paternity entitlement
Ill wage. Holiday wage. Redundancy
Working hours
Discrimination i. vitamin E disablement. gender. age.
Employers are required to adhere to this statute law and can have
punishments if they do non.

Identify beginnings and types of information and advice available in relation to employment duties and rights In order to obtain information and advice in relation to employment duties and rights an employee should be given the followers: Contract: This should cover all the footings and conditions.

Job description
Policy paperss
Employee enchiridion
Further information can be obtained from administrations such as. citizens advise and trade brotherhoods.

Understand agreed ways of working that protect ain relationship with employer

Describe the footings and conditions of ain contract of employment

The footings and conditions of the contract of employment between myself and SEAC screens:

Job Title
Topographic point of work
Hours of work
Termination of employment
Disciplinary process
Grievance process
Disclosure of information
Data protection
Protection of rational belongings rights
Health and Safety

These footings and conditions are provides to protect both myself as an employee and SEAC as an employer and are covered by the UK Legislation on employment rights and duties.

Describe the information shown on ain wage statement

The information shown on my wage statement is:

Name and reference.
Employee figure
Tax codification
Tax office
National insurance figure
Hours worked
Gross and net wage to day of the month
Tax write-offs

Describe the processs to follow in event of a grudge

In the event of a grudge the process that is required to be followed as outlined in my contract of employment is as follows:

Raise informally with ASC in order to discourse the concern and convey to a satisfactory decision. If this is non possible the following measure is. Consult Apprentice Handbook
Raise the affair in composing. If the concern is non resolved within 10 on the job yearss. Bring the concern to the attending of the following degree of direction.

Identify the personal information that must be kept up to day of the month with ain employer

Personal information that must be kept up to day of the month with the employer is:

Bank inside informations
Contact inside informations
Emergency contact inside informations

Explain agreed ways of working with employer

Agreed ways of working with my employer are outlined in my Guide for Apprentices enchiridion. This information provides me with the duties that are expected from myself as an learner and besides what I can anticipate from my employer.

A sum-up of my duties are:
Arrive at topographic point of employment /training on clip
Be proactive. enthusiastic. interested. committedness to working duties Complete all work/training undertakings on clip. committedness to developing Follow my host company policies and processs. adhere to safe working. patterns. esteem belongings Be professional. frock appropriately

A sum-up of SEAC’s and the Host Company’s duties are: To supply a safe working environment
Supply me with all relevant policies and processs
Support my preparation with larning chances and approved clip off for developing Provide me with a supervisor/personal wise man
Pay my wage on clip
Ensure that the preparation programme supports my single demands. develop my cognition

Understand how ain function tantrums within the wider context of the sector

Explain how ain function tantrums within the bringing of the service supplier

The service supplier is the NHS and my function as Occupational Therapist Assistant Apprentice tantrums within the rehabilitation and enablement of patients following corsets within the infirmary to return to independence.

Explain the consequence of ain function on service proviso

My function as Occupational Therapist Assistant Apprentice is to supply support to the Ward Occupational Therapist and other curative staff by back uping patients through appraisal and rehabilitation to return to independent lives to the best of their ability. This is achieved by supplying a comprehensive appraisal of the patient’s abilities with mundane activities and cognitive appraisal to set up mental capacity. Resources and support are so assigned to the patient harmonizing to their single demands.

Describe how ain function links to the wider sector
My function as Occupational Therapist Assistant Apprentice links into the wider sector which is the local community. This includes Community Rehabilitation Teams. Community Hospital. Social Services. Residential /Care Homes. Mental Health Teams and Care Agencies. Following appraisal of the patient to set up what farther support is required ; my function is to intercede with these services to guarantee a smooth passage and positive result for the patient. Describe the chief functions and duties of representative organic structures that influence the wider sector