If you were to do one error in you life that changed about everything in your life because you knew that you could hold done something to halt it. would you seek to happen a manner to do up for your errors? In the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini ; it is about a adult male named Amir and his different challenges he has to confront on his manner to seek and deliver himself from one large error he made in his childhood that hunted him for old ages because he knew he could hold done something to assist out a friend.

In the book it besides focuses on the poorness of the Afghan kids. but it helps learn us that during was a batch more people are willing to give things they care about because they are so fearful of the caput functionaries. So non many people are willing to stand up for what they know is right because they are scared and they are besides under a batch of force per unit area to make certain things. Child maltreatment is ne’er okay. no affair what tradition or religion the people are following it doesn’t excuse their behaviour.

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It can take a childhood off from a kid because they can ne’er hold merriment any longer with out holding to worry about if it will go on once more or if they are traveling to be safe and non ache once more. “You’re non soil. and you’re non full of wickedness. ” I touched his arm and he drew off. I reached once more. gently. and I pulled him to me. “I won’t injury you. ” I whispered. “I promise. ” he still resisted a small. ” ( Pg. 320 ) This quotation mark shows us how things Assef and the other work forces did affected Sohrab after he was taken off from them.

They made him experience dirty and sinful. It besides made it so it was and is difficult for Sohrab to swear people and allow them in to his life. During the wars many people are to sacred to stand up for what is right because they know if they were to state something incorrect or merely in a manner that the functionaries or Taliban didn’t like they would be either earnestly injured or killed right on the topographic point. “A rumour spread that a Hazara household was populating entirely in the large house in Wazir Akbar Khan. so the Taliban claim.

A brace of Talib functionaries came to look into and interrogate Hassan. They accused him of lying when Hassan told them he was populating with me. even though many of the neighbours supported Hassan’s narrative. the Talibs said he was a prevaricator and a stealer like all Haraza’s and ordered him to acquire his household out of the house by sunset. Hassan protested… so the took him in to the street and shot him in the dorsum of the caput. Farazana came shouting and attacked them ; they shot her excessively.

They subsequently claimed that it was self defence. ” ( Pg. 219 ) Hassan and his married woman were killed because that told the truth and stood by it non endorsing down. but the Talib functionaries didn’t want to give them a opportunity and really travel expression and see if they weren’t lying. This is one ground why many people are afraid of the functionaries because even if people were stating the truth they wouldn’t acquire a just opportunity unless they were rich or good known. In the book and in existent life a batch of people don’t stand up for what they know is right because they are to scared. unlike Hassan where he really did something good and protested against the Talib functionaries when they were incorrect about the state of affairs.

“I think I will populate to repent this but possibly it’s merely every bit good. I’m damned anyways. But if something can be done to assist Sohrab… I will state you… There is a Talib Official that comes one time every month or two. He brings hard currency with him. a batch. better so nil at all” . His devious eyes fell on me. rolled off. “Usually he’ll take a miss. but non ever. ” “And you allow this? ” Farid said… “What pick do I hold? ” … “You’re the manager here. you occupation is to watch the kids.

” “There is nil I can make to halt it. ” ( Pg 255 ) Harmonizing to Frontline. many military leaders have Bacha Bazi’s because it shows a sense of power and if they don’t they would look less powerful to everyone else. Some of the work forces have them but don’t want to utilize them because they know its incorrect but they need to “have” them for the power it shows. ” Both of these quotation marks show us how people do things because they are either made to or they have no pick in the affair.

But they besides do it because of all the force per unit area they are under to hold a Bacha Bazi. and most of them are merely to scared to stand up for what’s right because they know what the penalty would be. The whole book “The Kite Runner” is about the challenges that Amir and Sohrab face. but it is besides about the whole Afghan society and the things they have or had to travel through. like the different things they had to give to feed merely half of their household. or merely the childs at the orphanhoods.

It is besides about how people are to frightened to stand up for what is right because they would instead be thought of as being incorrect so deceasing for rectifying an functionary like Hassan did. A batch of the characters had to travel through these things in the book ; when Sohrab is sexually abused and no 1 does anything about it because a batch of people still think it’s a tradition and they were likely besides excessively frightened to state anything.

It happened with Hassan and his married woman when they were killed for stating the truth. And once more when the proprietor of the orphanhood would sell the childs to the Talib soldiers for money to feed the other childs because they had no other pick and it was the lone manner to acquire money for nutrient. The Taliban did whatever they wanted. but the things that happened there should ne’er go on once more. now or subsequently. It needs to be stopped.