SMART CARS While the reading shows out smart cars’ god points, the lecture refutes all of this. Firstly, smart cars are the safest one so that car’ accidents can be decrease, as the reading states. They have airbags around and anti-lock brake to protect the drivers. Despite what the reading claims, the professor says that smart cars are not effective on some special surface such as snowed or iced streets. Drivers may not control properly on slipery surface, or the ABS feature doesnt work correctly.

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Secondly, in the reading, they said smart car will help the traffic better and not take much space for parking. The profesor cast doubt on the reading by claiming that smart car cannot reduce the traffice jam. The lecture states that in Europe, where smart car are first used, they still have such traffic jam. Finnally, while the reading says that smart car will not expensive, the professor points out that drivers have to pay more.

He said, the cars have a good price but its service compatially is expensive such as ABS system or the stainless steel cover the cars. When replacing it, it will cost a lot. NO LIFE BESIDES EARTH In the lecture, it is said that people has discover some planets. This discorvery all support the points make in the reading. The professor says that they found some planets. And most of them are made from huge gas giant such as Jupiter. Another reason, the gravity on that planet is so heavy which means there is no life can be form on this.

This supports the point made in the reading that there is no life can exist outside of Earth except they gather all stricky special group of condition. In addion, when astroner found out new planet, they also found out that the distance between our Earth to this planet is great. It it about thousand or ten of thousand of light years. To travel them, it is impossible. This supports the point mentioned in the reading that we will never be able to contact an alien.