The issue of autonomous debt has become the chief concern for Europe Union state members, particularly for those states who are straight involved in the debt job, such as ; Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. This autonomous debt issue put EU ‘s pecuniary and financial policy into the trial, since EU merely use individual pecuniary policy it diminish each member ‘s ability to follow single pecuniary policy and the EU ‘s financial policy which has the chief intent to supervise and oversee the degrees of shortages and debts of its members can be deemed as failure due to the province of Greek ‘s degree of shortages and debts. Furthermore, no best solution has been created for this job. However some analysts already provide their point of position in footings of making solution which might go the best solution in the hereafter.

European Union

The European Union ( EU ) is a brotherhood of 27 member provinces which all the members located largely in Europe. The EU has created a standardized system of Torahs which apply in all member provinces, and guarantees the free motion of people, goods, services, and capital. The name of the members of the Europe Union and their united twelvemonth can be seen in appendix 1. The Euro debt crisis cardinal event is go oning between Nov 5 – June 12 ( refer to appendix 2 ) . Monetary policy is the actions of cardinal bank that shape the degree of involvement rates in order to accomplish economic results. Their primary mark is rising prices ( Edirisuriya, 2009 ) . While financial policy is the direction of annually inflow and escape of a authorities ( Edirisuriya, 2009 ) .

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EU Monetary Policy

Europe Union has its ain cardinal bank called Europe Central Bank ( ECB ) . They have their ain pecuniary policy for the members of Europe Union. Their primary end is to keep monetary value stableness of the Eurosystem. This monetary value stableness is mentioning to the degree of the monetary value in the European Union. It besides means to avoid both long term rising prices and deflation. The European Central Bank responsibility is besides to supply aid to economic participants as to accomplish what they expected from pecuniary policy ( Issing, 2005 ) .

This responsibility contributes to diminish the medium and long term rising pricess in the euro country. Since the Euro created in 1992 the end of European pecuniary was to widen the authoritiess, concerns and single to less developed state in Europe, more stable currency, and lower involvement rates for the Europe Union member ( Leonard, 2010 ) .

There is some statement that pecuniary policy is non effectual in forestalling the instabilities, because involvement rate have to be in big figure to hold any effects on plus monetary values. These yearss, three statements were made based on true grounds, in order to work out the traditional job ( Papademos, 2009 ) .

First, during this recent crisis with off-balance sheet structured investing vehicles suggests that the profitableness of such entities is sensitive even to a small alteration in the informations between long and short term involvement rate because of high purchase that could be happen. It reach to the grade that the cardinal bank is really capable to impact the incline of the output curve ( Papademos, 2009 ) .

Second, while cardinal bank warns about unreasonable risk-taking is non ever trip sudden disciplinary procedure ; their expressed communicating in concurrence with small alterations in the key policy might hold the consequence needed. This is because a difference in the policy rate would “ do a signal ” and raise the credibleness of the cardinal bank ‘s hazard responsibility ( Papademos, 2009 ) .

Third, by increasing the monetary value of supply at a immature age of a development roar by a small, the cardinal bank could damage the herding behavior when the development depends on investors watching other investors buying the volatile plus. Therefore the sentiment that pecuniary policy is non effectual to tilt against the air current of plus monetary value roars might be challenged ( Papademos, 2009 ) .

EU Fiscal Policy

Fiscal policy can progress economic stableness by keeping aggregative demand and private sector incomes during the downswing of the economic system and watching economic activity during the upturn of the economic system ( Issing, 2005 ) .

A cardinal stabilising map of financial policy works through the “ automatic financial stabilizers ” . These work straight to the impact of economic up and downs on the authorities budget and do n’t necessitate any demand for short-run determinations by authorities. For illustration, the revenue enhancement aggregations and transportation payments are straight connected to the needed place of the economic system and someway seting to the place which supports bracing aggregative demand and private sector incomes ( Issing, 2005 ) .

During the crisis, big figure of authorities shortages in the euro are is increasing by big figure is caused by the automatic response of financial policy in the affair of lower end product and rising prices. When rewards, net incomes and ingestion is diminishing, the authorities revenue enhancement gross besides diminishing. Meanwhile societal disbursement increased due to lifting unemployment. This is jobs that normally neglected. Due to higher expected rising prices, the use of passing budgets expressed in hard currency footings is lower, therefore the disbursement budgets is higher in existent footings ; and will take to higher shortages ( Gonzales-Paramo, 2010 )

Fiscal Union

Fiscal brotherhood marks the inability of the Europe Union to keep the pecuniary policy comparable to the original end. Now their chief focal point is on the rising prices, monetary value stableness and autonomous debt stabilisation ( Leonard, 2010 ) .

However when EU bailout provided aid to the weaker members about their autonomous debt crisis, and sharing the financial load to the stable and affluent EU member which in the terminal the freshly financial load will go a major disadvantage of the wealthier member to publish debts and entree the markets. This new financial brotherhood will merely profit the Eurozone members with worse financial status such as Austria, Belgium, etc. The better economic and financial conditions state such as Germany, Netherland, and France will merely sing the disadvantages ( Leonard, 2010 ) .

Sovereign Debt

The Europe Central Bank is improbable to win in overcome the job of its autonomous debt, and will do to higher rising prices and downwards force per unit area in the Euro. This will make unemployment and decrease of the GDP of Spain, Greece, Ireland, and Italy. Italy ‘s gross debt in the per centum of GDP is worse than Greece. Spain ‘s stuctural balance is about every bit bad as Greece ‘s and both of their GDP is diminishing at a faster rate than Greece. Spain ‘s high unemployment is the worst when comparing with other states ( Middleton, 2010 ) .

Table 1

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Greece Debt Crisis

Greece announced that they will accept the bailout from European Union and International Monetary Fundss on the footings of a deliverance bundle to forestall bankruptcy at 2nd of May 2010. Greece is required to diminish the budget shortage from 13.6 per centum of gross domestic merchandise to below 3 per centum of GDP by 2014, and stabilise the autonomous debt at around 140 per cent of GDP. The programmes besides calls for tough steps to cut down the size of the state ‘s conceited public sector, such as a wage freezing, the destruction of fillips and occupation cuts at province corporations and other entities. The deliverance bundle will include bilateral loans from other eurozone members and a loan from the International Monetary Fund ( Lindmark, 2010 A )

Harmonizing to Walter Radermacher, head of the European Union ‘s statistics bureau, Greece is the lone state in Euro that lied about how they were keeping the debt. Even after the 110 billion-euro bailout for Greece, they still non disclosed the complete full papers of fiscal minutess that they used to keep the debt. Very likely that Greece signed a larger figure of single understandings than any other euro member, based on information Greece has provided to Eurostat. Greece ‘s debt was 115.1 per centum of its entire economic end product last twelvemonth ( Lindmark, 2010 B )

As the Nominal GDP is comparatively changeless through the decennary and in lifting tendency nevertheless, the authorities debt exceeds the GDP in 2008. The Greece GDP is merely 242 Billion euros in the twelvemonth 2008 yet the Government Debt is at 250 Billion euros at still increasing. This creates a autonomous debt crisis for Greece.

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Disadvantage of utilizing Euro as individual currency

A national currency is critical for any independent state because it gives the power for the authorities to pull strings its involvement rate and exchange rate for the intent of carry throughing the wants and demands of its citizens. Interest rate is the tool for commanding the cost of recognition, adoption, investing and the sum of money in a state ; it besides can be used as domestic monetary value of a currency. Interest rate is a cardinal instrument for promote the people ‘s public assistance. Without the safe line of both the involvement rate and exchange rate, a state ‘s economic status are undefended to economic downswings that can impact them, for illustration: energy crisis, holding a non fixed mortgage lodging system ( TEAM, 2001 )

Available Solution

Available solution that most suited for Euro debt crisis is the Muddling through method. This involves the strong states such as Germany France and Netherlands to give merely adequate support and of import degree on different variable to maintain euro together. However because money is given unwillingly, merely with minimal sums and maximal variableness, the entire cost can be higher instead than an effectual and efficient plan were designed in the first topographic point ( Stiglitz, 2010 A ) .

The 2nd suited solution is to stop the European Union. The weak states can make a cost-benefit analysis and most likely will make up one’s mind that the cost is larger than the benefits. They besides somehow can fault the less sufficient solidarity to do the European Union successful. Furthermore, many market analysts argue that European Union is incorrect ( Joseph E. Stiglitz, 2010 A ) .

The least suited solution is to split the Eurozone into two sub-regions. At one sub-region consist of higher and stronger member of the European, and the development or weaker member of the European Union in other sub-region. However it misses the institutional support that needed to do this solution work ( Stiglitz, 2010 B ) .


Sovereign debt has become one of the critical jobs that Europe Union experience. The Europe Union has its ain cardinal bank which is called the Europe Central Bank. Their occupation is to command the pecuniary and financial policy of Europe Union members. Therefore this demolishes the single state power to command its ain pecuniary and financial policy. However their pecuniary and financial policy is neglecting because of their failure to command their ain member pecuniary and financial policy as Greece autumn into great debt, and the fact that Greece hides their ain fiscal record this marks the fail of Europe Union and Europe Central Bank as their non responsible for their ain member. Furthermore until now there is no best solution for the Euro debt crisis job ; nevertheless several analysts already provide available solutions that may be suited for the Euro debt crisis job.

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Appendix 1

1952 Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands

1973 Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom

1981 GreeceA

1986 Portugal, Spain

1995 Austria, Finland, Sweden

2004 Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia

2007 Bulgaria, Romania

EU website hypertext transfer protocol: // # continent