The Condominium Industry was severely affected to the universe economic recession. Many industries had to confront highly unpleasant epoch in the concern minutess. It was due to the insecurity caused in some of the fiscal companies in the state.

Several condominium belongings contractors were unable to do advancement in their investings due to the unsold finished Condominiums. Developers who have made significant investings were incapable to procuring farther support required to finish with the on-going undertakings. As such the investors in the building industry and the banking community had a deficiency of enthusiasm to impart to this section, as it was all affected because of the recognition squeezing and of the planetary recession.

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Soon the state of affairs in Sri Lanka had changed due to the licking of the terrorist act in Sri Lanka, where the state province is holding a peaceable status, after three decennaries. Since the morning of peace in the state there is a huge leaning of the migrators who left the state acquiring back to Sri Lanka and moreover hopefully will hold a positive consequence in the condominium industry.

The Journal will analyse the Macro and the Meso Level of emerging subjects, how the professional Markets should harvest up different schemes to pull the clients. As it is now a flourishing industry in Sri Lanka and since there is a solid environment stableness chiefly because the gunshot had ended after three decennaries. Based on this information I selected the subject of the flourishing condominium industry in Sri Lanka sing the above factors.

2.0 Short List of Publications

There are figure of Publications and publishing houses with certification in the market on the condominium industry. As many condominium flats are being built up in Sri Lanka, the existent estate agents give the feeling to the expatiates that there is a demand of buying condominiums in Sri Lanka. The purchasers are more interested and enthusiastic in the condominium undertakings which are presently in Sri Lanka and they needs to cognize more information form the current publications and magazines.

Lanka Monthly Digest ( LMD )

The first magazine was out in August ’94 and published monthly. This magazine has information about new inventions, current issues in the economic sector fiscal, political and current personal businesss. This is the lone magazine which has the SUPERBRAND position in Sri Lanka. The magazine is Published by Media Services ( Pvt ) Limited. The magazine is targeted for the concern companies, senior directors and several professionals.


The above magazine published semimonthly, have information about Leisure entrainment, architecture, manner, cricket and other athleticss. The first transcript of this magazine was launched in September 2005. The magazine is published by Media Services ( Private ) Limited. The Living magazine reaches to business communities, sellers and other professionals who can acquire an overview of the client penchants.


The Economic Review was foremost published in 1977, it has existed for the past 33 old ages and it has provided a forum for treatment on the modern-day development and international issues. Chiefly focused on the Economic Recession, Share Market, Foreign Investments & A ; Economic Policy Reforms ect.. This is published by the Director of Research Department, Pepole ‘s Bank, Colombo 02. The Economic Review is a community Service undertaking of the People ‘s Bank.

The Economic Review ‘s mark Market includes the business communities, markers and economic professionals to acquire an overview on how the political and economic stableness in the state.

Business Today

The Business Today magazine is published monthly with a circulation of 5500 transcripts all island broad in Sri Lanka. The magazine was foremost published in 1996, and it was covering up the bulk of the concern magazine in the state. This magazine covers information about new selling inventions, current issues in the economic, fiscal, political and current personal businesss in the concern environment. It has unfastened forums with reputed company Managers and many other issues in the concern community locally and internationally. The Magazine is published by TW Network ( Private Limited ) . It has an online subscription where superintendents ‘ inverters and exiles have opportunity of buying the magazine.

The Chartered Marketer

The Chartered Marketer is magazine is published by the Sri Lankan Region of the hired institute of Marketing. The first issue was published in twelvemonth 2005. The Magazine is issued published twice twelvemonth. This magazine has information in relation to new selling inventions, current issues in the economic, fiscal, political and current personal businesss in the concern environment which has an impact to the markets in locally and internationally. Most of the articles are written by professionals in different industries.

3.0 Important to Readers

Most of the states had been fighting severely due to the recognition crunch that was strike globally and locally. Many of them had difficult times in fiscal losingss and Job cut downs. Industries were near down in big Numberss due to the crises. In this diary it will show how Condominium industry started dining.

Sri Lanka was one of the auspicious states where a mammoth conflict, which was the war agents the LTTE was liberated after three decennaries. As it twisted many foreign inverters started puting out their concern in Sri Lanka. The diary will concentrate how sellers used advanced thoughts to over come the economic crises and the current position of the Condominium industry.

The cardinal points of the diary will demo the economic environment of the state, which has an impact to the condominium industry, will be analyses in the diary. Due to the unfastened up of the condominium industry many other related industry ‘s excessively started dining up. As an illustration foreign currency exchange and many employment chances increased in the state. The article will place the importance of marketing condominium industries in the state and how the sellers should used the schemes in doing the consumers in to purchasing consumers.

The Lanka Monthly Digest ( LMD ) publication points out the modern and possible tendencies in the current issues of the economic, fiscal and political personal businesss in the concern environment in Sri Lanka. The magazine is targeted for the concern companies, senior directors and several professionals in the state. This is the lone magazine which has the SUPERBRAND position in Sri Lanka. The diary will place the cardinal high spots of the industry, and how the changed been affected during the past old ages in respond to emerging subjects of the condominiums industry.

Part 2

2.1 Abstraction

2.2 Introduction

In Today ‘s Condominium lodging flats are divided in to sections harmonizing installations provided such as namely Luxury, semi luxury, and normal besides with cardinal alterations. Presently in the lodging concern industry new merchandises and inventions are coming-up to the market in big Numberss. The condominium industry builders excessively should take necessary actions and look into the client needs to supply information in this respect. As the condominiums in the market at present are more many-sided, the governments must hold a turning concern with the environment which attempts the degree of Macro and its Meso subjects.

2.3 Macro Level of the Industry

Presently Sri Lanka ‘s condominium monetary values have bubbled now making peak degree and more condominiums excessively are now under building. How could these hold an consequence to the state ‘s economic system and industry? Previously the fiscal Analysts and the developers were more concerned with respects to the foreign investors who were non puting now as earlier, as the industry was severely hit by the economic crises. Due to the fiscal crises it was an exceptionally complicated affair to merchandise flats such as new high-rise condominium composites being built in the capital metropolis of Colombo.

The Sri Lankan condominium industry is straight connected with the political alterations which took topographic point during the last three decennaries. In this regard, due to the terrorist activities and the war state of affairs in the state the important economic alterations were reported. As such the consumers migrated to other states. And particularly when few Bankss and fiscal companies went bankrupt, the involvements for the condominiums were really much less. Due to such fortunes, many fiscal companies had to confront many troubles in covering the capital loans given for the relevant builders in the Condominium industry.

On loan Point in Time

Due to economic downswing the Central Bank printed more currency and it unnaturally deflated the involvement rates, but it did non hold the expected consequences.

In the Market there are 1000s of unsold luxury condominiums units which are under building and the high involvement rates slowed the economic system and dried up the recognition.

Condominium Industry at a Glance

The buildings were done with bank adoptions where the returns were assumed upon net incomes on the old undertakings where the returns in investings were excessively predicted from its gross revenues. The companies were able to shown a higher per centum in premise premium.

It severely affected the whole industry due to the economic recession, where the borrowed money was unable to payback the fiscal intuitions and the condominium developers had to confront a downswing. Constructions are chiefly fiscal governments were holding uncertainties in continuing as it was non positive about funding such industries.

The building company ‘s and the relevant condominium builders will hold to retrieve the costs and the adoptions to fiscal intuition merely done by selling the lodging units in a lower monetary value to cover up cost at least. If clip goes on the involvement rates of the loans and the on-going monetary values of the building stuffs will lift up.

Rebirth Era

Sri Lanka has a sensible a condominium roar, as commercial concern investors are now in keen of buying condominiums as the economic system has been start picking up and the Rebel LTTE terrorist act was over after three decennaries. As a consequence foreign investors, Sri Lankans who are populating abroad and who left the state due to the terrorist act jobs have start buying condominiums in Sri Lanka as a future investing.

There are first-class locations for seting up condominium lodging units in the state, as people articulate that there ‘s non sufficient land available in seting condominiums. The Economists are dying whether the house monetary values will make high and damage the economic system.

The alien who invests will be required to pay a 100 % revenue enhancement on land belongingss purchased in the state. The condominium units which are around US $ 500,000 to about US $ 600,000 in the scope have three sleeping rooms with other installations. The monetary value which is available fluctuates really often, as and when demand is available the monetary value rise up bit by bit.

There are figure of accomplished luxury condominiums which are available for business, with handiness of the latest engineering in the houses. The flats which are completed have a demand by the clients locally and internationally.

In the above graph it proves that the luxury and little flats which are coming up in the metropolis of Colombo and suburbs in Sri Lanka, which shows that the state ‘s economic system is bettering twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

At present there ‘s about 30 % addition in figure of condominium licences issued from the authorities during the past old ages, and harmonizing to the Condominium Management Authority a huge per centum of exiles are to buy the luxury condominiums. Most of the buildings are approved from the Board of Investment ( BOI ) .

Exiles Return

The state ‘s condominium roar was first driven by the Sri Lankans who populating overseas which the people who had a peace of head of life in the state. At present the developers look frontward to the exiles who are populating abroad. As the states economic system started bettering which created ‘STARS ‘ bring forthing hard currency to the industry.

Most of the Tamil population was returning from the western states and had start buying flats from Colombo.

Today the rising prices was higher and the consumer monetary value index has risen over the old ages from up to around 18.5 % . The cost of life and bank interesting rate was around 15 % to 25 % per annum.

The southern coastal belt is pulling investors once more after the Tsunami which killed about more than 30,000 Sri Lankans. Particularly the foreign clients are attracted to its green environment.

The chief turning point was in November 2005 after the new President Mahinda Rajapakse was elected as the president. In January 2007 the President was supported by the resistance MP ‘s crossing over to the authorities, giving it a supreme bulk in the parliament. After one old ages clip the authorities pulled out of the ceasefire with the LTTE, so after 1 A? old ages clip the whole state was liberated form the Liberation of Tiger of Tamil Eelan ( LTTE ) . It was a major turning point for the full development of the economic system in Sri Lanka.

MESO Level of the Industry

The Condominium Industry is presently anticipating a important demand from the Sri Lankans who are populating in abroad. As many condominiums are fitted with all the most modern province of the art features. Condominiums investings now offer higher returns compared to other investings, which have created a market of holding all installations under one roof.

There are figure of condominiums in Sri Lanka which has a created a ‘Competition ‘ among each other, some have uniqueness on its eco friendly landscaping which has created a benchmark with others.

Completed luxury condominiums which is available for business, which has a demand by the ‘Customers ‘ locally and internationally are.

Empire Towers

Havelock City

Trillium Residencies

Celestial Residencies

Dawson Grand Apartments

4.0 How the Market Should Performed

At present the demand for condominiums in Sri Lanka is on the rise. Industry experts says as the market has grown at a many-sided rate with the acceleration of per capital income and altering forms of use and salvaging wonts in the current yesteryear. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // newsid=160 )

The clients in condominium belongingss look frontward for the substructure handiness. Eg. Parking Space, other clients who purchase and safety steps. Creating and edifice client consciousness will be a positive manner of pulling them in to the market. Demand for the condominiums n Sri Lanka is approximately 12 % of the population. Where the authorities should give a assisting manus to the clients and the building governments in fiscal support. Chiefly in cut downing the bank loan rates and giving revenue enhancement relives and benefits.

There should be regardful segmented condominiums where low and middle-income earning groups and the luxury. As more gross revenues out come can be generated.

As there is a turning demand for the condominium belongingss in Sri Lanka, the policy environment and institutional models that had some recent amendments to the legal model including in the Apartment Ownership Law No 11 of 1973 which has been amended by Act No. 45 of 1982 and amended by Act No. 39 of 2003 giving more authorization and flexibleness to flat proprietors and loaners. Legislation in 1973 introduced a legislative act called the Apartment Ownership Law, replacing the Condominium Property Law. Today, the jurisprudence on Condominiums in Sri Lanka is governed by the Apartment Ownership Law and its amendments made in 1982. As there ‘s a demand for condominiums in Sri Lanka, the authorities has instituted a condominium Management Authority. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // newsid=160 )

Condominiums ‘ in Digital Selling

Consumer purchasing and merchandising forms have changed in legion ways. The development rhythm started the roar with the aid of the authoritiess new constabularies for economic development which will be able to set in to a new epoch for the condominium industry in the state.

Many of the investors are geared up to put in Sri Lankan condominiums lodging units. The Real-Estate with related to condominium industry the web interchange and reaction, there is a singular measure up in the luxury condominium market with the ‘Marketing New Ground ‘ where the market can custom-make the condominium harmonizing to there demands. Eg, Making the client dream a world.

5.0 Decision

Sri Lanka being a perfect industry location in Asia where it has alone and profitable market in the condominiums, where presently the state is holding a stable economic system after a triumph of gun fires, the market will din and the monetary values will take-off in big Numberss. Therefore, possible exiles and the inverters are holding the best clip in puting in the industry.